Full Cost of Decking in Nigeria (2023)

If you’re planning a multi-story structure, decking should be one of the first things on your to-do list. Although the decking itself isn’t a major issue, calculating how much the decking process will cost is the greatest hurdle. Builders and individuals interested in constructing multi-story buildings have frequently asked this question. Isn’t it the expense of decking in Nigeria that you should be concerned about? This article does a good job of describing the challenge. We’ll look at the typical estimate to spend for when planning a decking project in Nigeria today.

cost of decking in Nigeria


How much does it cost to deck a house in the country? This is one of the most difficult questions to answer when considering the construction of a story building, as easy as it appears. If you ask any builder or developer in Nigeria, they will undoubtedly explain what it means to deck a house. This is due to the fact that there is no set pricing for this topic. Many factors influence the cost of decking in Nigeria, some of which will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

Decking a house in Nigeria costs between ₦750, 000 and ₦1.5 million for a professional decking of a house with a floor area of less than 100 square meters.

According to recent assessments and reports, you could anticipate to spend at least that much. However, the amount is determined by a number of factors, including the building materials used, location, labor, and construction duration. The subsequent part of this article delves deeper into these aspects.


As previously stated, there is no way to predict how much a builder will spend on decking. Several considerations can either drive up the price or, in some situations, dramatically reduce the amount it sells for. We’ll examine at some of the elements that have a big impact on how much decking costs in Nigeria today:


One of the most significant aspects to consider when creating a budget for decking the story structure is the size of the house. This is a vital element, whether you like it or not. The entire cost of decking is determined by the size of the structure you are building. You wouldn’t expect to anticipate the same amount for decking a small duplex as you would for a mansion. Decking is generally more expensive as the size of the house increases. You might anticipate using additional construction materials.


Another thing that influences decking costs is the sort of storey you want to build. This is another factor that most people overlook when planning a budget for their building’s decking. There are various sorts of structures and buildings. They usually involve several types of decking and even materials. If you’re planning to create a semi- or high-rise structure, for example, you shouldn’t expect only one layer of decking. Unlike some other types of story buildings, you are usually expected to have numerous layers, which means you will have to deck the house more than once. This means you’ll need more constructing supplies and, as a result, more money. In general, the more complicated the structure, the more decking you should budget for.


This is one of the most common sources of misunderstanding when it comes to decking and house construction in general. The price of building materials is far too volatile to set a precise price for them. However, this has decreased dramatically in recent years, as the construction materials market has begun to stabilize. When it comes to decking, you should focus on the costs of rods and cements, since these are the most important elements.


Another important component that influences the entire cost of decking in Nigeria is the construction duration. Things are cheaper in this region of the world if you start construction or building during specific months of the year. In December and December, for example, you might anticipate to spend less on decking your building. Prices of materials, especially workmanship, are likely to rise throughout the holiday season and near the end of the year. During these times, demand is usually stronger, and more construction projects are active. This is not restricted to decking, though; it has an impact on the whole cost of building.


Another evident cause for the variation in decking prices in Nigeria is the location of the house. The cost of constructing a home is usually determined by its location. This is also true of decking. This means that the expense of decking a building in Lagos or Abuja will not be the same as in other less developed cities. This is due to the fact that material pricing and labor costs differ depending on where you are.


Finally, the manpower you choose has an impact on the ultimate cost of decking in one or two ways. Individual developers or building development management firms are both viable options. While both have perks and downsides, the total amount you’d spend differs significantly. When you choose specific contractors, you may spend less depending on the arrangement. In some circumstances, however, this may come at the sacrifice of quality. Building management companies may request additional forms and fees. In most situations, however, they guarantee high-quality decking with a professional touch. However, be prepared for a larger cost in the whole decking procedure.


Let’s take a look at what it means to deck a house before we wrap things up. Some people are perplexed by the many technical procedures employed by industry professionals on various forms of work. This is why we will look at the “decking” methodology. Insiders in the construction business may refer to this decking as the suspended slab. It is a platform that is created to hang on top of a building’s ground floor unit and serves as the floor for the building’s upper units. The cost of decking a house in any part of the country was examined in this article. This should give you an idea of how much you’ll have to spend to deck out your storey structure.

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