Latest Prices of TCL Smart TVs in Nigeria (June, 2024)

TCL Smart TV has an Android TV and Google Assistant built in, which all joins with other features to bring to you a sweet viewing experience. Also, this brand of television set has better picture quality and a smart TV system, which makes them to be generally superior. With all these things making up TCL Smart TV, it’s a couple thousand nairas more expensive. This article will highlight the current prices of this brand of Smart TVs in Nigeria.

smart tv prices in Nigeria

A Short Overview of TCL Smart TV

TCL Technology is a Chinese consumer electronics company that specializes in the production of television and other home electronics and appliances. With Smart TVs now swiftly turning into the real deal in the gadgets market today, TCL brand has fabricate it own products to meet the demands. In spite of the fact that their smart TVs are very more costly than the normal TV types, they are progressively building up their own market and have been generally successful in this aspect.

Shrewd TVs are not simply some easygoing TVs; they brag of some smooth features which includes an upgraded picture qualities. Stay put as we will take a gander at these Smart TVs in this write-up. We will likewise investigate into the costs of these TVs in the current market. The advantages and the downside of this kind of television will also be incorporated in this piece.

Current Prices of TCL Smart TVs in Nigeria (2024)

Most likely, the quality of TCL Smart TVs reflects in their costs. While you wouldn’t contrast their TVs to any other brands like Samsung, LG, and Panasonic, one can at present effectively recognize TCL TVs in the mid-range market with their costs. Deservedly thus, their products efficiency, convenience, power, display and sound features make them worth each penny. On where to get TCL TVs, they can be sourced from their offices and stores all over the country. While there are a couple of sources, they are additionally available for buy on the web (i.e the online retail stores) and in contemporary electronic stores in the country.

Let’s now take a look at how much the different brands and models of TCL Smart TVs cost in the Nigerian market. Below is the rundown of the prices of this TV available in the current market:

  • TCL 32 Inches Android Smart TV costs ₦60, 000 – ₦70, 000
  • TCL 43 Inches Android Smart FHD TV costs ₦115, 000 – ₦130, 000
  • TCL 55 Inches Android Smart UHD TV costs ₦150, 000 – ₦180, 000
  • TCL 55 Inches Android Smart Curved UHD TV costs ₦200, 000 – ₦230, 000
  • TCL 32 inches ROKU TV Cold Cutter Certified costs ₦148, 000 – ₦160, 000
  • TCL 40 inches ROKU TV Cold Cutter Certified costs ₦150, 000 – ₦185, 000
  • TCL 48 inches ROKU TV Cold Cutter Certified costs ₦195, 000 – ₦210, 000
  • TCL 50 inches ROKU TV Cold Cutter Certified costs ₦200, 000 – ₦230, 000
  • TCL 40 Inches Android Smart Full TV costs ₦200, 000 – ₦230, 000
  • TCL 55 inches ROKU TV Cold Cutter Certified costs ₦260, 000 – ₦290, 000
  • TCL 55 Inches Android Smart 4K TV costs ₦310, 000 – ₦330, 000
  • TCL 65 Inches Android Smart Curved UHD TV costs ₦300, 000 – ₦320, 000

That’s the look of how much TCL Smart TVs go for in the Nigerian market. Nonetheless, the stated prices may slightly differ from what is obtained on purchase. Note that this variation in costs is due to certain variables which includes the currency exchange rate at the time of purchase, buying location, time of purchase and other comparative factors which influences the overall cost. The television size – quantities of inches are additionally factors that also influence the costs.

Typically, the costs of this electronic devices are sometimes flimsy, despite the fact that they have been very steady throughout the most recent couple of years.  Costs of television set may change per the area and location of purchase – you can get a TCL Smart TV for ₦70, 000 in Lagos or Abuja and get a similar TV for ₦50, 000 or even much more in different parts of the country. This and many other factors are certainly the basic things to consider when making a decision on any TCL Smart TVs in the country.

Pros and Cons of TCL Smart TV

TCL Smart TV is ostensibly one of the most preferred in the Nigerian TV market. Let’s look at what makes people opt for this brand of television, and also their disadvantages.

Firstly, here are things you will like about TCL Smart TVs:

  • Great Picture Quality: Picture quality is normally the primary thing one pays special mind to before settling for a TV.  Regardless of whether you are viewing a football coordinate, making the most of your #1 TV show, music video, films or some other program, TCL Smart TVs ensure the most ideal experience in terms of picture quality.
  • Magnificent Sound Quality: Certainly, it’s not all television that has good sound quality. Just like TCL Smart TVs has the image quality, the sound aspect is not missing out. Sound quality upgrades picture characteristics to deliver an incredible in general display view. While approximately couple of brands have had issues with their sound output, TCL stands apart among the mid-range smart TVs with uncommon sound quality and smooth delivery.
  • Durability: With TCL Smart TV, you can be certain to be capable of using the television for a long number of years and still keep up its top picture and sound characteristics. They additionally has a guarantee that bears the cost of purchase.

Nonetheless, here are some odd things you may not like about TCL Smart TVs on the other hand:

  • Unavailability of the Product: TCL isn’t a much popular electronic brand and you shouldn’t anticipate that their items should be very available in the market. This situation has made some people lose interest on their top quality products since it may take a long stretch of time to source them.


We have been able to give an highlight of the prices of TCL Smart TVs in Nigeria. This piece also explicate the make up of this television brand and how much they go for in the current market.

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