Latest Price of LG 49-inch LED TV in Nigeria (June, 2024)

LG 49 inches LED TV is an ample size television that is what you should think of for your home entertainment. This television flaunts some modern features which give users a picturesque TV viewing. Just as the TV brand has been generally commended for their product’s extraordinary picture quality, their LED 49 inches TV is not a different case. This television gives you all you want and it as well comes with a considerate price. This article will delineate more about LG LED 49 inches TV: their features, current prices and availability in Nigeria.

LG Televisions in Nigeria

Overview of LG 49 inches LED TV

With LG being one of the most rated brand in the production of quality televisions, their 49-inch LED TV is certain to reflect their prominence. This Electronics Company has been the leading force in gadgets market. They have not just established their place among the absolute best in the industry, however with their long stay in the field, users can depend on their products. Their products have been set apart for their durability, top quality, and affordability. They come with unique features and are additionally inventive, dispatching new products and giving a concerted effort to satisfy their customer base.

Looking at LG 49 inches LED TV, it has been generally commended for their magnificent picture quality. Also peeking at how the brand has been qualitative on this aspect, their 49 inches LED TV is no different case. While this TV isn’t the most popular or the best of their TVs, it is one of their first rate products that have been acknowledged from everywhere. There is no uncertainty that these TVs are very costly, and there is anyway no denying of the amazing viewing experience they have to bring to the scene.

Contending with other heavyweight items like Sony and Samsung, the Ultra HD resolution television has especially dazzled. A view at the specification of LG 49 inches LED TVs, it’s obvious that they come in various sizes and display options. Also they have different prices that reflects these specification. This will be our focus in this article, as we will investigate into the costs of LG 43 Inches LED TVs in the Nigerian market. This will show how much they goes for in the current market. We will likewise take note of certain things you might like about this television.

Prices of LG 49-inch LED TV in Nigeria (2024)

As said earlier, the specifications of different LG 49 inches LED TVs generally determines how much they cost in the market. Their availability in various types reflect the prices the individual product are. The primary contrast between these brands is the display screen type or size. Typically, there are two principle types of this TV available on the lookout – which includes the LG 49-Inch Full HD Smart TV and the LG Ultra HD TV.

Looking at the picture of the price of LG 49-inch LED TVs, the basic one costs in the region between ₦150, 000 – ₦180, 000 while the 49-inch Ultra HD TV costs between ₦230, 000 – ₦260, 000. This variation in the prices is due to some influencing variables, which incorporate the location and time of procurement.

Other factors like the time of manufacturing of the TV don’t really influence the price. Looking for where to get them? LG 49 inches LED TVs can be bought in LG stores all over the country. However, for ease and convenience, they are additionally available for buy through online retail stores. You can as well get them in Electronics stores all over the country.

Pros and Cons of LG 49-inch LED TV

Firstly, here are things you will like about this television:

  • Picture Quality: With regards to picture quality, it is extremely hard to pick a brand above LG. The 49-inch TV offers surprisingly better viewing experience than numerous other brands, especially on account of its telling presence and old view. If you are interested in a TV that gives will you all you need in a television, at that point the LG LED 49-Inch TV will be the best choice.
  • Magnificent Sound Quality – Without a top-class sound quality, your general viewing experience is deficient. One of the most striking highlights of the LG 49 inches LED TV is that the device gloats an amazing sound quality that conveys easily even without outer sound systems.
  • Durability: Certainly, LG TVs by all account not the only rate among the best in light of their good picture and sound characteristics, they have a durable product. While it is still critical to be cautious with the longability of the TV, you can make certain to use the TV for an exceptionally prolonged stretch of time without losing quality.
  • Modern Features: The modern version of televisions have gone path past only viewing, they offer far greater features that elevates the archaic ones. Particularly, the an innovative TV like the LG 49-inches LED TV flaunts exquisite features. This includes features like Cablecards with TV guide EPG, HD TV experience, and some more, the Smart TVs which offer even considerably more viewing preference.

On the other hand, here are some odd things you might dislike about LG 49-inch LED TV:

  • Unavailability: Unlike numerous other TV brands, LG’s 49 inches LED TV isn’t the very much available. These TVs are sometimes limited in a way that they are basically available in explicit LG stores. This however doesn’t change the way that the TV isn’t as promptly the same number of other LG TVs like the 32 inches and 43 inches.
  • Relatively Costly – Usually, LG Televisions are for the most part costly. While they are not really the most costly of all TVs, there are numerous less expensive brands. Regardless of whether these options don’t especially coordinate LG’s quality as far as picture, video, and sound, they rate genuinely alright to make sensible choices.


LG TV offers viewers nearly all you require with regards to the TV viewing experience. Taking a gander at the extraordinary picture and video quality, you can make certain to rate LG among the absolute best in the industry. Their TVs are easy to use, comes with good system, and generally speaking the durability. That’s how far we can take on this article, as we have been able to give the current prices of this LG 49-inch LED TV in Nigeria.

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