Latest Prices of Palm Oil Processing Machine in Nigeria (2024)

Palm oil production is a remunerative business which requires utilizing the right equipment to start with. Though the production processes can be done manually, that will be very laborious especially when doing it on a large scale. To save time and effort, it’s in your best interest to use palm oil processing machines. These machines are made to give you the best outcomes and with less labor and time. If you’re interested in knowing the current prices of palm oil processing machines in Nigeria, then you are on the right page.

Palm oil processing machine in Nigeria

The process of extracting palm oil requires a lot of work to get the refined oil. Due to the nature of the work which is above the capability of human labor, some equipment are utilized to do the processing.  There are a lot of machines associated with this process. Some of them include: Oil press machines; Extraction machines; Crushers or palm; Kernel crushers; Nut separating machines; and Filtering machines.

These are different types of machines that are used in the process of extracting palm oil. Though they are distinguishing from the other, however, they carry out different roles to process palm oil.


The prices of these palm oil processing machines in Nigeria varies depending on their respective specifications. Though only a few know the prices of these machines, the vast majority, however, consider them being costly and past their reach. Just as there are palm oil processing machines that are very high in price, in the same way, there are ones that are moderate and as well low in price.

Just as other products in the market, the price of these machines likewise vary from one store to another as they are less expensive on certain outlets than others. Their costs additionally differ as per their specification, sizes, market prices, and capacities.

Consequently, when going to the market to buy a palm oil processing machine, you should first have first-hand knowledge of what you want to cash on. A palm oil processing machine may cost as low as ₦52,000 to ₦71,000 (for low scale or home purposes). On the other hand, if you are intending on buying a palm oil processing machine for large scale purposes, the equipment costs from ₦355,000 to as high as ₦35,000,000.

Looking for where to source these machines? That shouldn’t be an issue, because these machines can be found on various online stores and retail stores in Nigeria. Also, their prices are dependent on the type of product as it measures up to suit your financial plan and budget.

Here are the current prices of oil processing machines available in the Nigerian market and in online stores today.

  • Oil Press Machine, Automatic Physical Extractor, Organic Rapeseed Expeller is a multi-function machine that can be bought as low as ₦98,000 to the region of ₦150,000.
  • Electric Automatic Small Oil Press Machine/Stainless Steel Oil Extractor is sold in Nigeria markets at a price in the region of ₦150,000 to ₦200,000.
  • Nigeria Mini Palm Oil Processing Machine is a local processing machine to make palm oil. It’s sold around ₦360,000 – ₦840,000
  • Oil Pressing Machine Nut Seeds/Oil Presser Processing Machines is a dual function palm oil processing machine that you can buy at an affordable price ranging from ₦160,000 to ₦200,000.
  • Oil Palm Machine Extraction High-Quality Stainless Steel Coconut Oil Expeller Mini Oil Press is sold around ₦316,800 – ₦520,000
  • Factory Oil Press Machine/Palm Kernel Coconut oil Expeller/Cotton Seed Oil Extraction Machine is sold in the region of ₦617,100 – ₦830,000
  • 10 Tons Palm Oil Processing Machine and Palm Oil Refinery Plant can be bought around ₦905,000 – ₦1.1 million
  • High-Efficiency Red Palm Oil Refining machine can be bought around ₦617,100 – ₦2 million
  • Multifunctional Palm Oil Processing Machine/Palm Fruit Processing Machine/Palm Oil Refinery Machine is sold around ₦1.1 million and ₦3 million
  • Automatic Small Palm Oil Processing Machinery Mini Oil Mill sell around ₦2.7 million – ₦3.5 million
  • 1-20t/h Fresh Oil Palm Fruit Mill Plant Palm Fruit Oil Milling Presser Extractor Machine is sold around ₦1.3 million to ₦1.7 million
  • High-efficiency small scale palm oil refining machinery/edible oil refining machine – ₦822,000 – ₦1.3 million
  • Machine Palm Oil Filter Press Small Small Capacity Food Grade Hydraulic Filter Press – ₦403,000 – ₦450,000
  • Small Castor Oil Processing Equipment Oil Palm Cutter Machine 50kg – ₦318,800 – ₦400,000
  • Palm kernel oil Processing Machine Palm Kernel Oil Production Line Palm Kernel Oil Extraction Machine – ₦1.4 million – ₦2 million
  • Small stainless steel 6yl-100A Palm Oil Processing Plant Sunflower Oil Presser Machine is sold for a price for ₦1 million to ₦1.7 million
  • Palm Oil Processing Machine Industrial Palm Oil Extractor Processing Machine sold around ₦500,000 – ₦1.2 million
  • Energy Saving General Service Palm Oil Processing Machine Coconut Oil Press Machine is sold from ₦1 million – ₦1.4 million
  • 1 – 5.0 TPH Mini Palm Oil Plant, Whole Set Palm Oil Processing Line, Mini CPO Plant is a colossal equipment sold from ₦5 million – ₦7 million

That’s the view of the current prices of palm oil processing machines in Nigeria. It’s important to note that these figures may vary to some extent from what’s obtained in the current market. This is due to factors like location, product characteristics and the seller that you are doing business with.

Also note that these are brand new machines which is the reason they are on the high side. Inasmuch as used palm oil processing machines may be less expensive, however we don’t really advise buying this type of machines. In any case, if these prices are beyond your spending plan, you can check on good used palm oil processing machines. They are less expensive yet they may pose issues in the long run.


The process of extracting palm oil is either done manually or using machines. However, the latter is preferable for someone who wants to start a large scale oil processing business as they will have it as a main priority to utilize machines for the work. Moreover, the use of machines for large scale commercial purposes makes the work faster and slick as well as does an exhaustive extraction of palm oils. This article highlighted the current prices of these palm oil processing machines in Nigeria.

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