How To Call Benin Republic From Nigeria (Area Code For Dialing)

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Calling Benin Republic from Nigeria isn’t difficult if you have the right calling code to use when dialing the number. Benin Republic is a country sharing boundary with Nigeria to the east. The country is situated in West Africa, same as Nigeria. This closeness has made the two countries share similar traits to some extent. Though Benin Republic is a francophone country, a lot of Nigerians still communicate with people down there. However, if you are looking at putting a call to the country from Nigeria, then that’s not a big deal. Nigerian Infopedia will highlight all you should know on the area codes to call Benin republic numbers from Nigeria.

calling benin republic from Nigeria

Benin Republic is a West African country that is situated very close to Nigeria. The duo share the same boundary. The country borders Nigeria to the east and the southern tip of the country is bordering the Atlantic ocean. The French colony was formerly known as Dahomey, before they later changed to the Benin republic. One interesting fact about the country is that they have one of most stable democracies in the continent. Looking at their economy, much is dependent on agriculture and some percentage of mineral resources.

Due to how close Benin Republic is with Nigeria, a good number of people in these countries have relations in one way or another. Even as the country is very near to Nigeria, phone communications to the foreign country will follow the international dialing format. That will form the basis of this write-up as Nigerian Infopedia shows you how to call anywhere in Benin republic from here.


At the point where you want to connect a call with someone in Benin republic, that shouldn’t take a lot of your time. All you need is to have the right dialing format of the foreign country you want to make a call to.

We will feature in this article the dialing format to enable you to call the Benin Republic from Nigeria. In this guide, you will also find out information on how to put a call from Nigeria to the Benin Republic’s fixed line number or mobile number. Keep reading as we uncover more on the best way to do these processes.


The calling code of the Benin republic is +229, which was assigned by the International Telecommunication Union. Every one of Benin Republic’s telephone numbers are as well designated by the Autorité de Régulation des Communications Électroniques et de la Poste.

The use of the calling code implies that if you’re calling a number in Benin, it should start with: +229 123-456-7890

Calling a number in Benin will require you using the right prefix. This is simply the set of numbers that makes up the full telephone number. A prefix always comes before the country and area codes of a telephone number. In the case of the Benin republic, their numbers are 11 which are split into groups of 3. This means that when making a call to Benin using a mobile number, you should dial country code+area code+6-digit number. The different area codes of Benin republic will be listed subsequently in this article.


Here, let’s look at the direct dialing numbers to call Benin from Nigeria.  It is important to first know the destination area code before making the call. This will infer you using the foreign country’s dialing format.

In the event that you would need to make a call to Benin republic from Nigeria, this will require you to follow the international dialing format. Try not to get freaky as we will list out the information on those codes.  Note that the dialing design is the same for calling Benin, mobile or landline from Nigeria. So all you should do is make this arrangement right.

If you would want to call Benin from Nigeria, all you have to do is dialing:

  • 009 – 229 – Area Code – Land Phone Number
  • 009 – 229 – 8 Digit Mobile Number

That is the format you should use when making a call to a Benin land phone number or mobile number. Simply follow the dialing pattern as we have shown above at whatever point you need to call the francophone country From Nigeria.

Moreover, when using those dialing formats, do not miss any number on the grounds that a single digit carries a specific function. Here is what the arrangement of the numbers mean:

  • 009 – This is the static exit code for Nigeria, for any foreign calls. In the same way, the code is needed for making any call to the Benin republic from Nigeria.
  • 229 – ISD Code or Country Code of Benin republic.
  • Area code – Benin republic has 4 area codes. The area code is always put after dialing ISD Code. On the off chance that there is no area code dial the Recipient’s Telephone Number after ISD Code.


If you would want to successfully put a call to Benin republic from Nigeria, below is the format of how you can make an international call to a mobile phone number in Benin:

  • 009 + 229 + 9 ??? ????

Those formats ought to be followed when calling a specific area in Benin republic from Nigeria. Those spaces with question marks will be filled with the mobile number you want to call.


The International Standard Dialing code or Country code of Benin republic is 229.


The west African country has 4 area codes which are unique and distinguishing. You need to know these Codes for the specific call you need to make from Nigeria.

To keep you updated, here are Benin republic area codes to use:

  1. Ouémé – 20
  2. Atlantique – 21
  3. Collines – 22
  4. Alibori – 23

These are codes that should be inserted in the foreign phone number you want to make a call to.


In case anything happens, you can reach the following numbers for help depending on what the problem is. They are the following:

  • 117 for police
  • 112 for ambulance service
  • 118 for fire


To keep away from inconvenient calls, it’s important to know the time difference between Benin and Nigeria. This will all around assist you with planning your calls.

Typically, the Benin republic is one hour behind Nigeria. If the current time in Nigeria is 9pm, then Benin republic will have theirs as 8pm.


That’s the size of this article on how to call the Benin republic from Nigeria. We believe you now know how that’s done with other information that might help to make it easier to reach out to Benin Republic via phone from Nigeria.

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