List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Gombe State

Gombe is a Nigerian state that is blessed with a few mineral resources. There are a lot of mining and manufacturing activities that are ongoing in the state due to its large depot of naturally occurring liquid and solid minerals. Gombe state natural resources have not been used to its full potential. The minerals that are most abundant in the state are gypsum, limestone and coal.


In the course of this article, we would be looking at a complete list of minerals that can be found in Gombe state. We would also review some of these important natural minerals in this northern state and some opportunities there also.


  • Gypsum
  • Gemstone
  • Coal
  • Limestone

Let us now move on and review all these minerals. In subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking at the industrial uses of these mineral resources that are found in Gombe state. We would also review the economic importance of some of these solid minerals to the state and Nigeria at large.


The word “gypsum”, is a Greek word derivative-“gypsos” that means  “plaster”. Most of the sedimentary rocks in Gombe state, contain large deposits of gypsum. This solid mineral has a lot of industrial uses, and in subsequent paragraphs, we would be looking into them.

Majority of the household materials used by Nigerians contain gypsum. A good example is the creams, toothpaste and shampoo that we use. It is a very important calcium sulfate hydrate. Let us briefly see some of its important benefits below

  • Gypsum acts as settling particles in fish ponds.
  • Gypsum is primarily used in the construction of plasterboard, wallboard and drywall.
  • They are also used extensively in the production of tennis court clay. The binding properties of gypsum help to hold the structural integrity of the tennis court clay.
  • They are extensively used in the production of household products.


Gombe state is not an exception when it comes to gemstones.  The state is richly blessed with sought after precious and semi-precious stones. The most abundant of al gemstone types in this state is the “Paraiba tourmalines”. There are other gemstones that can be found in Gombe state, but they only occur in very small quantities.

Examples of such gemstones include; topaz, garnet, sapphire, ruby, labradorite, emerald, and aquamarine. Gemstones usually have a very hard feel and are used especially for jewellery when polished and cut. No matter what one intends to do with gemstones, they are always valued and admired because of their raw properties.


In Gombe state at Akko Local government area, there is the Maigana coal mine. Coal is one of the most abundant solid minerals that can be found in the state. In the year 2006, coal was discovered in Gombe state, and a whole community was displaced and billions of naira awarded to contractors to commence mining activities.  Coal is indeed one of the most strategic minerals that can be found in Gombe state. The Maiganga coalfield is about 140km from the ashaka cement plant and 2km south of Gombe state.

In Nigeria, one of the most significant uses of coal is in the production of steel, manufacture of cement, and also electricity production. Coal can also be extensively used in Alumina refineries, paper manufacturing and also pharmaceutical companies. From coal tar, a derivative of coal, phenol, benzene and naphthalene can all be produced. The coke oven that is used in refining coal tar and this oven produces ammonia gas. The ammonia gas derived can be used in the industrial production of fertilizers, solvents, nitric acids, ammonia salts etc.


Limestone is found in significant quantity in Gombe state. Majority of the mined limestone can come in the form of crushed stone and utilized extensively as a construction material.  It is mainly used in railways ballast and in building road base during road constriction. When converted to a powdered form, they are used as a filler in paint, plastic manufacture, paper etc.

There is an ever-increasing demand for cement as there is a proportional increase in demand for infrastructural development. Limestone that is found in Gombe state is used in the manufacture of cement in very large quantities.

Let us go on to see some of the uses of Limestone in Nigeria. In agriculture, limestone is used in conditioning the soil. It is used in its pulverized state to neutralize acidic soils. Limestone found in Gombe sate is also used in glassmaking. Did you know that limestone is a very good source of calcium? Limestone when purified and converted to its purest form can be added to bread and cereals, and even livestock feed. s


Gombe state has a lot of good industrial, commercial and agricultural development schemes alongside their rich solid mineral resources holds considerable prospects for tourists, settlers, and investors. Most of the industries in Gombe state were established long before the state was formed, and most of these industries are agro-based, excluding the Ahaka cement industry.

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