Cost of Building a 4-Bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria (May, 2024)

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Building a house isn’t an easy process as it takes finance, planning, man power and technical know how to construct a standard 4 bedroom bungalow in Nigeria. There is a sense of accomplishment and feeling of great achievement that people have when it comes to being a landlord, having the home of their dreams. Despite the challenges that comes with it, some persons find it easy to scale through, while for others, due to not being conversant with the latest prices of building materials, it might be a very hard nut to crack.

cost of buiding 4 bedroom bugalow in Nigeria

One major challenge that comes in building an apartment, is knowing the steps or the processes involved, the prices of materials to use in construction like cement, blocks, sand, roofing sheets, etc. Another challenge is understanding the estimate of cash you would need to budget to build a house from foundation to roofing stage. The reason why it is very important to know the total amount of money that is needed to build a 4 bedroom bungalow is because, insufficient funds can hinder the success of the completion of your project, especially when you have labourers you need to pay.

In this article, we outlined all procedures and the cost needed to build a 4 bedroom bungalow completely in Nigeria from foundation to roofing level this 2024.

Before I proceed to outline the steps involved, there are important factors I need you to understand. It is vital that you understand that, the expenses or cost of building materials varies from state and locations. You don’t expect the amount of money involved in building a house in Lagos state to the same as that of Abuja, Rivers, Calabar, or even in place like Kano, Kaduna, and other less expensive locations. Therefore, bear in mind that the location of were you are planning to construct your apartment is a crucial factor to note.


Using today’s building market survey, one should expect a total of ₦10 million to ₦15 million for building a well structured and standard 4-bedroom bungalow in Nigeria, from foundation to roofing level.



This is the first step to note before you build a 4-bedroom bungalow. The cost of buying a piece of land in Lagos, Abuja, Portharcout can stretch to ₦15 million depending on the area. You can also see cheaper options of ₦5 million, depending on the agreement with the seller.

Since a house cannot be built if a land Is not available, the cost of purchasing a land should always be the first thing you should consider. It is not always easy to estimate the exact amount of money you need in purchasing a land. Since they are many factors involved such as the location of the land, is it near the road side or inside a residential area. The size of the land you are willing to purchase and so many other factors to consider comes to play here.

According to research, a plot of land should be okay for a 4 bedroom flat. But since people desires are different a plot of land might not be okay. A plot of land can cost ₦500,000 and even an expensive ₦15 million and above depending on the where the land is situated.


The building design should be the next step to consider. Remember, you require the services of a professional architect to help you with the required design of your choice.

A typical 4 bedroom flat will at least cost from ₦10,000,000 to ₦15,000,000 depending on the style of the design and the complexity of the structure and finally the location.


The next step to consider is the foundation after drawing the building plan for the house. How much it would take to start a 4 bedroom flat foundation is different from that of a duplex or three storey building.

It is very important that you lay a strong foundation for your house, because when the foundation is faulty, the house will surely collapse eventually. There are different techniques used in the foundation of houses with varying expenses. But it is best advised to choose a technigue that will last for your building.

The cost of the foundation of a 4 bedroom bungalow should range from between ₦700,000 to ₦1.5 million naira. Factors like complexity of the structure and location of the site also affects the price.


This is where enough blocks are used. Normally, it would cost you ₦800 to ₦900 per cement bag to mould blocks or even ₦130 to ₦150 if you choose to buy already made blocks. It is also difficult to estimate the expenses involved in this stage because it all depends on the complexity of the structure and the entire plan of the building.

Based on the research, one can spend an estimated amount of ₦1 million to ₦2 million for the whole block process, casting, buying sand, labour and other construction materials required for the process.


This is one of the stages that consumes a lot of money. The cost of roofing a 4 bedroom flat in Nigeria ranges from ₦1 million to ₦1.5 million. The money you are spending here depends on the type of roofing material and the nature of the work force. It is also important to note that they are effects attached to the kind of roofing material you are using.


The final stage include other additional plans to make the building a nice and befitting place to live. Things like the plastering cost, wiring cost, plumbing work, amount it would cost to fix windows and the doors, furniture, painting and other similar building expenses.

It is also important to note that, the cost involved in this stage includes the kinds of materials, complexity of the structure and the worth of the materials you are using. Kindly budget ₦1,000,000 to ₦3, million at this stage for all.


Apart from the whole budget estimated above. it is essential to note that miscellaneous expenses should be put into consideration as different situations might occur during the building process.

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