Best Courier Services in Nigeria: Top 5 Companies

Best Courier Services in Nigeria: Top 5 Companies

Since the Nigerian Postal Services (NIPOST) has failed to embrace the digital age in their delivery services to Nigerians, private parcel delivery companies which are top in Nigeria have taken such advantage to ward off competition from government owned courier companies in Nigeria and offer quality service delivery of sending items to its destination as and when due. Much of the blame for the downfall of NIPOST still remains unchecked as issues ranging from missing parcel, delay in delivery, staff carelessness, extortion still remain abound within it.

It was this pitfall that both foreign and local investors saw the need to set up top courier companies that operates with Nigeria that offer both local and international shipping services. Although some of these companies that offer shipping/delivery services in Nigeria are efficient in terms of customer service and delivery, others have failed to live up to its bidding.

This post shall reel out top 5 courier companies in Nigeria that offer best courier services in Nigeria in terms of delivery, customer services and cost effectiveness and are also registered.

Top 5 Best Courier Service Providers in Nigeria (2024)

1. DHL Nigeria

DHL is an international courier company that operates within Nigeria and even globally. They are one of the oldest and if you ask me, the most reliable Nigerian courier company. DHL courier service can ship your goods, letters or parcels to over 150 countries of the world. The only downside or better still why Nigerians don’t like patronizing DHL is that they are not one of those cheap courier companies out there but offer good services which are prettily expensive. They are the best courier service company in the world.

2. United Postal Services (UPS Nigeria)

Just like DHL, United Postal Services (UPS) are also global courier operators who have maintained a neat record of parcel delivery to Nigerians for years. Corporate organizations normally patronize UPS courier services due to their reliable parcel delivery services.

3. EMS SpeedPost Delivery service

This is one of the cheap and reliable courier company you can find in Nigeria. They offer package tracking services, affordable parcel delivery service in Nigeria and international delivery options.

4. FEDEX Courier Service

Fedex courier service is also a top Nigerian courier company that offer cheap parcel delivery service. Although, they don’t charge as much as DHL, UPS and EMS does, they are also reliable.

5. K-Express (KONGA Express)

K-Express also known as Konga Express. They offer efficient, reliable delivery and storage services to online retail stores in Nigeria. They are also a subsidiary of They are gradually becoming a top notch in the delivery business and operates mostly within Nigeria. They are cheap and very reliable

Other Indigenous Courier Companies that offer cheap courier service in Nigeria includes:

  • Africa Courier Express (ACE)
  • Quo Nigeria
  • ABC Express Courier Limited
  • Tradeways Express
  • Tranex

These 5 Indigenous Courier Companies are cheaper than the ones listed above and offer reliable delivery services.

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