Prices of 3D TVs in Nigeria (June, 2024)

3D television alternatively referred to as 3D TV is a television that gives quality display to viewers. This is seen as the television conveys depth perception to the viewer by utilizing techniques like stereoscopic display, multi-view display, 2D-plus-depth, or any other form of 3D display. Basically, a 3D TV is a television that displays images in 3 dimensions (3D). Though, most 3D TV sets and services are rarely available nowadays, but the current ones depicts the quality that the brand is known for. There are many qualitative things to expect from 3D TVs as we will highlight their current prices in this article.

3d tv prices in Nigeria

The development of televisions has been continuing and this results to products that matches and reflects the modern world technology. A look at the world today, technology has so much progressed so much that nothing is unaffected by the trend. This is applicable in the electronics industry and as well televisions which is inclusive. One of the type of TV – 3D TV is worth looking into, especially for it quality display. Away from standard LED, LCD and Plasmas, the display of 3D TVs has been win them the electronics market around the world and in the country.

Taking a gander at 3D TV, it isn’t just about the astonishing perspective the TV offers, the general usefulness and responsiveness has been acknowledged by many. 3D (Three – Dimensional) is an exceptional arrangement of film that enables viewers see pictures in 3-D. It gives a figment of depth to the programs being viewed. 3D TVs are high-tech and they assure of better view and good TV viewing experience to the viewers.

3D TVs are starting to move the market especially here in the country. You don’t require as long as five minutes seeing your number one TV program to display perfectly on the television. With regards to picture quality, 3D TVs are on top. They are sleeker and offer more as far as movie than most different sorts of TV. Interestingly, 3D TVs are classified as they come in various sizes, shapes, designs and screen display type. They are easy to use and they flaunt decent features that lone spot them among the best TV types available in the country.

After knowing some important things about 3D TV, would you like to realize the amount the television go for in the current market? This post will investigate the prices of different brands of 3D TVs available in Nigeria today.

Current Prices of 3D TVs in Nigeria (2024)

At this point, we will investigate the different brands and models of 3D TV sets that are available in the Nigerian market. We will also peek at the amount they go for in the current market.

The following are the list of the notable brands of 3D TV in the country, and how much these products cost:

Hisense 3D TV Prices in Nigeria (2024)

  • 75 inches UHD smart 3D TV: ₦900, 000 – ₦1, 200, 000
  • 84 inches UHD smart 3D TV: ₦2, 000, 000 – ₦2, 500, 000

LG 3D TV Prices in Nigeria (2024)

  • 48 inches curved 3D TV: ₦370, 000 – ₦400, 000
  • 55 inches full HD 3D TV: ₦460, 000 – ₦500, 000
  • 55 inches OLED 3DTV (Curved): ₦600, 000 – ₦1, 000, 000
  • 60 inches Ultra HD TV: ₦320, 000 – ₦350, 000
  • 77 inches Signature 3D (Ultra HD): ₦8, 000, 000 – ₦9, 000, 000
  • 86 inches Ultra HD 3D TV: ₦4, 500, 000 – ₦5, 000, 000
  • 98 inches Ultra HD 3D TV: ₦8, 000, 000 – ₦9, 800, 000

Samsung 3D TV Prices in Nigeria (2024)

  • 32 inches 3D LED TV: ₦80, 000 – ₦95, 000
  • 48 inches curved 3D TV: ₦360, 000 – ₦400, 000
  • 55 inches flat 3D TV: ₦280, 000 – ₦370, 000
  • 65 inches Ultra HD 3D TV: ₦740, 000 – ₦1, 200, 000
  • 65 inches QLED TV: ₦1, 900, 000 – ₦2, 600, 000
  • 75 inches Ultra HD Smart TV: ₦1, 300, 000 – ₦1, 900, 000
  • 78 inches curved SUHD: ₦3, 500, 000 – ₦4, 000, 000
  • 82 inches Ultra HD TV: ₦2, 300, 000 – ₦2, 700, 000
  • 85 inches Ultra HD TV: ₦3, 500, 000 – ₦3, 800, 000

Sony 3D TV Prices in Nigeria (2024)

  • 43 inches 3D TV: ₦290, 000 – ₦320, 000
  • 50 inches smart internet enabled 3D TV: ₦600, 000 – ₦650, 000
  • 50 inches LED 3D TV: ₦350, 000 – ₦450, 000
  • Bravias 55 inches 3D TV: ₦630, 000 – ₦700, 000
  • 65 inches smart 3D TV: ₦980, 000 – ₦1, 100, 000

That’s the picture of the prices of 3D TVs in the country’s market today. Normally, the prices of TVs fluctuate. Despite the fact that they have been very steady in the course of recent years, there are still variation in costs because of specific factors.  One thing that is certain is that these products are not static: they change in inches, designs and types. These variables are among the primary things behind the variation in the prices of these television set. For the most part, the bigger the inch, the more costly the TV will be.

With respect to availability of these LED TVs, they are readily sourced in many parts of Nigeria. When intending on buying them, you can be choose to buy directly from company itself or recognized agents and dealers all over the country. They can be additionally sourced from online stores and as well electronics stores  in the country.

Pros and Cons of 3D TV

Just like any other television type, 3D TVs have a virtue and shortcoming effect. Firstly, the following are some things you will love about 3-Dimension TVs:

  • Extraordinary Picture Quality: You should go all out for 3D TV, if picture quality is a factor you pay attention to in a TV. They are perfect and they comes in 3–Dimension as HD or Ultra High Definition.
  • Good Sound Output: The sound quality of 3D is likewise incredible. With or without appended sound system, you can make certain of beautiful sound output with good quality.
  • Connectivity: Most 3D TVs accessible today can be easily connected directly to a personal computer (PC).

On the other hand, here are some odd things you may not like about 3D TVs:

  • Limited Durability: Unlike other television displays like LEDs, 3D screens are not ensured to keep going for a long time. They also don’t actually make the cut when as far as durability is concerned.


Regarding picture quality and durability, 3D TVs rule this aspect as they give users the ultimate TV viewing experience. In spite of the fact that the TV have a market that is broadly valued, they are not among the most used, generally due to the amount they go for in the market. This article encapsulate in a highlight, the current prices of the brands of 3D TVs in Nigeria. Additionally, with the television’s image quality and other extra features, however, they offer you a great value incentive for your money purchase.

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