Latest Bruhm TV Prices in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Bruhm may not be a popular name in the TV industry, but they are actually one of the recognized brands in the international scene and as well in Nigeria. This Chinese brand has been making waves in the world of electronics as they match top brands like LG, Samsung, and Panasonic.  Bruhm merits the accolades it gets for the acknowledgment the brand has gotten up until this point. Bruhm TV is one of the preferred television set for users, and the company has been acknowledged for this incredibly smooth product. Here, we will take a look at the current prices of these Bruhm TVs in Nigeria.

bruhm tv prices in nigeria

About Bruhm TVs

First let’s get to know about this seemly unpopular brand. Bruhm is a Chinese electronics manufacturing company that deals on home appliances like Televisions, Refrigerators, Chest Freezers, Beverage Coolers, Air Conditioners, Gas Cookers, Microwave Ovens, and Water Dispensers.

Moreover, it can be possible for you not to have heard the name of Bruhm brand before now. Regardless of whether you have, there is a likelihood you know pretty much nothing or nothing about them. All good, a good number of Nigerians may not be aware of this brand; aside from those that are truly into electronic devices and especially acknowledge top class products. Bruhm TVs make the cut for mid-range TV brands, at the point when complete usefulness and standard picture quality is considered. Bruhm TV isn’t just about pitching a selection of products into the market, but rather, they are more into surpassing the necessities and expectations of their buyer and the users as well.

Just like other TV brands, Bruhm TVs are in specification relying on their features. Generally, they come in various sizes and with different features. They have an assortment of TV options accessible and with different display screen types. Their LED TVs are the most predominant and generally searched after items. This is the kind of TV that offers startlingly exceptional picture quality. Furthermore, their Smart and OLED TVs convey flawless viewing experience like you presumably have never observed.

With Bruhm TVs, television programs, films, football matches and music recordings simply get all the more intriguing and enjoyable. On the whole, Bruhm TVs probably won’t be the most well known electronic gadget brand in Nigeria today, however it is bit by bit making way to be among the absolute best in the mid-range level. Nonetheless, its important quality and generally affordable cost have additionally made their products significantly more on the list of the preferred choices.

In contrast to other competiting brand like LG, Samsung, and others brands, there are a couple of 4K Bruhm TVs in the market today. Truth be told, they have more market for LED and Smart TVs in the country’s market today.

Current Prices of Bruhm TVs in Nigeria (2024)

Here in this article, we will look at how Bruhm TVs go for in the country. This will incorporate the amount and price they go for in the current market. Before looking at the cost of Bruhm TVs, it’s pertinent to know what really make up the price. First, it should be noted that the costs of these TVs are chiefly reliant on the type and class of TVs. Curved TVs are normally more exorbitant than customary TVs of a similar inch. Looking at an example, a 65-inch curved TV will be more costly than an ordinary 65-inch TV.

The following is the price list of different types and brands of Bruhm TVs that are available in Nigeria presently:

  • Bruhm 32 inches LED TV costs ₦45, 000 – ₦55, 000
  • Bruhm 43 inches LED TV costs ₦65, 000 – ₦95, 000
  • Bruhm 49 Inch BFP-49 LESTSW FHD TV costs ₦115, 000 – ₦160, 000
  • Bruhm 58 inches UHD LED TV costs ₦170, 000 – ₦200, 000

That’s the view of the prices of different brands of Bruhm TVs in the country. It’s however important to note that these prices may slightly differ from what is obtained in the market today. Reasons being that the prices recorded above are estimates gotten from different TV stores and online stores. The variety in costs of these TVs is an impact of certain variables that influences the cost. A portion of these factors incorporate location and time of purchase, the currency exchange rate at the time of procurement and some other related variables. The costs are generally controlled by the sizes of the TVs. The classification of display screen likewise characterizes how costly or modest a TV can be. For example, curved TVs are more costly than normal TVs of a similar inch.

On where to get Bruhm TVs in the country, they can be bought directly from the company or wholesalers across the country. They can likewise be obtained from different online retail stores and contemporary electronic gadget stores.

Pros and Cons of Bruhm TVs

Here are some things you will like about Bruhm TVs:

  • Amazing Picture Quality: Bruhm TVs have standard and vivid display screen. As far as picture quality is concerned, you can be sure to rate Bruhm among the absolute best in the mid-level range.
  • Alluring Design: Another thing to like about Bruhm TVs is their designs. This is one of the center components you consider when you are looking for a good TV set. Bruhm TVs’ smooth designs just add to their good extra features.
  • Power Consumption: Unlike some other well known TVs, Bruhm TVs’ power capacity usage is moderately low. You can undoubtedly utilize the TV even with generators with low yield rate or low voltage. While it is as yet legitimate to utilize voltage regulators like TV guard or stabilizer with the TV, it turns out impeccably great without one.

In the other hand, here are some things you may not like about Bruhm TVs:

  • Not Readily Available: Unavailability is perhaps one of only a handful few disadvantages of this brand. By and large, Bruhm devices are not famous. When looking for Bruhm TV, it could take one additional work to get the product. On account of online e-commerce company channels, one would now be able to put orders for the TVs on the web and get it conveyed to the particular area within that time span.


In this article, we provided the price list of Bruhm TVs in Nigeria and why you should buy this brand. These television set are well equipped to carry users to another degree of TV experience. With Bruhm TVs, you can without much of a stretch watch all you want with respect to quality viewing.

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