Latest Prices of Blenders in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Nowadays, blenders are very essential in the kitchen due to its associated benefits, and the use of these home appliance have gone a long way to reduce humans effort. A good number of popular brands of blenders are available in Nigeria, and a lot of people may be inquisitive on their cost. Through this write-up, you will be able to know the prices of different brands of blender in the country’s market.

prices of blenders in Nigeria

Meaning of Blenders

A blender is basically a kitchen and kitchen appliance which is used to mix, or emulsify food and other substances into a bit size. This type of appliance is electrically driven and it consists of a container with a rotating metal blade at the bottom, powered by an electric motor in the base. A blender is also loosely referred to as a liquidizer.

Mode of Operation

The distinguishing features of blenders  are motor speed, controls and design. These features differentiate one blender from the other. In a typical blender, the motor at the bottom has a control panel with varying speeds in levels. This motor drives a pitched blade that cuts the items that are put into the blender. The base of the blender is attached with a tapered cylindrical pitcher and a lid.

The shape of the pitcher can be either plastic or glass, and the pitch of the blades gives the appliance the ability to spin the contents and hence cut them to the desired shape and size.

Moreso, to prevent any food particle from spraying out while swinging, the pitcher has a lid with a rubber seal.  The different brands and models of blenders offer distinguishing features apart from these standard and generic features, and which can help you make the decision on which one to go for.

Types of Blenders Available in Nigerian Markets

There are many classification of blenders which are of different brands in the country. The cost of blenders in Nigeria is dependent on the types available. On the whole, all blenders are classified into two categories: countertop and immersion. The former is more commonly used than the immersion blenders.

  • Countertop: This is a popular type of blender that has been making the market of this product. They have a spacious container which has a motor and blade attached in the bowl beneath. The bowl serve as the receiver of food particles after being blended. Some of this type of blender may be low-powered, and this type always require more liquid to help with grinding the stuffs on the blender. But for the high-powered ones which is more sophisticated, it does not require any additional assistance in getting the job done.
  • Immersion: Immersion or hand held type of blenders do not have containers for collecting the grinded food particles. But they also come with a blade and a motor.  This type of blender is preferable used in blending large quantity of stuffs that would not contain in the small bowl. Though Immersion blenders is very worthy, but the odd factor is that it is only used in the hand throughout the process.

Latest Prices of Blenders in Nigeria Today (2024)

There are varying classification of blenders which occur in different types, sizes, colors and shapes. They also come in different brands according to where they were made. Below is the list of different brands of blenders with their respective price and outline key features:

VTCL Blender Mixer & Grinder Set -Heavy Duty-750watts Price = ₦ 14,200

The VTCL Mixer and Grinder is ostensibly the best buy of blenders in Nigeria. It is more sophisticated and designed for mixing, blending and grinding. With the help of its strong multifunctional blade system, it will displaces the use of grinders. Also there are many other features of this product to complement this.

Key features of VTCL Mixer and Grinder blender include the following: Multifunctional blade system, Sturdy stainless steel jars, 100% copper motor which can last for 30 minutes without ceasing, 750 watt heavy duty motor, Wet/dry grinding function, Motor overload protector, and an Easy grip jar handle. Adding to these features, the blender is durable, effective and it has a considerate cost.

Master Chef Blender Price = ₦ 11,500

This type of blender is made by one of the leading producers of quality blenders in the country. In this one, it is more than a basic blender as it grinds and blends smoothly; it can be used for both dry mills and wet. The intriguing features of this product include: Stainless steel jar, Powerful engine motor, Excellent working performance, and being easy to use and maintain.

Saisho 3 in 1 Grinder/Blender S-742 Price = ₦6,400

This is a multi-purpose blender that ranges from 2-in-1, 3-in-1, and 4-in-1. Applying this type of blender to your kitchen, makes your food preparation faster and easier for you to get your meal in time. This Saisho blender can be used both in your home and commercial kitchen‎ to do a lot of things like grinding and blend‎ing fruits, tomatoes, pepper, coffee nuts and much more.‎

Century Blender Price = ₦5,699

This type of blender is made courtesy of Century, a very popular brand when it comes to home appliances and gadgets. The key features of this thier product include: 2 in 1 blender, 2 speed blender with pulse, Durable stainless steel blade, Exclusive all metal drive system, Scratch resistant 1.75L jar, Easy clean feature, and an Extra mill cup.

Binatone BLG 450 Blender/Grinder Price = ₦9,699

Blender/Grinder BLG 450 is a versatile electrical kitchen appliance that makes the cooking work easier. With a 1.5L capacity, other key features of the product include: 2 speeds and pulse mode, Toughened goblet, Scratch- proof and break-proof jar, Safety lock mechanism, Stainless steel blade, and a Splash-proof lid.

Master Chef MASTERCHEF 4 in 1 Juicer, Blender, Grinder And Mill Price = ₦10,200

This is a multi-function blender produced by Master Chef, one of the popular brands in the country. The accompanied features of this product include: a 25 Liters Capacity, Plastic Jar, 2 speed with pulse function, Stainless Steel Blades, Safety Switch, Stainless Steel Cutting Disk and Strainer Net and a Separate pulp and Juice Collector Cup.

Kenwood Blender With Grinder and Smoothie Maker Price = ₦10,500

Kenwood as we all know is a a popular name and brand that has been making the waves on blender products. This model of the brand is a super powerful blender and grinder, blends smoothly. It has key features like: Powerful motor, Long lasting, and the Grinding jar is included.

Panasonic Mixer & Grinder For Hard Foods MX-AC400 Price = ₦35,999

Key features of Panasonic MX-AC 400 Super Mixer Grinder include the following: Durability, High Quality, Maximum Utility, Great value for money, and a 1000W Capacity.

AKAI Blender With Mill and Filter Attachment (Heavy Duty Motor) Price = ₦9,499

This is a type of blender that is good as a household kitchen appliance. With a 5 Ltr Capacity that suits large quantity of stuffs, the blender also have other important features. Few of this key features include: Thick Plastic Jar, Four Blending Speed With Pulse Function, 550 Watts Full Copper Heavy Duty Motor, 100 percent copper motor with fuse, Removable Stainless Steel Blades, and moreso, the blender can be used in grinding nuts, spices, and other hard foods

Universal Portable Rechargeable USB Juice Blender Price = ₦4,110

As the name implies, this blender is one that is suitable in a situation of power shortage. It has a 2000mAh battery which is portable and suitable for multi-use. The blender can be charged from a computer, laptop, power bank or even your car by using the included USB cable. This type of blender also have a key feature like the new generation updated version juicer and a dual battery design.


We know there are many blenders in the market, but we have outlined the top ten irrespective of the brand. These few ones gives the best buy and also help in knowing how much blenders cost in the country, with respect to price range. However these prices, due to some determining factors, may differ from what is obtained in the market. You should inquire about the exact price of the product before making a purchase.

After knowing the cost of buying blenders in Nigeria, it’s now left to make the buying decision. You can see a broad classification of blenders in stores, specified markets, electronic appliance shops, and the online stores like Jiji, Kara and Jumia. That’s the size of this write-up as we have been able to cover the prices of blenders in the country, and what is really this type of kitchen appliance.

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