Plateau State: List of Local Government Areas & Towns

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Plateau state slogan is referred to as the ‘Home of Peace and Tourism’, which reflects what the state is known for. Jos city is a notable serene urban area in the state. There are many others, as this article will list all local government areas and towns in Plateau state.

map of Plateau state

Overview of Plateau State

The State got it name ‘Plateau’ from the picturesque Jos Plateau, a mountainous area in the north of the state. Plateau State was created on the 3rd of May, in the year 1976. The State is situated in the Middle Belt Zone of Nigeria, and is located in the central part of the country. Plateau State borders Bauchi State to the north east, Kaduna State to the north west, Nasarawa State to the south west and Taraba State to the south east Boundaries.

Moreover, Plateau State is located between latitude 08°24’N and longitude 008°32′ and 010°38′ east. There is an estimated number of about three million people living in the 26,899 square kilometres area of Plateau state. The state is made up of different variant of ethnicities, with Hausa being the major tribe in the region. Also, Christianity is the predominant religion, with Islam also making up the minority religion in Plateau state.

List of Local Government Areas and Towns in Plateau State

Below is the list of towns and local government areas in Plateau state:

Barkin Ladi Local Government Area

Barkin Ladi LGA is one of the local government areas in Plateau state. It is headquartered in Barkin Ladi town, where the area got it name from. There are many towns and urban areas in this LGA. They include the following; Barkin Ladi, Gashishi,Tafan, Zabot, Gassa & Sho, Gindi Akwati, Helpane, Kapwis, Lobiving, Marit, Mazat and Kura falls.

Bassa Local Government Area

Bassa Local Government Area is one of the serving existing local government area councils of the state with its headquarters in the town of Bassa, comprising the districts of Buhit, Buji, Kadamo, Jere, Kakkek, Kishika, Kwall, Mafara, Miango, Amo and Gurum.

Bokkos Local Government Area

Bokkos LGA of Plateau State has its administrative headquarters in the town of Bokkos and consists of other urban areas towns of Bokkos, Richa, Daffo, Manguna, Mushere West, Mushere Central, Toff, Sha and Kamwai.

Jos East Local Government Area

Jos East LGA is one of the central Local Government Area in Plateau State. It has an headquarter located in the town Angware with many other notable villages and the major districts of Federe, Forbur, Fursur, Shere and Maigemu still making up the area.

Jos North Local Government Area

Jos North LGA is the most developed Local Government Area in Plateau State. It has an headquarter in the central area of Jos city. Notable major district and urban areas in Jos North LGA include: Gwong, Rigiza, Rusau, Tudu-Wada, Targwon, Zakaliyo, Zangam, Zangan, Babale, Dong and Fudawa.

Jos South Local Government Area

Jos South LGA is a local government area in Plateau State. It is one of the serving local government areas in the state, and such it has an headquarter in the town of Buruku. Other notable urban areas here include the following: Du, Gyel, Kuru, Vwang, Bakuanvwei, Rankyeng, Ranta and Rasot.

Kanam Local Government Area

Kanam LGA is one of the known Local Government Areas in Plateau State. It has a capital located in Dengi town. Other notable towns in the area include: Dengi, Garga, Kanam, Kantana, Bagyar, Bandiri, Bankilong, Basson, Bwalangyip, Dangi Town, Gar-Duam, Gumshir, Guzuk and Gwomgwom.

Kanke Local Government Area

When listing the local government areas in Plateau State, then Kanke LGA will certainly make the list. It is a one of the existing Local Government Areas in the State, and is headquartered in the town of Kwal. Other urban areas include: Amper, Ampang East, Garram, Kabwir, Pai, Tal, Lepgel, Leptar, Lepter Gugur, Nefur Mep, Neran, Pibwir etc.

Langtang South Local Government Area

Langtang South LGA is one of the local government areas in Plateau State. It has an headquarter in Mabudi town, with other towns and villages of Dadin Kowa, Fajul, Gamakai, Lashel, Resettlement Area, Sabon Gida, Timbol, Turaki and Dorawa still making up the area.

Langtang-North Local Government Area

Langtang-North is one of Plateau State Local Government Areas. Langtang town, commercial urban area in the state is the administrative headquarter of Langtang-North LGA. Other towns include: Langtang (Rural), Pil, Bwarat, Gazum, Bali, Bankun, Bapkwai, Batkilang, Danga, Danglong and Dingjor.

Mangu Local Government Area

Mangu (Mongu) town, the headquarter of Mangu LGA is a commercial town in Plateau State. Other notable towns and urban areas include; Gindiri, Vodni, Panyam, Mangu, Langai, Kumbul, Kerang and Jipal, Dari,Chanso, Cinbun and Bwai.

Mikang Local Government Area

Mikang LGA is a local government area in Plateau State. With an headquarter located in the town of Tunkus, other notable urban areas include the following: Garkawa, Koeneom, Montol, Gingim, Paipung, Jimakwi, Killa, Kongnati, Lahil, Longgkrom, Poensong, Rotha, Swoshal, Tundun Wada and Yakoep.

Pankshin Local Government Area

Pankshin LGA is one of the principal local government areas in Plateau State. It is one of the State’s seventeen LGAs, and has an headquarter in the town of Pankshin. Other notable towns, districts and communities include; Chip, Fier, Kadung, Lankan, Pankshin Rural, Wokkos, Akong, Asa, Dyis/Abwor, Jak, Jing and Kap.

Qua’an Pan Local Government Area

Qua’an Pan LGA of Plateau State is one of the local government areas. It has an headquarter located in the town of Baap. Other notable towns and villages include; Bwall, Doemak, Dokan, Kasuwa, Kwal (Koffar), Kwalla, Kwande, Kwang, Namu, Chim, Goebaan and Goepin.

Riyom Local Government Area

Riyom LGA is a notable local government area in Plataeu state. With a local government council in Riyom town, other notable towns and districts include: Jal, Riyom, Gol, Jol, Kwi, Ra-Hoss, Rim, Ta- Hoss, Danwal, Fangroi, Gura, Koroda, Kwakhw, Bum, Danto and Dantse.

Shendam Local Government Area

Shendam town is the capital of Shendam LGA. There are many urban areas in Shendam LGA, which are few to mention include the following; Dakan, Tofa, Derpeng, Dorok, Shendam, Bunoegwang, Dualak, Duankwan, Dung-Goeshing, Gaklang, Hambiaka, Jayu, Kendeng, Lurka and Nyak.

Wase Local Government Area

Wase LGA is a prominent area in Plateau state. Wase town, a renown town in the state, is the administrative headquarters of Wase LGA with the other districts, towns and villages of Bashar, Kadarko, Lamba, Wase Town, Gaji Bashar, Gingir, Gudu, Kanpani, Madaci, Sabon-Layi, Safiyo, Yuli, Zurak still making up the area.


Plateau state is one of the tourist destinations in Nigeria. From the Wildlife Safari Park, Kurra Falls, Pandam Game Reserve, down to the historic Miango Rest House, there are many to look out for in the state. To complement this, our article enumerated the list of notable towns that are situated in Plateau State local government areas.

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