Top 10 Best Legal Blogs in Nigeria (2024)

Be you a Lawyer, law student, researcher or even a normal citizen, there are some resourceful legal blogs you are supposed to visit everyday so as to get legal tips concerning the Nigerian legal system. This is very important considering the fact that many Nigerians are deprived of their lawful rights without any consequence attached. In fact, Nigerians have totally forgotten their legal rights and obligations; that is why public servants treat citizens anyhow in the country.


Nonetheless, in this article, i will disclose the top legal blogs you should visit in Nigeria that gives legal tips. These blogs are the best and most resourceful websites in Nigeria. In my opinion, you are supposed to visit each of these websites everyday to read the latest legal news, tips and information that will educate you on what to do whenever your human rights are breached.

Top 10 Best Law Blogs/Websites in Nigeria

Below are the best legal blogs for lawyers and law students in Nigeria this 2024:

Barristerng is undoubtedly the best legal blog in Nigeria currently. The blog disseminates legal news and tips to every part of Nigeria. In fact, lawyers all over Nigeria send their articles to BarristerNG for publication everyday.

This is probably why this law website is respected my many attorney in Nigeria. Sometimes, even my Lecturer recommend that students should go the blog and read educative articles for free.

In short, Barristerng is a premium online Law and Politics news blog that is developed and written exclusively for everyone with interest in Law, Law enforcement and Politics. If you really want to verify what I just said about barristerng, you can visit their portal.

This is another popular legal blog for both lawyers, law students and even under graduates in Nigeria. Bscholarly was built by a law student from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), Edeh Samuel Chukwuemeka. It is aimed at educating and enlightening young Nigerians about their rights and obligations in the country.

Currently, Bscholarly is well known amongst lawyers and law students in Nigeria. The reason is basically because, Edeh Samuel disseminates cases that most Nigerian students and even lawyers need to consolidate their argument in court. Trust me; you will not regret visiting this blog if you visit it today.

The popularity of this Nigerian law website is known by almost every barrister or legal adviser in Nigeria. It is one of the online platforms you can get the most interesting legal tips and news in the country.

As at the time this article was written, i do not know whether or not, they accept articles from lawyers and law students. But i can vouch that this is one of the best legal blogs you can find in Nigeria. One outstanding quality of this website is that, they share news about the latest court cases and judgments of the court. This is probably why everybody likes the blog.

They provide you with the latest breaking lawsuits, legal news and also help you to stay up to date with trends in law firms

Lawpadi is another great place for lawyers, law students and even researchers. Apparently, it one of the oldest legal blogs in Nigeria too. You can find answers to your assignments if you are a law student.

This legal website has been so helpful to students in Nigeria. I say this because, I learnt about the “process of law making in Nigeria” through Lawpadi.

This article won’t be complete without mentioning Law pavilion. Law Pavillion is the most prestigious legal portal in Nigeria. It is known for reporting cases and judgment of courts all over Nigeria.

In fact, Law pavilion is the best Electronic Law Report in Nigeria as it stands now. It has grown to the extent that even judges in the court cite cases and reports from the Law pavilion mobile app.

Law pavilion equally has a blog! Many people don’t know about this but it is the truth. It will even surprise you to know that Lawpavilion’s blog is one of the most informative legal blogs in Nigeria you can ever think.

Next on my list of the best law website for lawyers and law students in Nigeria is Nigerianlawguru. This is not actually a law blog. It is a website that every lawyer and law student should visit.

The reason is because, Nigerianlawguru disseminate court judgments in its raw form to the general public. So you see, it is a must for anyone interested in the legal profession.

Another reason why you should visit this website is because they also share news concerning ongoing court cases. So, if you really want to keep up with judgments of the courts in Nigeria, this is a good choice.

Accordingly, law students can really learn a lot from Nigerianlawguru. It is undoubtedly on of the best legal website that gives legal tips in Nigeria.

To be frank, i didn’t know about this awesome blog until I did a research about the best legal blogs for students in Nigeria. Courtroommail is a fortified legal blog for everyone. Not only for lawyers, law student or graduate. As at 2023, this blog is doing extremely well in providing quality articles for readers.

They also share tips that can help you defend yourself whenever public servants tries to embarrass you wrongly. Take for instance, because it now a custom that drivers must give money to police men, many drivers now struggle to still give out money when they don’t even have enough for themselves.

This is where Courtroommail comes in. They will teach you the right thing to do so that your right will not be infringed upon by anyone.

Learnnigerianlaws is another great place to learn about Nigeria’s legal system as a citizen. It is bent on disseminating authentic legal materials and information about the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA). From my research, the sole aim of the website if to build a Nigeria where all persons have reasonable knowledge of relevant laws.

Onyekachi Umah, ESQ is the prestigious lawyer behind Learnnigerianlaws. He created the website in 2010 and registered it in 21st June, 2016.

Currently, the blog is still active. In fact, if you need a good lawyer now, you can visit this website now and get Lawyers from any area of law you want.

Djetlawyer is basically for fresh law students who don’t know anything about the legal profession in Nigeria. In my opinion it is the best blog for all Nigerian students. I personally learnt how to answer law problem questions using IRAC from this blog. Accordingly, I didn’t know the importance of a law internship until I visited Djetlawyer.

Another cogent reason why you should visit Djetlawyer is because they teach everything about law on the blog. This is exactly why I said it is a blog for law students. By visiting this website, you will be able to understand some of those complex topic in law that were not really explained in your classroom.

In my view, Djetlawyer is a must for every university student. If you really want to verify everything I have said about Djetlawyer, kindly visit the blog.


From the above, it is evident that lawyers in the country are really trying to make everything a normal citizen needs to protect his/her right available on the internet. Now, It is on you, the reader, to share this content to other Nigerians that do not know about the best legal blogs in Nigeria. Make sure that you visit these blogs from time to time. Trust me, you will learn a lot.

Also note that the blogs above are still active. In fact, i went through all of them before sharing them here. So if you are reading this, you are very lucky. Just help us to share this and tell us what you think via the comment section below.

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