NYSC: Best States For National Youth Service in Nigeria (2024)

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023 at 07:41 am

We recently published a post on all you need to know concerning NYSC orientation camp. In this post, we shall expose the best states for National Youth Service in Nigeria and the highest paying states for NYSC.

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As we are aware that the NYSC 2023 Batch A posting would soon commence. Most prospective corp members and graduates would be surfing the internet on the three states to chose as their best states for National Youth Service.

To answer the question – What are the best states for National Youth Service in Nigeria?, we used the following factors to create a formidable list:

  • Security
  • States that pay the highest allowance (allawee)
  • Hospitality

Most graduates would opt for big cities while some would want rural areas. Either ways, the choice is yours. Also note that the current federal allowance (allawee) paid to NYSC corp members is now N33, 000.

During my experience as a Corper, medical students are posted to hospitals and they are usually paid more than other corp members.

Best States For National Youth Service In Nigeria 2024

  1. Lagos State (South west)
  2. Ogun State (South west)
  3. Plateau (North Central)
  4. Akwa Ibom (South south)
  5. Enugu (South East)
  6. Rivers state (South south)
  7. Cross River (South south)
  8. Osun State (South west)
  9. Niger state (North Central)
  10. Abuja

List of Highest paying states for NYSC

  1. Akwa Ibom -N20,000
  2. Lagos state – N15,000, N10,000 to corp members in ministry while  N5000 to those serving in Local Government Areas.
  3. Enugu State – N10,000 (no more paying)
  4. Sokoto – N4,000 & N9,000 to those serving in state hospitals.
  5. Niger State currently pays N6,000 and it is constant
  6. Ogun State – N5,000
  7. Osun state – N5,000 (no more paying)
  8. Delta State – N5,000
  9. Ekiti State – N5,000
  10. Kano State – N5,000
  11. Abia State – N4,000
  12. Oyo state – N3,800
  13. Cross River State – N3,090
  14. Bayelsa State – N3,000
  15. Zamfara State- N3,000
  16. Kebbi state – N2000
  17. Ebonyi state – N10,000

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