NYSC: List of States That Pay Allowance to Youth Corpers (2024)

Last updated on March 28th, 2024 at 03:44 pm

It’s widely known that the Federal Government of Nigeria pay its corp members enrolled in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) N33,800. Though ending last year and beginning this year, rumours of the Government wanting to increase this amount to more than N30,000 was circulating the news media and the serving corp members carried the news around like wild fire. What’s not widely known to many is, some states in the country pay.


For some reasons, some states pay, others don’t. For those that pay, the payment varies from N1,500 to about N10,000. While the state allawee for most states that pay is small, adding a little to the Federal Allowance can make a difference. Currently serving in Gombe state and I can tell you one thing – They don’t pay.

To earn extra money, you’re either at the mercy of your place of primary assignment (PPA) or get another place to work on a contract basis – what we popular call extra PPA. For those that don’t earn anything aside the N19,800, they have to be very prudent with their spending to be able to save after NYSC.

So, if you want to serve in a state that pay allowance, you’re reading the right article, it contains the list of states in Nigeria that pay allowance to youth corpers this 2024.

Abia State | N5,000

Abia state is located in south eastern part of Nigeria. This part of the country is dominated by the Igbo ethnic group who are majority Christians.

Abia state is one of the most loved place by corp members wanting to serve in the zone. In terms of state allowance, Abia state pays corp members deployed to the state N5,000 monthly.

Bayelsa State | N3,000

Bayelsa state with its capital as Yenagoa is a state located in the south-south geopolitical zone of the country, a place known as the Niger Delta.

This region of the country is known as the oil producing zone of the country as over 80% of oil production in the country is from this region.

Bayelsa as a state is one of the states that gives the region the title as it is also oil producing. The state pays its corpers N3,000 monthly. This is not given to the corp members monthly, they get it at the end of the NYSC service year.

Cross Rivers | N3,000

Just like Bayelsa, Cross Rivers state is part of the states that constitutes the Niger Delta.

However, unlike other states in the region, Cross Rivers cannot be said to be an oil producing state officially. Though not an oil producer, it still pays youth corp members N3,000.

Delta State | N5,000

Delta State is also located in the Niger Delta Region. It’s also oil producing and it pays it corpers N5,000.

Ekiti State | N5,000

Ekiti State is located in the Yoruba highland which is situated in south-western Nigeria, a region dominated predominately by the Yoruba ethnic group.

This state had been known to have produced the highest number of professors in Nigeria. N5,000 is the amount its corpers earns monthly.

Jigawa State | N5,000

Jigawa state is located in north western Nigeria, a region dominated by the Hausa – Fulani ethnic groups whom are predominately Muslims.

Jigawa state pays it corp members N5,000 monthly.

Kaduna State | N3,000

Kaduna state is also located in the north-western part of the country. It had been stated that Kaduna state is one of the most heterogeneous states in Nigeria in terms of ethnicity.

The state is also known as the center of learning as it houses some of the well-known educational institutions in the country. The state pays it corpers N3,000.

Kano State | N4,000

Kano state is known as the center of commerce is one of the most preferred choices of corpers wanting to serve in the North because of the opportunities that abounds here.

It can be said to be one of the best northern state to serve as a youth corper in the country. Kano state pays it corp members N4,000.

Lagos State | N5,000

Lagos state is located in south western region of Nigeria. Lagos has the largest economy in Nigeria and it is ranked 4th in Africa.

Lagos is also said to house some of the richest men in Nigeria. The state pays it corpers N5,000.

Ogun State | N5,000

Ogun State is also located in south western, Nigeria.

The state is the most industrial state in the country. Corp members posted to this state are paid N5,000 monthly.

Osun State | N5,000

Osun State is also a Yoruba state. The state pays it corpers N5,000.

Oyo State | N3,800

Oyo State is one of the most populated state in the south-western Nigeria and even Nigeria as a whole.

This state is also one of the most important Yoruba state in the history of the Yoruba kingdom. The state pays it NYSC corpers N3,800.

Sokoto State | N4,000

One of the far northern states that many southerners don’t like serving is Sokoto. However, after been posted there, they end up liking the state.

The state is the seat of the Caliphate and houses the Sultan of Sokoto, the Muslims religion leader in Nigeria. The state pays its corpers N4,000.

Zamfara State | N3,000

Zamfara State located in north western Nigeria pays its youth service corpers N3,000.

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