NYSC: How to Make Money as a Youth Corper (2024)

If you are a Youth Corper and you are looking for ways and how to make money as a youth corper during NYSC year, you have stumbled on the right page as I will be dishing out ways in which you can make money and add to the current new allowance (N33,000) paid by the Federal Government which as we all know isn’t enough to cater for a corper daily needs.

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While most NYSC corp members dwell on their parents pockets, others who don’t have such luxury would have no choice than to find legit means to make some few Naira notes to help themselves especially when the monthly bank alerts from the government is delayed or stops.

Please note that I am writing out of my experience and with the research I carried out, so ask questions if you find any of the methods below confusing.

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Ways to Earn/Make Money as a Youth Corper after NYSC Orientation Camp

1. Private Lessons

This is the most common practice among youth corp members. To organize private lessons for children around you, you would have to indicate your interest to the senior corp members (i.e the outgoing corp members) around so that they can link you to the parents of those they were tutoring.

If you can teach students preparing for WAEC, NECO, GCE, JAMB, POST-UME, that would be an advantage for you to make money as a youth corp member as parents are normally looking for corpers who can teach their children for such exams. Just negotiate time and price with the parents of the students.

During my time, I taught three families and earned N50,000 monthly aside my federal and state allowances. I taught them for two hours four times a week from 4 to 6pm

2. Start an Agricultural Business

Although, I did not engage in this method, I knew countless of corp members who engaged in this lucrative kind of business. We all were taught in our various primary schools how to farm, and do other kinds of things related to agriculture. Even my room mate then reared fishes, i,e fish farming.

He would wake early in the morning to change the water of his pond, feed the fishes and do other stuff related to fish farming. I had to ask him what he gained from doing such. He told me that after studying the Local Government we were sent to serve, he noticed that there were only two people engaged in the fish farming business, so he decided to join them. I could not believe my eyes that after some months, he sold some of his fishes and was smiling to the bank.

What I am trying to say here is that, if you know how to grow crops, engage in poultry business, fish farming and other kinds of agricultural venture, why don’t you start. Keeping a cordial relationship with members of your host community is what you would need if you want to start up and I can assure you that the sky will be your limit.

3. Writing

It is assumed that as a graduate from a prestigious university, you are expected to know how to write. This is an avenue to make money as a youth corper if you know how to market yourself through your write-ups. You could help the locals of the community were you are being posted to write letters for a fee. you could even write projects for those in tertiary institutions, especially courses related to your field of study or even the course you read at the university

4. Blogging

Blogging is one sure way to make cool money online as a youth corper if you have the right niche and technical know how. It’s so easy to start a blog and you can even get one for free using the blogger platform. Tools you would need are just a computer connected to the internet and the skill to create a blog.

Although, earning from a blog usually takes time and patience, unless you have a hot in demand product or service that people are looking for online and are willing to pay for. You could reach millions of people over the internet with your blog and the rule of blogging is: more traffic, more sales. Try to create a blog that will stand out by creating your own brand online.

5. Monetizing your skills

Are you a web designer? Do you know how to knit ankara bags, do leather works, paint, are you an expert on soap making, cutting and plaiting of hair, make up artist and so on. All these skills can be monetized if practiced judiciously.

6. Small scale mini importation

You can carry out a feasibility study and find things that are lacking in the community where you were posted and order for them to sell. e.g phone accessories, watches, dresses, shoes e.t.c. Start with something portable that won’t require you to spend much and with time, you should be able to make money as a youth corper.

Finally, there are other ways and methods that you could harness to help you make extra income as a corp member to complement your N33, 000 allawee like laundry business, bulk sms and the list is endless. Make sure you study your host community and PPA to know the problems in the area, so as to know the right business idea to use that will enable you make money during your NYSC service year.

If you have other ideas to make money as a youth corper in Nigeria, you can also share it with us by using the comment section below. Thanks

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