NYSC Allowance Payment Amount under the New Administration

What’s the amount collected by members of the Nigerian Youth Service Corps? How much are NYSC members paid under the current government? What is the current NYSC allowance?

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Many participants in this programme ask these significant questions. As these questions keep coming up, this article will try to address them.

Additionally, we will inform you about the states that offer considerable allowances to NYSC Corp members.


Through a program called the National Youth Service Corps, fresh graduates are assigned to various regions across the country. They have been assigned to work primarily for public as well as private organizations.

Most of the time, the students are placed in settings where they can directly influence the populace. It also contains areas where locals can take advantage of the knowledge and experience that follow with their education.


Members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) now receive a ₦33,000 monthly stipend from the federal government. Graduates who complete the one-year required curriculum are paid ₦33,000 per month by the federal government of Nigeria through the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

In addition to the ₦33,000 federal government payment, corps members also get a “state allowance” from the state government they are working for. In this article, we’ll also examine each Nigerian state’s NYSC allowance.

The compensation is a significant factor in determining people’s choice of state for NYSC. This is because nobody wants to serve in a situation where they are not compensated.

The former minister of Finance Zainab Ahmed revealed the new payment administration during a press conference on the actions of her government. The minister claims that since former president Muhammadu Buhari just approved a measure establishing a minimum wage, corps members will no longer receive a monthly salary of ₦18,000.

She did, however, point out that until the increased stipend for corps members is implemented, the Federal Government is still ironing out the practical details. She stated,

“The presidential committee that was established has determined the financial consequences and has presented its findings to the President who has directed the report to us.

The minister stated that after reviewing the report, they are currently focusing on finding ways to pay for the new minimum wage. After talks, the final financial effects will be decided.

The negotiation will establish the compensation for all other employees who are paid more than the minimum wage. It might be a flat sum or a rise in value.

She added that the second point that should be made clear is that the NYSC would also see a pay raise since the NYSC Act mandates that they receive the minimum salary.

Therefore, the NYSC allowance must also be raised to ₦30,000. She stated that because the negotiations were still going on, she was unable to make estimates at this time.

Despite variations in the national average price of goods and services, corp members continued to make do with this meager remuneration.

Under President Tinubu, it is the same, but with the NLC labour pushing for a new minimum wage, it might change to ₦62,000 or ₦100,000. Time will tell.


This is a really difficult question with no clear solution. Many corp members may receive additional types of payment from their primary assignment location in addition to the federal allowance of ₦33,000 per month. That is dependent upon their locality, ppa, and course of study.

For example in the case, a corp member working as a doctor at a teaching hospital may receive ₦150–200 in addition to the Federal Allowance every month.

The same applies to a corp member who works as an engineer for an oil company. A corp member working as a classroom teacher in such a remote village cannot receive the same monthly salary.


What is the state allowance for the NYSC? As payments vary by state, there is no set sum for the state reimbursement. In certain cases, in addition to the ₦33,000 per year NYSC allowance, stipends are paid; in other cases, they are not. It is clear that several states in Nigeria pay more than others, whereas others do not pay anything at all. The highest paying states are Akwa Ibom (₦10,000 per month), Lagos, Enugu, Oyo, and Sokoto State.

Check out the list of Nigeria’s NYSC State Allowances:

  • Akwa Ibom State pays ₦10,000 each month in addition to a ₦33,000 federal allowance.
  • Lagos State pays corpers in ministries ₦15,000, and occasionally ₦10,000, and ₦5000 to those in LGAs.
  • Sokoto State pays patients in state hospitals ₦4,000 and ₦9,000 to supplement the ₦33,000 federal allowance.
  • Enugu State pays ₦10,000 in addition to a ₦33,000 Federal allowance.
  • Oyo State pays ₦3,800 plus a ₦33,000 federal allowance.
  • Osun State pays ₦5,000 in addition to a ₦33,000 Federal allowance.
  • Kano State pays ₦4,000 in addition to a ₦33,000 Federal allowance.
  • Borno State pays ₦1,000 in addition to a ₦33,000 Federal allowance.
  • Niger State Pays ₦6,000 plus a ₦33,000 Federal Allowance.
  • Yobe State pays ₦2,500 in addition to a ₦33,000 Federal allowance.
  • Bayelsa pays ₦3,000 in addition to a ₦33,000 Federal allowance.
  • Ekiti state pays ₦5,000 in addition to a ₦33,000 federal allowance.
  • Ogun State pays ₦5,000 in addition to a ₦33,000 Federal grant.
  • Delta States pays ₦5,000 in addition to a ₦33,000 Federal allowance.
  • Bauchi State give their corpers ₦1,250 and as well as a ₦33,000 Federal Allowance.
  • Cross River State pays ₦3,090 on top of the ₦33,000 in government assistance.
  • Zamfara State pays ₦3,000 in addition to a ₦33,000 Federal allowance.
  • Abia State gives ₦5,000 in addition to a ₦33,000 Federal allowance.
  • Imo State pays ₦2,000 in addition to a ₦33,000 Federal allowance.
  • Taraba state offers ₦10,000 in addition to a ₦33,000 federal allowance.
  • Kaduna State gives ₦3,000 in addition to the ₦33,000 federal allowance.
  • Jigawa State pays 10,000 naira in addition to a ₦33,000 Federal Allowance
  • Kano State offers 10,000 naira plus a ₦33,000 Federal Allowance.
  • Nassarawa State gives ₦3,000 and as well as a ₦33,000 Federal Allowance.


There are a ton of other ways for corp members to make money. However, the degree of ingenuity displayed by the particular corp member will determine how easily these streams of money are accessible. See states that currently pay youth corpers.

It is easy for corp members to complete other trivial tasks. To earn additional money for everyday survival in a foreign country, this might be done on a part-time basis.

Members of the corp are still in charge of the ₦33,000 that was granted to them by the federal government. Even while serving, you can increase your allowance by working in a few less demanding industries.

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