New Cost of Visa from Nigeria to Canada (June, 2024)

Canada is a country where most Nigerians would love to travel to. With a stable economy and the presence of world-class universities, no wonder its among the most popular countries where Nigerians travel to study abroad.

Located in North America, you would need to obtain a Canadian visa if you want to travel to Canada to stay permanently, advance your studies, receive medical treatment or just visit for a short stay.

This write-up details the cost and processes involved in obtaining various Canadian visa types, including all you need know about traveling there from Nigeria.


Method of Application

Before we provide the right information on how to apply for a visa from Nigeria to Canada, note that there are different methods of application currently available in Nigeria this 2024, and they include; the online application and using the visa office centres.

It was in 2016 that the special VAC in Nigeria method of application was discontinued due to logistics issues. Other methods listed above are still in effect till date.

It is now easier to apply online and pay your visa fee via the Canadian government official website at the Canadian visa category of the website.

While you are filling your application online, make sure you have your credit or debit card for making online payment and a camera or even a scanner near you, to make electronic/soft copies of your documents that would be uploaded to the website.

You would also need a functional email address that would be used by the Visa office to send messages to you about your online application.

For those who own a valid work or study permit with plans to leave and return to Canada on a later date, its advisable to apply for a new visitor visa before leaving Canada.

How To Apply For Canada Visa from Nigeria

You should be aware of the different visa categories before you apply. Most people make the mistake of selecting the wrong category. This would mean that your application won’t be considered and the application fee paid won’t be refunded.

The following are the application process of obtaining a visa to Canada from Nigeria this 2024:

  • Ensure that you are eligible for a temporary resident visa before applying. Make sure that the application guidelines are read carefully before you start to fill your application form. Most applicants applications aren’t considered due to selecting the wrong visa category.
  • For those under the age of 18, you must have proof of age and consent from parent, guardian or ward. They should also fill and complete your application form too.
  • Make payment of application. This is usually called the application fee and its different from the VAC services fees (This fee is payable if you apply via VAC).
  • Submitting your application. Whichever method you chose, you should always submit your application in person and not send it via mail. For those applying with their family, it is vital to submit the visa application as an individual. You might be required to use biometrics if you are using the paper application.

It is the duty of the VAC staff to verify and cross-check your completed application after submission. This is to ensure that no error was made and that you have paid the correct fees and done your biometrics.

Types/Categories of Canadian Visa

Visitor’s visa

This category allows visitors on initial entry to stay in Canada for up to 2 years and 6 months on subsequent entries when you or your family visit Canada for extended periods of time.

It also includes a super visa which cost 100 $CAN per person. You can apply at the same place and time if you are traveling with your family.

Work visa

This is different from the visitor’s visa as it is for people applying for visa that involves working in Canada on a permanent basis. These various visa types in this category include:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Visa (FSWC)

This visa application type is strictly for those whose intention is to live permanently as residents in Canada. There are assessments that applicants must pass or are checked before you are deemed eligible or granted the Federal Skilled Worker’s Visa.

  • Work Permit

If you have received a job offer from a Canadian employer, then this is the one you should apply for as a foreigner. It is the type of visa granted to those who wish to work temporarily in Canada.

However, the Government Human Resources authorities must first approve the employer’s offer to hire a foreigner through the Labour Market Impact Analysis (LMIA) process, if no Canadian citizen is found capable of doing the work advertised for.

  • Canadian Experience Class Visa

For those who are already on a temporary work permit and are living in Canada with skilled work experience, you have the opportunity of applying for permanent residency as stipulated under the Canadian Experience Class. You must have worked in Canada for 12 months minimum and must learn either English or French before you are deemed eligible.

  • Student Visa

For foreign students interested in studying in any university or college within Canada. The Student Visa Program in Canada allows intending student to apply at the immigration authorities after receiving an acceptance letter from any recognized Canadian institution the applicant wants to enroll at.

You would also need to provide financial accounts to prove that you are capable to finance your tuition fees for studies plus cost of living. Once these personal documents and your passport are verified, the the VAC will grant you study permit to finish a school program in Canada.

The New Current Cost of Visa from Nigeria to Canada

Based on the various visa categories listed above, below are the current visa fees for traveling from Nigeria to Canada this 2024

Work permit fee:

  • For a holder of an open work permit that is not job-specific, it would cost 100 $CAN.
  • Work permissions for traveling group of three or more members costs 465 $CAN.
  • Restoring your worker status costs 355 $CAN

Student visa fee:

  • Study permission for one person costs 150 $CAN.
  • Restoring student status costs 350 $CAN. It includes your status fee of 200 $CAN and new work permit of 150$ CAN.

Visitor visa fee:

  • One person costs 85 $CAN
  • A family costs 170 $CAN
  • For a group costs 255 $CAN

Self-employed people fee:

  • Start-up visa fees is 1540 $CAN. The breakdown include processing fee of 1050 $CAN and permanent residence right fee of 490 $CAN.
  • If it includes spouse or partner, it costs 1040 $CAN. The breakdown include a processing fee of 550 $CAN and permanent residence right fee of 490 $CAN
  • If it is includes your spouse or partner without permanent residence right, it would cost 550 $CAN.

Federal skilled employees fees:

  • The application usually costs 1040 $CAN.
  • If it includes your spouse or partner, it would cost 1040 $CAN for both processing and permanent residence right fee
  • If it is includes your spouse or partner without permanent residence right, it would cost 550 $CAN.
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