List of Natural Mineral Resources Found in Anambra State

Anambra is an Igbo speaking state located at the south east geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Blessed with numerous mineral resources which can be found in various towns, this state’s slogan is “Light of the nation”.


Recently, oil was discovered in Anambra state and the federal government included her among the oil producing states in the country. With this, Anambra’s economical status has risen, no wonder she is termed the state with the lowest poverty rate in Nigeria.

Our focus in this post is on the natural resources available in Anambra state, her histroy, local governments, towns and other information you need know about this Igbo speaking state.


The history of Anambra state started in the 9th century at Igbo-Ukwu and Ezira according to archaeological excavations. During this period, it is on record that mineral resources like iron, bronze, copper and clay were used to create weapons and art works in the ancient Nri Kingdom.

The government of theses kingdom was backed by the divine deities and it was hereditary for some local families as it is with some towns in Anambra till date. During the colonial times, Great Britain respected and allowed the reign of some of these traditional kings in the then Protectorate of South Nigeria.

In the 19th century, Warrant Chiefs were appointed to collect tax and perform other functions on behalf of the British crown. In 1967, Anambra joined the struggle for an independent Biafra to seceded from Northern Nigeria, due to the fact that they were predominatly Igbo.

After the war Old Anambra State was formed in 1976 from part of East Central State with its capital in Enugu. It was until 1991 that Anambra state was officially created with its capital at Awka. Today, the state is made up of 21 local goverenmnet areas and many towns.

Local Government Areas in Anambra State

There are 21 LGA’s in Anambra and they are:

  • Aguata
  • Awka North
  • Awka South
  • Anambra East
  • Anambra West
  • Anaocha
  • Ayamelum
  • Dunukofia
  • Ekwusigo
  • Idemili North
  • Idemili South
  • Ihiala
  • Njikoka
  • Nnewi North
  • Nnewi South
  • Ogbaru
  • Onitsha North
  • Onitsha South
  • Orumba North
  • Orumba South
  • Oyi


Anambra is also one of the richest states in Nigeria with many towns and villages. The major towns in state are Onitsha, Nnewi and Awka. With a yearly population growth rate of 3%, over 60% of its inhabitants live in urban areas. It is one of the most urbanized states in Nigeria.

Onitsha is one of the fast-growing commercial cities in the country, housing one of the largest markets in West Africa. Nnewi, is vastly industralized is normally called the Taiwan of Nigeria while Awka, the state capital is the set of the state government.

The following is a complete list of towns in Anambra state: Abagana, Abba, Abacha, Umueri, Abatete, Achalla, Achina, Adazi Ani, Adazi-Enu, Adazi-Nnukwu, Agukwu, Aguleri, Agulu, Aguluezechukwu, Aguluzigbo, Ajalli, Akpo, Akpu, Akwaeze, Akwaukwu, Alor, Amaetiti, Amansea, Amanuke, Amaokpala, Amawbia, Amesi, Amichi, Amorka, Anaku, Atani, Awa, Otuocha Umueri, Awba-Ofemili, Awgbu, Awka-Etiti, Awkuzu, Azia, Azigbo, Ebenator, Ebenebe, Ekwulobia, Ekwulumili, Enugwu-Agidi, Enugwu Aguleri, Enugwu Ukwu, Ezinifite, Ezinihite, Eziowelle, Ezira, Ichi, Ichida, Ideani, Ifitedunu, Ifite-Ogwari, Igbakwu, Igbariam, Igbedor, Igbo-Ukwu, Ihembosi, Ihiala, Ikenga, Inoma, Iseke, Isuaniocha, Isulo, Isuofia, Lilu, Mbosi, Mgbakwu, Mmiata Anam, Nando, Nanka, Nawfia, Nawfija, Nawgu, Ndikelionwu, Ndi-okpaleke, Ndiukwuenu, Nibo, Nimo, Nise, Nkpologwu, Nkpor, Nkwelle-Ezunaka, Nneni, Nnobi, Nnokwa, Nnokwa, Nsugbe, Nteje, Nzam, Oba, Obeledu, Obosi, Ogbunike, Ogbunka, Ogidi, Ojoto, Okija, Oko, Okpeze, Omasi, Omogho, Omor, Ora-Eri, Oraifite, Oraukwu, Orsumoghu, Osumenyi, Owellezukala, Owelle-Olumbanasa, Ozubulu, Ubuluisiuzor, Ufuma, Uga, Ugbenne, Ugbenu, Uke, Ukpo, Ukpor, Ukwalla-Olumbanasa, Ukwulu, Uli, Umuanaga, Umuawulu, Umuchu, Umudioka, Umueje, Umuerum, Umueze Anam, Umuoba Anam, Umumbo, Umunnachi, Umunya, Umunze, Umuoji, Umuomaku,Umuona Unubi, Utuh.

List of Mineral Resouces Found in Anambra State

The following mineral resources can be found within the various towns of the state

  • Natural gas

Natural gas is in abundant supply in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region and can also be found in commercial quantity in Anambra state.

It was in 2012, that first Nigerian private refinery in the country, Orient Petroleum Refinery (OPR) situated at Aguleri area of the state with the effort of Peter Obi, former governor that put Anambra as an oil producing state after the company recorded a breakthrough in its oil prospecting in the Anambra River basin.

The management of Orient Petroleum Resources Plc has plans in place to crude oil exploration and production to 3,000 barrels per day in two new oil wells in its Aguleri oil fields. This would increase economic activities in the Oil and Gas industry in the State.

  • Crude oil

Crude oil can also be found in many towns in Anambra. This natural resource has been the main source of providing revenue for Nigeria as a country. It can also be found in the states that makes up the Niger Delta region.

  • Bauxite

Bauxite is another mineral resource that is abundant in commercially exploitable reserves in few states within Nigeria like Anambra, Delta, Benue and Ekiti.

This particular natural resources has not been fully exploited since 1999 after the government suspended the Aluminium Smelter Company of Nigeria

  • Ceramic

This is another God-given resources that has not been properly exploited in the state. Ceramic has a lot of uses.

  • Arable soil

Anambra state soil is very fertile when it comes to farming. In fact, they are into agro-based activities such as fisheries and farming, land cultivation for pasturing and animal husbandry.


Anambra is currently the eighth-most populated state in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and have boundaries to the west by Delta State, Imo and Rivers State to the south, Enugu State to the east, and Kogi State to the north. With the ongoing development in the state, one can say that the state government is putting to good use the natural mineral resources found in the state judiciously.

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