10 Best Hair Relaxer Brands in Nigeria (2024)

There are numerous brands of hair relaxers in Nigeria to choose from. The best relaxers for hair are those without lye because they are less harsh on the scalp. The scalp is not less irritated and harsh by lye relaxers. In order to prevent hair damage, it’s critical that you choose the proper solution for your hair’s demands. Below are good recommendations.

hair relaxer brands in Nigeria


Hair relaxers are lotions or creams used in order to relax and tame curly or coarse hair. The way these products affect the hair resulted in the invention of the phrase “relaxer.” Hair relaxers change the composition of your hair by chemically and permanently dissolving the bonds in your hair. The hair can be left straight for up to eight weeks after using a relaxer, making it easier to style. Hair relaxers have a potent alkali as their active ingredient, which permeates the layers of the hair shaft to relax the natural curl pattern and produce smoother hair.


The list of the top Nigerian hair relaxers that can be used to wash and treat hair is detailed below. These hair relaxers are some of the best for promoting hair growth.


ORS Olive Oil Relaxer is one of the top hair relaxers in Nigeria. It is thought to be a very powerful hair relaxer for people with tough hairs. The relaxer is made with natural ingredients that promote hair development and protection. ORS relaxer is unquestionably among the best in Nigeria. It is also one of the most well-known brands of hair relaxers in the country. Shea butter and pequil oils, which promote hair development, are ingredients in the hair relaxer. This hair relaxer guarantees simple relaxation of hair, making simple styling feasible.


Vitale is an excellent hair relaxer that is suggested for people with tough hair. The relaxer is a no-lye, conditioning, anti-breakage relaxer, making it a wonderful option for people with uncooperative hair. Ingredients in Vitale Olive oil relaxer includes olive oil, coconut oil, and vitamins. All of these relaxer’s ingredients are created to stop hair breakage and give users healthy hair. This is among the most widely used hair relaxers for washing hair.


Dr. Miracle’s relaxer has the second position in the list of the best hair relaxers in Nigeria. The relaxer is a No-Lye relaxer, so it’s gentle on the scalp and won’t harm your hair. Vitamins like vitamins A and E are present in hair relaxers and are useful for treating and growing hair. Moreover, the relaxer includes oils that support healthy, silky hair, including almond, jojoba, and coconut oils. It is a fantastic relaxer that makes it simple to remove any dirt from the hair.


The top hair relaxers in Nigeria also include Nature’s Gentle Touch. The relaxer contains a mixture of herbal and organic ingredients that contribute to the desired hair treatments. It is a reliable relaxer that is also gentle on hair. The relaxer’s conditioning composition, which leaves hair more softer after usage, makes it excellent for relaxing resistant hair. This top brand of hair relaxers includes ingredients like shea butter and avocado oil.


Soft Sheen Carson relaxer is a reliable hair treatment relaxer. This relaxer is equipped to remove dirt that collects at the hairs. It also helps in the eradication of dandruff. The No-Lye relaxer is hydrating and moisturizes the hair as soon as it is applied. It contains jojoba, avocado, and shea butter, all of which nourish the hair. Three versions of this relaxant are available for various applications. It is an excellent hair relaxer that has no negative effects on either the skin or the hair.


Argan oil relaxer is the best hair relaxer available for relaxing and styling hair. It is a hair styling relaxer that helps and guards against hair loss. For ladies who are experiencing hair loss, the relaxer is one of the ideal options. The relaxer contains a lot of argan oil, which is moisturizing and excellent for nurturing and growing hair. This relaxer is the ideal option for people whose hair does not relax easily. It is regarded as one of Nigeria’s top hair relaxers.


Originals Relaxer is considered to be one of Nigeria’s leading hair relaxers. The most effective method of conditioning olive oil in Africa is this relaxant. It is among the greatest relaxers for difficult-to-relax hair. The recipe of the relaxer, a well-known brand, contains extra-virgin olive oil, a moisturising and hydrating ingredient. It is well recognized that The Original Relaxer can rebuild and restore damaged hair. The hair relaxer also makes the hair straight, silky, and shiny.


Linange hair relaxer is a fantastic hair cream for cleaning, softening, and smoothing the hair in particular for “stubborn hair”. The relaxer is risk-free to use at home and doesn’t require many procedures. The Linange hair relaxer is regarded as one of the best in Nigeria due to its high caliber. It is indeed a hair relaxer which, when applied or used, leaves the hair color unchanged.


Motions Silken shine relaxer is considered one of the best options in the country. The hair can also be effectively dampened and softened using the relaxer. Additionally, it is an excellent hair wash with a lovely fragrance. The motion silky shine relaxer works wonders for promoting hair growth. The relaxer preserves the hair and leaves it hydrated, healthy, and clean using a cationic mixture with coconut oil.


The Ozone relaxer is another one of the top hair relaxers that are offered in Nigeria. It’s safe to use and healthful as well to relax your hair. It promotes hair development and is great for removing debris out of hair. People in Nigeria highly recommend it for hair relaxers. Ozone is a worldwide standard non-lye relaxant. It is safe, simple to use, and apply. Because of this, it is regarded as one of the top hair relaxers in the country.


Keeping your hair under control might be difficult. However, it can be made simple with the correct amount of time, money, and persistence. Long-lasting hair straighteners are products that can be used on your hair. The ideal hair relaxers in Nigeria that are gentle and secure for the hair are reviewed in this article.

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