Introduction To Catering Craft Practice & Types

Catering is the service of providing food and drinks in a conducive environment (Hotel management) for a particular set of people at special events and at specific times.

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Catering as a professional has gained popularity as it serves as a means of livelihood to some people across the country and also a source of revenue generating avenue to the government. A caterer is one who caters (provides food and drinks) for people at events and occasions.

There are several things that distinguishes a catering operation from a restaurant.

For instance, catering is usually done by prearranged contract usually at a certain cost to a specific number of people. The menu at a catered event is normally more limited than a restaurant menu and is chosen in advance by the client.

The way and manner in which food is prepared is different too. Although both restaurant and catering chefs do the mise-en-place or prepare the food ahead of time.

What is Catering Craft?

Catering craft is the skillful combination of ingredients to produce meals, snacks and beverages to meet people’s needs. Industrial catering is a situation where food production is done in very large quantity. This is aimed at increasing productivity.

Types of Catering

There are two main categories which includes:

1. Industrial catering: This category of caterers aims at providing food and beverages at hospitals, universities, airlines, large hotels and retirement centres. They provide a wide variety of food and drinks to a large number of people.

2. Social Catering: These caterers provides food and beverage services to civic groups, charities, corporate businesses and individuals on premise at a banquet hall or off premise at a selected location.

The opportunities for a catering business multiplies on a yearly basis, giving the right demographics, individuals, organizations that are willing to pay for such services.

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