Relationship Between Hospitality Industry And Catering

The term “hospitality” refers to the cordial, generous, reception and entertainment of guests or strangers either socially or commercially.

Hospitality industry is also a broad category or field within the service industry that includes lodging, events planning, theme, parks transportation, cuisine line and additional field with the tourism industry.

Indians are known all over the world for their hospitality. (The guests is like god) and this has been the adage from time immemorial.

The hospitality industry has become very competitive these days hence it is imperative for the hotels to work up new ways to increase their sales to enhance maximum profit.

The Relationship Between the Hospitality Industry and Catering

Catering is also known and called hospitality industry:

  • They both share and have common goals and objectives which is the act to provide foods, drinks, accommodation and services to people in a conducive environment.
  • The provision of food for people with special nutritional needs.
  • The provision of clean and healthy suitable environment.
  • The provision of clean and hygienic cutleries and cookeries for people.
  • Hence, hospitality industry in order word means somewhere where people can get food, drink and accommodation.

Classification of Hospitality

The hospitality industry are classified into three segment namely:

(a) The hotel/accommodation

The hotel and accommodation aspect of the industry takes care of the guest by providing them with good and comfortable accommodation and well relaxed atmosphere. The accommodation aspect of this are Hostels, Hotels, Motels, Flotels, inns, Resorts, Serviced apartments, Bed and breakfast.

(b) The restaurant/food & beverage service

The restaurant/ food and beverage service aspect of the industry is responsible for providing food, drinks, beverage in a well relaxed and comfortable environment for the guests. Example are Cafes, Night clubs, Pubs and public houses, Restaurants, Bars.

(c) The travel and tour industry

The travels and tour aspect of the industry is another chief segment which encompasses transportation, these includes airlines, trains, cruise ship, and staff function. They deal with organizing and taking people around on tour to their various places of interest such as game reserves, waterfalls, parks, zoos, hills, caves, etc. “places of excitements”. Examples are flight attendant, travel agent, tour operators, leisure centers.

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