How to Sell Your Car in Nigeria Easily & Legally The Right Way

Last updated on February 23rd, 2024 at 12:45 pm

Do you wish to sell your used car and get a brand new one without any hitch. Your reason for selling might be to raise money to get the new car of your dreams or for another project. Are you looking for the best online channel to sell your car in Nigeria legally and easily? If so, then this write-up will provide you with the top platforms where selling of tokunmbo cars is possible and guide you through the right procedures.


These sites are no ordinary or fraudlent in the sale of cars as they have over the years built a reputation to help find potential buyers willing to buy at reasonable prices for your vehicle. Before we list these websites that sells cars in Nigeria, lets take a look at what you need do before putting up your cheap used cars for sale in Nigeria.

Things To do Before Selling Your Car

1. First, Inspect Your Car

This should be the first thing you need do. When you run some evaluation on your vehicle, you might notice that you would need to make some repairs before putting the car up for sale. Aside the normal car washing, you also need to wax it so as to remove any scratch that might devalue or scare away potential buyers. Also make sure the car has a good engine. All the same, make sure the repairs and face lifts are done without you spending much as some buyers may tend to purchase the vehicle with less refurbishments.

2. Get A Quote From An Automobile Expert

Once you are done with the evaluation process, the next step is to get a quote for your vehicle. This means to know the market value of your car. You could either contact your local mechanic or even an authorised car dealer. Here in Nigeria, in some cases it is the mechanic that even helps look for buyers for you. In this case, you would have to find his cut from a successful sale.

3. Selling Your Car

Before you proceed selling your used car, be sure to confirm that the price is intandem with the market value. You know Nigerians and how they love to beat down the price less than the market value. In this case, you just have to be professional when dealing with such buyers. You might have your proposed price and may decide to sell below the market value price if you need the cash immediately.

Trusted Sites/Platforms To Sell Used Cars in Nigeria

There are many top sites to sell your car. The most prominent ones are using the social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or even Blackberry Messenger. No matter the platform, be very careful as there are scammers everywhere claiming to be potential buyers. Just keep your options open

For benefit of doubt, we have listed below, online platforms dedicated to buying and selling used cars. We recommend these ones bcause they are reliable and are the best around that provides you a smooth transaction process between buyer and sellers.

1. Carmudi or Jumia Car

Carmudi changed it name to ‘Jumia Car’ recently and they are the leading platform where you can sell your tokumbo cars or even buy cars online legally.

2. Car 45

Cars45 is a safe & trusted online platform where you can sell your car in 45 minutes. You might be surprised at this but it is true. They have many partners in the automobioe industry that you don’t even need people or buyers see the picture of your car before sale. They have various real time bidders for vehicles in Nigeria. Just follow the instructions on their official website and if you are accepted, then you can sell your used car by taking your car to their nearest centre close to you.

3. Carxus

With their proven record as a reliable online portal where car dealers and private individuals transact their car business, Carxus os a platform you can sell trucks, boats, motorcycle and even trailers. Their site is user friendly and you can peruse through their vast array of vehicles to know the price range of your own car before you can put it up for sale.

4. Cheki

You can find a lot of car dealers on Cheki. Potential buters and sellers flood this platform on a daily basis. This online marketplace that dont sell cars dircetly but help link you up with trusted buyers willing to purchase your used car.

5. Olx

You must be aware that Olx is a popular online marketplace where virtually everything is sold. From used phones, to clothes, to buildings, even tokunmbo cars are sold on the olx platform. So this is another website where you can virtually ssll your car easily.


Selling your car might be difficult especially when you are looking for a buyer. To speed up the process, we listed above these trusted online platforms where cars can be sold easily. You must also note that there are a some things you have to do to be able to sell your used vehicle successfully.

Things like your presentation to on how you present your car to your prospective buyers have to be worked upon. The photos of the vehicles, i.e quality shots of the different views of the car. You might also want to promote your advert on these sites so that they place you on the top cars for sale on their site.

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