Hair Cream Production in Nigeria: How to Produce Hair Cream in Nigeria Easily

With the information on this article, I will teach you how to produce hair cream in Nigeria easily so that you can sell them in large numbers for profits. It is now very easy to make a hair cream in Nigeria today as it do not require a lot in terms of expertise or much money (except in large quantities) to start.


Since humans, both men and women have grown fashion savvy and now pay more attention to their hairs, it is imperial that the market for hair products in Nigeria is a very profitable one. People are willing to pay for these products that can take care of the hair as long as they are convinced that it would work fine.

Factors to consider when making creams in Nigeria

Vital factors to consider in hair making cream business in Nigerian market today before it can yield the desired profit includes:

  1. Marketing of the hair product
  2. Packaging and Branding
  3. Publicity and Advertising
  4. Colour and fragrance might also be included in this list as customers will have their taste when they want to patronize your product.

Having known these few factors, remember that little or less capital is required to start this business in Nigeria. Now lets move to places you can sell your hair cream product in Nigeria.

Places Where You Can Sell Hair Creams in Nigeria

When you meet people and talk about your products and what it does, individuals will want to test your product and once they are satisfied they will serve as customers of the product. Other places where hair creams can be sold include hair making saloons for females in Nigeria where hair making business are done, barbers shop, markets e.t.c.

With the introduction of online stores in Nigeria like Jumia, Konga, Jiji and the likes, one can easily join as merchants and sell on these trusted e-commerce websites.

Requirements to Produce Hair Cream in Nigeria

The ingredients for making hair cream includes:

(1) 1.8kg of paraffin oil

(2) 0.2kg of wax

(3) 1kg of petroleum jelly

(4) 0.4kg of Lanolin

(5) Sufficient amount of colourant

(6) Sufficient amount of industrial perfume

After you have outsourced all the listed raw materials for hair cream production,the next step is to follow the process to make hair cream in Nigeria below.

Procedure/Process of Making Hair Cream

To start the procedure for the production of hair cream in Nigeria, you:

– light up the stove or cooker to be used, and place the large container for mixture on top of it.

– pour paraffin oil into the container

– After 3 minutes, add some petroleum jelly into the paraffin oil.

– After 5 minutes, add the Lanolin into the mixture and stir carefully.

– Divide the wax into smaller sizes and add them gradually into the mixer.

– Let it dissolve properly inside the pot and stir continuously so all the components becomes well circulated and distributed in the mixture.

– After this is done,bring down the pot from the stove or cooker and put the lights off.

– measure the perfume as you deem adequate and add it to the already made mixture in the container.This is what will give it the desired smell.

– Add any colorant which you desire and stir continuously still.

– Finally, mix continuously until it becomes well circulated  and it comes out as desired.

– Put the hair creams into customized plastics and fix the labels on it and you are ready to sell your Nigerian made hair creams.

From the above, you can see that its the procedure to make hair cream in Nigeria today is easy. You can also use the same methods to produce hair cream with shea butter, coconut oil, hair relaxer. e.t.c

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