How To Become A DSTV Dealer in Nigeria (2024)

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Digital Satellite TV alternatively known as DStv is the most used satellite broadcast service in Nigeria. The brand is owned by MultiChoice who has more than 40% of the country’s consumer base in this industry. With the company and brand possessing the largest subscription TV in Nigeria, it has made a lot of open positions for business. One of such is becoming the company’s agent or dealer. The major reasons for this upliftment of DSTV is due to the country’s enormous populace which has provided many users. This means a lot to the success of the business here in Nigeria.

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Digital satellite TV which is very much known by the acronym, DSTV is a direct broadcast satellite service or network. The brand is owned by the transmission company called MultiChoice. Most of their services covers the sub-Saharan part of Africa which Nigeria is their major market.

This entertainment broadcast company, MultiChoice has gotten an immense clients base and the subscription rate is very high in the whole of Africa. Moreover, their foremost brand DSTV is becoming a household name in terms of home digital satellite television system.


DSTV agents or dealers do basically the same thing. The work as dealers or sellers for this company is to deal with all specialized issues concerning buy, installation and fixes for DSTV customers. Their role is very significant particularly in places where the company’s services can not be reached directly. They additionally deal with the users renewal of subscription plans and they have the permission to review the channels accessible for the user.

Oftentimes, some people do confuse a DStv agent with a dealer. Kindly note that there is no contrast between the duo – agent, dealer, merchant. They all mean exactly the same thing as they are the company’s wholesalers.


There are two types of DStv agents which offer distinguishing functions:

  • DSTV Sub-agent: A DSTV sub-agent is just like a retailer in this business chain. They are ones that purchases the company’s equipment from an agent or dealer in little amounts and afterward offers to customers. On the whole, a Sub-agent is more similar to a retailer in the chain of distribution. However, the process of becoming a DSTV sub-agent requires lesser cash-input to start when compared with the DSTV agent.
  • DSTV Agent: A DSTV specialist is one that begins with a bigger capital, which enables him to buy DSTV equipment directly from the company. They are the wholesalers who buy in large amounts and offers to the sub-agent or consumers. The DSTV dealer or agent trains sub-agents and has a few specialized agents who work under him.


In this article, we will highlight the requirements for becoming a DStv agent in the country. On the off chance that you wish to be one, below are the requirements for becoming a DStv agent or dealer in Nigeria today:


Anyone who wants to become a DSTV dealer or agent should go through a specific training coordinated by the company. This may be done by the DStv or directly by MultiChoice company itself. The purpose of the training is to guarantee their aptitude and ensure they have knowledge of their roles as agents of the company. Such training empowers these people to address the organization better with the picture of the how the satellite company operates.


At first, when intending to start up or establish any kind of business whether on a huge scope or limited scope, it requires a starting capital. A DStv dealer is required to have a specific measure of money to start up this business. The measure of capital he has will to an extremely huge degree decides the size of his business. Note that the higher the capital put into the business, the more prominent the capacity to grow and work for a bigger scope.


Another basic and important thing to look at before becoming a DSTV agent is that, you will be required to have a shop. Obviously, all the services you will give to your customers will not hold in an open space. Hence, the need for a shop or an office can’t be ruled out.


To become a DSTV dealer, it is pertinent that you have great relational relationship abilities. This will help you to relate with clients better and energize dependability from the clients. Though it might seem unimportant, but it will by and large affect your productivity in the business. The dressing, tidiness, and method of correspondence in taking care of your customers go far to project the picture and trustworthiness of your business.


Let’s take a look at the potential return on investments in the DStv dealer business.

The ROI in this business is a function of the time, location and the size of the business. However, becoming a DStv dealer can be monetarily compensating as it has a sound profit from the investment. At whatever degree of venture you might be, there is a gigantic capability of getting back your noteworthy profits.

The major reason behind the success of this business is as a result of the acknowledgment the DSTV brand in Nigeria. Working under the brand name alone is viewed as one thing that will uplift and give your business a good impression. Subsequently, there is a lesser probability for failure as the company likewise offers a continuous help and incentive to guarantee that you succeed in the business.


That’s it on the whole process of becoming a DStv dealer in Nigeria. Taking everything into account, DSTV has made satellite TV viewing easy to evaluate from the solace of your home and workplaces at any time. Credits is much given to MultiChoice company through its digital satellite television network.

With their digital and cutting edge satellite broadcast service, they has expanded their popularity throughout Africa. This is because of the workplaces opened across the continent with the help of its agents and dealers.

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