How To Become An Uber Driver in Nigeria (2024)

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Uber driving in Nigeria has become a reliable means of earning a living as a commercial driver. Over the years since its introduction in the country, a lot of people have delved into the business and are now making good amounts of money. The work is now seen as a better alternative to commercial road driving. One of the reasons is that Uber is secure and has good offers compared to others. If you are interested in knowing how to become an Uber driver in Nigeria, then continue reading this piece as we explain more.


To become a registered Uber driver in Nigeria, there are certain steps to follow. These steps are to ensure you pass the background check and get your account approved. Please note that this is not an easy ride just like other online opportunities. You have to work hard every day to make sure your car meets Uber standards, maintain a high rating and do good business as driver.


Uber drivers are required to possess some qualification which ensures the safety to use the roads. This includes the general requirements that will be needed for you to be enrolled into the driving platform. On a whole, you must meet these requirements before you will be accepted to join Uber and become a registered driver. This by and large qualifies you for the position in the driving company.

If you are fully set to become a Uber driver in Nigeria, here are those requirements you should meet:

  • Age Requirement: All intending drivers must be a minimum of 21 years old.
  • Driving License: Applicants for Uber driver jobs must have a valid driving license for Nigeria.
  • Completing the Safety Screening session: This is a training and screening session in which the applicant will be given to see his or her proficiency in driving. This is an important necessity for becoming a driver for the company. On the completion of the screening, when you pass the test, you will be given a short training video to watch. This will also help to train you further.


There is no point applying for an Uber driver without having an accepted car that you will use for the purpose. This can’t be ruled out as it is among one of the significant requirements to become an Uber driver in Nigeria. Moreover, the car should meet the requirements of the company. The driving company has set that any car that must be used for Uber services must meet the following requirements:

  • The condition of the car you will use must be sound physically and with no issues;
  • The classification of the car is as well important and it must be one which has four doors;
  • The car should have a working air conditioning system installed;
  • It is required of a car for Uber business to have a working radio;
  • Before the car will be allowed to use the road as an Uber vehicle, it must have insurance coverage.

That’s it on the important vehicle requirements for Uber driving. As you have now known these prerequisites for both Uber drivers and the vehicles that are accepted by Uber Nigeria, the next process should be to apply for Uber drivers.


Here is a step by step instructions on how to become a registered Uber driver in the country:


The first step is to sign up online after you have gotten all of the documents required for signing up. It’s now time to be enrolled in the driving company. Here you have to sign up through the Uber website. Just open your phone or PC and go to your web browser, enter this link and to get started: Follow the onscreen instructions to get yourself registered.


Subsequent to signing up and submitting the necessary requirements and documents, the next thing is to do the onboarding process. This is an important process for each and every person who wishes to become Uber drivers in Nigeria. Uber utilizes this process as a way to guarantee that the drivers are appropriately trained and up to the guidelines that the company needs to keep up with for their customers.

During this onboarding process, you should enroll on the Uber platform as a driver for the Uber services. You additionally need to upload the prepared documents. After these tests, there will be a couple of onboarding meetings which you have to be in attendance.


The next step to becoming an Uber driver is to wait for the background checks. The company will regularly take between three weeks to about a month to do the individual verifications.

During the background check process, you will have to undergo a Comprehensive Criminal Background Check (CCBC). All these checks will help verify whether you have a perfect driving record to be eligible to work for the driving company.


This is also part of the requirements for the process. Certainly, your car will be screened to meet the requirements set by the company. Just as Uber has different services which require various kinds of vehicles, they also need specific kinds of cars for the purpose. In this way, you should realize which service you are keen on before buying a car (in the event that you don’t have one yet).

A portion of these significant requirements were earlier stated in this article. Note that your vehicle will be ruled out if that it has significant issues or it had been accidented (was engaged with a significant mishap and must be fixed with parts from different vehicles or remade).


When done with the preceding processes, you will have an option to get an Uber cell phone which will have the Uber application installed on it. This is an important permit to get Uber passengers as it will also be used for tracking. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you wish to utilize your own smartphone, there is no problem with that.


Finally done! You now have all it takes to become an Uber driver. You don’t need to do anything else, but put your vehicle into the road and enjoy the ride. You should also know the company’s offices and terminals which you can stop by when need be.


The driving work is very profitable and all what you have accrued will be given to you at the end. While we have covered what it takes to become a registered Uber driver in Nigeria, most people would want to know how much do Uber drivers make weekly in Nigeria (Lagos & Abuja). This has also been dully covered in our previous article.

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