How Musicians & Upcoming Artists Make Money in Nigeria

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Have you ever wondered how Nigerian musicians make their money? Do you want to know how to make money as an upcoming artist in the country? This post answers it all. Musicians are among the few entertainers making lots of money and in the Nigerian music industry, only a few popular names have achieved this feat.

how nigerian musicians make money

It is no surprise that those popular artist who have become successful musicians made it in the industry. To really become a famous musician in Nigeria requires effort on your part and that’s why many upcoming artiste have failed in this regard. They didn’t understand and were not getting the right information.


What you should know is that Nigerian musicians make their money by various means, not only through making music alone. They either make it through their contract deals with their record label, via streaming platforms, through various shows and concerts, music royalties, endorsement deals from top brands and investments

Taking a look at how these performers bring in cash from their profession, it’s something to emulate from as an upcoming artiste in the music industry. This article provides information on how to make money as a musician in Nigeria, and explains what’s involved to become a successful music artist in Nigeria.


Just like most other professions in the entertainment industry, musicians has many ways which they bring in their cash. Read the following as we discover these ways.


Right in the 60s, CD sales has been the most common ways that a lot of musical artists make their money. At the point when there ways no vast means of monetizing the industry, this was the most dependable method of bringing in cash. Today, albeit the interest for sound CDs is on the lower side, it is as yet an incredible way that brings a lot of money for musicians in the country if you have a good marketer.


Another way Nigerian musicians earn money is through digital sales. The introduction of advanced technology has opened ways for the marketing of songs over the internet. Because of this medium, you would now be able to sing and transfer your songs onto the web.

Through this, a lot of people will get to either stream your tunes or they download it. In any of these case, your cash will actually gets back to you. Also, with the digital means, you can transfer your music and individuals will then download, add to their library, and also get to know much about your songs.


Being invited to performing on stage at a live event is yet another way by which musicians make money in Nigeria. Attending live shows has been perhaps the most ideal way of making a big measure of cash for most musical artistes. The price charged by popular artistes in these shows is not static and differs for every performer. It’s then up to musicians to have confidence that they would in any case bring in cash on the long run.

Definitely, going for live shows is a good avenue to sell your product as a musician. Some of the time, the best places to sell these songs is the point at which you go on visits, nevertheless attending live shows are as yet a decent choice to do such.


The good thing about being stable in the music industry is that if you have developed a fan base, you will now be open to sponsorship by top organizations and companies. They will support these musical artist so as to gain fame from their colossal fan base. Sponsorship can go from money, to free items, administrations, and stuff. These will augment to your earnings in the music industry.


Fees charged for appearance is also one of the ways to bring in money as a musician. Numerous Nigerian top musicians get paid to show up at occasions, red floor carpet and many more events. These appearances by the musical artist give the social event a demeanor of class, which will in turn bring in cash for the advertisers.


A lot of brands connect with musical artist to advertise their items by means of support deals. These arrangements get tremendous financing, contingent upon the popularity of the musician.


Selling of products is also another way of bringing in money as a musician. These products need not be only songs, it could be either actual merchandise (wristbands, polo and so on) or computerized items as PDFs, recordings, pictures, sheet music, live show tapes and so forth with their names or pictures on it.


Royalties is another way that generates money for musicians. These are expenses paid to artists at the point when their music is being played on radio and other media platforms. Sovereignties are additionally being paid for live shows and this is called Live Performance Royalty.

The richest musicians in Nigeria makes their monies in form of royalties when any of their popular songs are either sampled or interpolated by another musical artiste, when a movie tries to use their music, a fee or royalties is normally charged.


Licensing here is giving the permission for your music to be played in entertainment like filming. The producers of these films really pay some money to the musician before they can utilize their songs. The interest of the music is the thing that causes the expense to differ among different cases.


YouTube do give an amount of money to people whose songs are streamed by many. This cash is dependent on the number of viewers, and YouTube pays a segment of that publicizing cash to the rights holders of the tune.


You shouldn’t consider being a successful musician by only dropping a song. If you are willing to make it in this profession, it ought to be a dedicative approach. The truth is that, at the point where you’ve make waves in the music industry, people will hail you and you will be the focal point of consideration and you will have a ton of ‘fans’ perking you up.

Just like other careers and profession, the music industry needs consistency, dedication and quality. While you utilize the techniques referenced here to develop yourself and become seen in the industry, never be occupied but stay focused. Going high may be fast and same will be if you eventually fall from the top.

The above is how musicians and upcoming artists make money in Nigeria. From all what we has expressed above, we believe you now know what it takes to make it in the Nigerian music industry.

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