10 Best Places To Go On A Romantic Date In Lagos (2024)

Going on a date is not just going outing with mere friends, it’s meant to be something romantic and special between you and your girlfriend, spouse, wife, husband, etc. The main thing is to take the person to some dreamy but classy venue at the same time, a nice and presentable place.


There are so many nice places in Lagos one can go for a date not looking for a cheap place, remember “FIRST IMPRESSION MATTERS A LOT”. Therefore, you would not want to get stucked in local bars where there is too much noise and it would actually be filled with green bottles (BEER).

As someone going on a romantic date you are supposed to look for a conducive environment, a cool and good atmosphere, where business meetings can be done. You really don’t have to travel out to look for this kind of place, they are located here in Nigeria.

Here are 10 best places one can go for a date in Lagos.


Domino’s pizza is the best place to take that special person on a romantic date and you can find this place almost everywhere around Lagos.

Their way of making pizza is a bit unique combined with natural colors for beautification has made them so natural. They are located at the most corners of the cities in Lagos. It is a very nice spot for a date.


KFC is also a cool venue located in many places in Lagos. It’s a chill out spot for a date recommended to give you the best of their service.

They are very good at what they do. The chips and chicken are served with other delicacies which blend with the “RED” color which signifies love.


This is not really a place for shy people but for people who actually loves surprises. It’s a place blended with African delicacies. It will serve those who love traditional food.

It has a nice environment, conducive for anyone. It is located in Ikeja, just a short drive from the normal Maryland’s traffic. Its love for art has made it unique with the calm nature in its environment.


This lounge provides you with almost everything you need in it. It is the perfect spot with nice environment blending with entertainment drinks and foods.

It is designed to suit the taste of its customers of all class and it is located in Lekki.


For those that have always felt like impressing their dates of friends, Barceló is the place for you. It is crafted with nice designs, and also with assorted cocktails and grilled meats and chickens and it is also located at Ikeja.


The place is actually another perfect place to spend time with your romantic date. Its location is on the island along Lekki phase-1.

They tend know the minds of their customers by playing mild and cool music that might suit the perfect condition of the atmosphere.


This nice place goes with exactly its name, designed for comfort and all kinds of ice-creams for all type of people.


In this venue, you are greeted with all kinds of blended color mixture that answers to anyone’s doubt. It is located at the Ikoyi City Mall.


What a nice warm up place that is just like home for all romantic lovers to hangout with terrain and a wonderful lovely view of the water-shore, supported with glass.

They also offers standard foods, drinks and other customary satisfactions. It is at the coastal shore of Ikoyi.


Bheerhugz is another spot made for romantic events and it is located at the Ikeja city mall. It is practical designed to fit the taste of all its customers in terms of mouth-watering dishes like: Pork meat, goat meat, red hugz, fish and they also have varieties or assorted wines to blend with whatever you feel you might want there. It is really a nice place coated for both the loud and the gentle kinds.


Rufus and Bee is one of the fun places to visit on a romantic outing with your partner. There are various games arcade which is the major attraction for game players. The presence of a sports bar/restaurant where you can eat and watch football, and a bowling alley are just a few fun places within Rufus & Bee.

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