How To Start School Bus Shuttle Business in Nigeria (2024)

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School bus shuttle business is a good option to opt for in the transportation business sector. The venture is quite demanding, although a good number of schools have their own vehicles.  Interestingly, there are some schools that really need the services of school bus shuttle. If are contemplating on starting the business, definitely your question now will be how to begin this business. Here in this article, we have recorded down some basic and important tips that you should know while beginning a school transportation business in Nigeria.

school bus shuttle business


Just like other business, school bus shuttle business isn’t started without knowing the nitty-gritty of the whole venture. There are many things involved in getting started, but we will simply highlight here the significant steps in starting a school bus shuttle business anywhere in the country.


This remains the first step in every professional business and is often seen as the brain of any enterprise or venture. This is so because it will give the school bus business a direction and what to budget for. Like some other businesses, the starting of the school bus shuttle business need a legitimate marketable strategy. First you should know your audience and target, and this will be done by advertising your thought and finding the ideal clients. You can investigate the business sectors that can be drawn for the business. On the course of your business, it’s pertinent to continuously remember that your business should be client and purpose driven.

Another thing that should make up your business plan is your services – which should offer something else from what contenders are doing in the industry. Doing all of these will help you stand apart of the rest. On the whole, the most urgent part of your business is your clients, and they are the key for the success.


At the point when you think of starting this business, buying a bus is definitely what should come into your mind. School bus shuttle business require buying a vehicle that will perfectly fill in for the transportation of the students. You need to purchase a bus that will oblige the quantity of students, and it must be a comfy. Also, pick a vehicle that isn’t that huge or little rather pick a medium size, for you to take care of the students. In such case that you have a large number of passengers, it is difficult to oversee them with a small vehicle. This will lead to the decline of your revenue.

Moreover, you can include TV in your vehicle and it should show videos that are useful for the students.


Having said little on the category of vehicle to opt for, let’s explicate more on the whole selection of the school bus. At first, you need to choose the sort and size of the bus. Smaller than normal bus are more agreeable to work in rush hour gridlock, however in such case, the quantity of seats might be restricted.

On an added note, ensure to have belts, harnesses, safety lock, and airbags in the school bus. These are the important child safety features that you shouldn’t obviate from your vehicle.


You might think that you will require only a driver for this business, but that’s not the case anyways. Just as important your clients (the children) are, then the staffing is independent of the kids. Staff are the critical part of your business, because they will ensure the safety of the passengers. Select your optimal set up and give the staffs appealing advantages to hold them.

It’s likewise imperative to check the substantial driving permit of the drivers you are enlisting. These drivers need have certification and should attend a training before being admitted.


Not exclusively, you will need a permit to operate a school bus shuttle business. Acquiring the required licensing from your government’s business regulatory agency is one of the basic things that must be done before operating a school bus shuttle business in Nigeria. This might be pretty much as basic as paying for an overall permit to operate the business. Or on the other hand you might be needed to finish other required necessities as directed by body in charge. Be that as it may, other requirements will follow in the process.


Some other important requirements is depending on the region and area you are operating. Some states specify various requirements to work in their region. For security concerns, ensure to have a photo IDs of the children you are carrying.

Most importantly, you should evaluate your drivers for drugs and do a record verification for every one of them. This is very important as it will guarantee of the passengers he or she will be carrying.


One of the secondary things in starting a school bus shuttle business is to publicize your business. A few of the best mediums to do this is highlighted below:

  • Print Ads: Take out print promotions in local papers, magazines and industry-explicit exchange distributions.
  • Vehicle Advertising: Ensure the vehicle you use for your school bus shuttle business has a strong, clear presentation promoting your business, and should incorporate your contact information.
  • Internet: You can use the internet to get your business known. Having a site is important for this business, because it will help customers know your existence. Also, imprint your web address on the entirety of your promoting materials.


When you kick start your business and you at last have a customer to serve, you should keep the standards that you and the school have settled. Prior to using the bus, ensure to check the safety of the vehicle. Safety belts and other defensive cog wheels should be set in the vehicle for extra assurance on the students. Always note that the wellbeing of your passengers depends on you.


It’s definite that most schools own their school buses which are used in the transportation of their understudies and staff individuals the same. In spite of this, there are schools that normally contract school bus shuttle services to do the same work for them. This means that starting this business will not be unproductive as some may think.

In the event that you are looking towards starting a school bus transportation business, it’s very important to know what’s involved in starting the business. Interestingly, the vast majority of what you need to do to begin with this sort of business has been covered in this write-up.

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