How to Remove Tribal Marks and Scars in Nigeria

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Do you want to get rid of that odd looking tribal mark from your face? Honestly, prospective employers may be put off by tribal markings or unsightly scars, particularly on the face. In particular, if you’re looking for work in the media, having such might be a let off. This article shows you how you can get rid of those unsightly scars or marks. The effectiveness of this therapy has been demonstrated by numerous users of this technique. It’s not one of those ineffective fixes you’ve tried previously and seen around.

tribal marks in Nigeria

Typically, preparing the solution won’t cost you more money. In this article, I also discuss where and how to find a dermatologist who can help you get rid of your tribal markings if these DIY approaches are unsuccessful. Read this article now to start your road to the breathtaking attractiveness you’ve been seeking so long.

The idea that tribal marks symbolize African culture and beliefs has been around for a while. You may sometimes recognize a person’s tribe when they have tribal markings on them. Tribal emblems serve in introducing its wearers. Among the traditional traits that have recently generated controversy are tribal marks. They are a remnant of a long-gone era, on the one hand. On the contrary side, this is mistreating children. It is evident that more people are eager to discover how to get rid of tribal markings.

Tribal marks are still very much considered vogue, though. Because some people come to loathe their faces and whatever has been drawn on them, it is more akin to deformity. Tribal marks used to be difficult to remove or wash away.


But today, there are several ways to get rid of the tribal mark you don’t like. In terms of difficulty, expense, and timing, there are different tribal mark removal techniques and strategies. You have the option to experiment with natural ingredients, masks, and makeup in addition to tribal mark removal cream. If they are unsuccessful, surgery will probably be needed. But let’s first consider how to get rid of tribal markings.


If someone is interested in knowing how to get rid of tribal marks at home, there are many recipes available. Don’t worry about the pricy procedures. Instead, buy some plants and fragrances.

The eradication of any scars from the body or face is aided with scar remover. This may also help to remove tribal marks from the face or any other area of the body, provided the marks are not too deep or thick. The best option for mark eradication is this procedure because it is cheap and painless. Apply regulars as directed, then watch the scar or mark disappear.

The steps listed below will help you make scar remover at home:

  • Add refined sunflower oil on top of the chickweed in a 0.5 liter container. Let it stay two weeks in the refrigerator. Use it to compress things.
  • Combine equal parts of the scent oils of rosemary, mint, rosewood, lavender, tea olive, fennel, and crane’s-bill.
  • Apply on tribal markings each day. Camomile, milfoil, and dried nettle, in equal portions
  • Before sifting, add a glass of hot water and leave the container alone for an hour. Utilize by compressing.
  • Mix one tablespoon of cream with one spoonful of oats. Juice from a few lemon drops added; stir thoroughly one more.
  • After 15 minutes of application, rinse.


One of the blessings of life for humans is baking soda because it can be used for almost anything. Use baking soda to brighten your underarms and babbling soda to whiten your teeth! The markings will disappear after some baking soda cleaning. It works fairly well on the body as a whole as well as scars. The magic of baking soda is immense.


Vitamin E oil or pills are among the most popular natural scar and stretch mark remedies. It encourages collagen formation, which improves the strength, flexibility, and texture of the skin.

Direct application of goods containing vitamin E capsules is possible. Repeat it twice day after allowing it to dry for a short while. Increase your intake of vitamin E-rich foods like almonds, hazelnuts, olive oil, and sunflower seeds for the best results.


One of the best natural treatments for removing scabs and stretch marks is aloe vera gel. Give the gel time to dry and soak into the affected area of skin. If you don’t wash the gel off, your skin will absorb it completely. Repeat three times daily, or as necessary, to hasten the healing of your scar.


In addition to diminishing scars, cucumbers hydrate and nourish the injured area. To make the paste, peel and remove the cucumber seeds. Add some mint leaves and blend. Beat the egg white separately, then incorporate it into the mixture. Apply the at-home remedy to the scar, wait 20 minutes, and then rinse with cool water. Apply each day as necessary.


Another useful remedy at home is waxing or beer poison. It serves as an activator for regenerators. Additionally, apitoxin, one of its constituents, softens the markings and lessens their visibility.


The only remaining method for erasing tribal marks is laser treatment. It is quite efficient and will definitely get rid of deep, thick tribal marks that seem impossible to get rid of. Laser therapy may feel unpleasant at first, but it effectively erases the marks and promotes skin healing.


Some tribes in Nigeria use tribal marks more frequently than others. In Nigeria, Yoruba people are most frequently affected with tribal marks. Scars are another term for tribal marks. The majority of lotions for removing tribal marks and scars are available over the counter. Tribal mark removal lotions are available in Lagos and other cities around the country.

Keep in mind that you should only heal small scars and tribal marks by yourself. You should see a dermatologist for more severe scar issues. Additionally, it is suggested that you perform a test application of any of these cures on a small, concealed area of skin and observe the results before using them.

You are aware of the various methods for getting rid of tribal markings. If you use one or more of the techniques outlined in this blog article, that mark will be removed completely within a few months. Post your comments or opinions in the space provided below. Do not be reluctant to share these cures with others if they have worked flawlessly for you.

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