Guide To Buy Used Cars in Nigeria For Cheap (2024)

With the increase of the naira against the dollar, buying a brand new car in Nigeria can be really expensive. People now resort to buy used cars a.k.a tokunbo cars. Although these used cars in Nigeria are cheaper than brand new cars, they still pose a great disadvantage to the buyer of such cheap cars.

buy used cars in Nigeria

One of such disadvantage of buying a fairly used car in Nigeria is that, it might have been stolen. And since not all are car experts, we recommend that you surf the internet on the characteristics of such cars, the model, mileage, durability of the car.

You might as well want to take a friend or a mechanic along with you so as to help access the used vehicle. Also request for the documents of such vehicle, and verify it before you purchase the car.

Things To Check When Buying Used Vehicles in Nigeria

To buy a used car in Nigeria, below are things to check:

  1. Check the Vehicle Identification Number to know the history of the vehicle and whether it is a stolen vehicle.
  2. Ask the seller permission to test run the vehicle at least for two days before you make payment.
  3. Make sure the papers of the vehicle are all original, intact and complete. Verify such documents (see below) before you transact.
  4. Ask the seller his or her reasons for selling the car.
  5. A thorough inspection of the used vehicle, the bonnet, engine, fender, bumper, tyres, paint and scratches on the vehicle. This is to ensure that the vehicle is in perfect condition before it is purchased.
  6. When inspecting the engine and fuel tank, check underneath the vehicle for leakages.
  7. We suggest the use of cheque rather than cash in making payment. If cheque is not available, you can wire the money through electronic transfer.
  8. Transact such dealings in a public open place with one or two witnesses present.

If all these requirements are not met, do not buy the used car as it might backfire later in the future. Contact a car dealer and make enquiries about the used car before you purchase it.

Important Documents Needed When Buying Used Car

We don’t want you to buy an undocumented vehicle that could land you in trouble with the police for purchasing a stolen or smuggled car into the country. Here are 8 vital documents you should ask for when buying a Nigerian used car:

#1. The custom documents which must be fully stamped. Please make sure you check if all information corresponds like the name and car model. Make sure the vehicle documents are clear and not folded.

#2. The original copy of Computerized Motor Registration (CMR).

#3. Original copy of current insurance.

#4. Original Vehicle licence copy.

#5. Original copy of road worthiness certificate.

#6. The original copy of plate number allocation.

#7. Fully stamped original proof of ownership.

#8. Two printed and signed documents of change of ownership and the receipt of purchase from previous owner

If the car is tinted, then you would need to colect the tinted permit document including the police report of change of ownership/plate number/engine number/ chassis number (VIN). All these are very important because FRSC and the police can check such when you are driving.

Top Sites To Buy Used Cars in Nigeria

When you Google where to buy cheap cars in Nigeria, you would be confused at the arrays of sites that would pop up your computer screen as sites that claim to sell used cheap cars or even new cars online in Nigeria. Well, this post will help clear that confusion as we would be listing top car dealers, their websites and trusted sites to buy cheap tokunbo cars for sale in Nigeria.

Its necessary to note that you should strive to buy a quality car that is affordable, easy to maintain and whose spare parts are not expensive in Nigeria. Before we delve into where to buy affordable cars online in Nigeria which I know would be budget friendly, I would love you to read this article on HOW TO BUY A USED CAR IN NIGERIA above, where I explained at length, things to check when buying a used car in Nigeria. Things like Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Car documents and the likes.

Trusted Sites to buy new or used cars for sale in Nigeria

The internet is one sure place to get sites to buy new or used (tokunbo) cars in Nigeria. Below are the trusted sites to find them

1. Olx Nigeria

Olx Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s top classified ads site or free advertisement site. Used cars for sale in Nigeria olx and new cars are often advertised on their platform for free. So, if you stumble on new and used cars for sale on OLX Nigeria, note that they can be trusted.

Below is a link of the cars on OXL Nigeria, currently and their prices:
Fairly used cars for sale in Nigeria Olx and their prices

2. Cheki NG

Cheki is one of the most trusted Nigeria car website. Do you know you can buy a used car from and at the same time sell on cheki? You can get new and fairly used cars with prices on here

3. Nairaland Forum

Nairaland is a top online forum in Nigeria. At Nairaland’s autos section, car sellers advertise their fairly used cars in Nigeria and cheap cars from Cotonou are mostly advertised there. So, if you want to buy a new, second hand or tokunbo car online in Nigeria and their prices, visit Nairaland auto section below;

Other legit sites to buy used cars online are:


You can get prices of new and fairly used cars on sellyourcar here


You can also get information on used cars on national newspapers, their sites e.t.c.

What You Should Note When Buying a Fairly Used Car in  Nigeria

If you want to buy used cars, it is advisable that you buy from a seller you can reach at anytime.

Inspect the Vehicle and make sure the papers are complete

Do not pay for a car you have not seen physically (pictures should not be accepted)

Avoid supplying your bank detail to anybody as they can link your account to fraudulent practice.

Its best to go with a mechanic, friend or car operator who will access the car

Finally, when you want to buy a car online, beware of fraudsters, they use such means to dupe people of their hard earned money.

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