Top 10 Best Online Payment Gateways in Nigeria (2024)

Due to the emergence of online transactions in Nigeria, the normal way of sending money or making payments via a bank teller has reduced greatly. With new payment gateway companies used to send and receive payments online in Nigeria springing up, online transaction on the web store has become more faster, convenient and even secure.

online payment gateways in Nigeria

While there are many online payment gateway companies in Nigeria for small businesses and ecommerce, we have limited our focus to the top 10 best online payment gateways to accept local and international payments for an ecommerce website based in Nigeria in this write-up.


Below are the best 10 payment gateway solutions for online transactions, ecommerce websites and small businesses in Nigeria today.


This payment service has been rated as Africa’s best online payment gateway company that allows merchants receive their monies easily, make both local and international transactions via their bank cards.

Interswitch webpay or webpay direct are just two of the company’s digital services and various banks in Nigeria use Interswitch verve debit card since they are one of the most reliable payment gateway for small businesses in Nigeria.


This popular payment gateway company allows merchants to accept credit and debit card payments easily from customers online. The ease by which Paystack merchants send monies directly to their bank accounts from their Paystack wallet shows how reliable this company is.

Aside this, merchants are allowed to run campaigns online to boost sales for their products and services easily with various subcriptions. The charge on local cards using Paystack payment gateway is 1.5% interest plus N100, while international cards receive 3.9% plus N100. To make transactions easy on their users, Paystack waived the N100 charge for transactions done that are lower than N2,500.


GTPay is the most secure online payment gateway for ecommerce websites in Nigeria. This is owned by GTBank, one of the best banks in the country and offers a unique solution to Nigerians. With GTPay, the transacted amount is easily debited and the merchants account is credited.

GTPay also accepts international and local cards ranging from Verve, Visa, MasterCards and they are always available 24 hours every day. It will cost you N75,000 to set up GTPay service on your ecommerce or small business. For local users of MasterCard, Visa card, a charge of 1.5% is taken on any transaction amount while 3% is charged on international transactions. There is also a monthly charge of N5,000.


With Flutterwave, website owners can easily accept credit/debit card payments from customers in countries where Mastercard, Visa and Verve cards are valid. This payment gateway company has made it simpler for banks to process transactions seamlessly, especially in local currencies.

By inculcating the Rave service on their platform, doing online transactions in any country becomes very easy and hitch-free. Unlike GTPay, Flutterwave charges 1.4% as processing fee fro MasterCard holders but charge as high as 3.5% as processing fee for international payments


eTranzact is another best electronic payment and transaction gateway company in Nigeria. Thier easy to use platform ensures that merchants and customers carry out their online transactions securely and smoothly.

The company has presence in African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe and even some European countries. They accept all kinds of cards (Visa and MasterCard) issued by Nigerian banks and all e-payment types, from POS, internet, ATM, etc.


If you are a merchant and are looking for a cheap but yet reliable payment option, SimplePay should be where you should pitch your tent. SimplePay was created to aid small business owners who cannot afford the more expensive online payment options.

To setup SimplePay, all you need is a bank account and a valid email address. The setup fee for SimplePay is N300, for local payments on Verve or Naira Mastercard, 1.5% of the amount is deducted as charge. The same applies to eTranzact and Visa cards.


You don’t need a setup fee to own an account with voguepay. If you own a website, you can easily receive payments for goods and services in all kinds of currencies and denominations. Their services range from internet banking to mobile payment, wallet transfer, Bitcoin payment, etc. One unique feature about VoguePay is their global coverage, as youu can make online payments and receive money from anyone even if they don’t have an account with VoguePay.


CashEnvoy are among the leading payment services in Nigeria that ensures business owners receive their payment online in a secured manner. With their wallet, you can easily carry out your transactions using all kinds of ATM cards acceptable in Nigeria.

CashEnvoy offers more dynamism in sending money without exposing your financial status and information. Respecting customers privacy is this payment company watchword and CashEnvoy registration is free of charge.


From any part of the world, you can use GlobalPay as your trusted payment gateway to receive payments as a merchant from any part of the world. This company offer real time analytics and tracking of mobile payments done by mobile phones. They also accept all types of debit or Naira cards. GlobayPay is a brain child of Zenith Bank Nigeria.

To setup GlobalPay on your website, it would cost you N75,000 while the transaction fee is 1.5% on all transaction done. There is also a monthly access fee of N5,000 and foreign settlement charge of $50 on every settlement.


With FirstPay Link, merchants are able to make internet payments on ecommerce websites. Cards such as Interswitch, Visa, Verve and Mastercard can be used on their platform. This service is powered by First Bank Nigeria and has a setup fee of N50,000 which is to be paid by the merchant.

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