Official Salary Structures in Nigeria: Full List (Latest)

This post highlights the various salary structures in Nigeria in 2024


Two people at the same level working in different government agencies will receive different salary. What is this cause of this? The salary structure!

The Nigerian services is divided into units and each unit has it own salary structure. That’s why even in the university, the salary structure of academic staff in Nigeria is different from that of the non-academic staff.

Theach various scales is been taken care of by the National Salaries Incomes and Wages Commission (NSIWC).

This Commission was established in 1993 to among other things, determine a realistic compensation system in the Nigerian economy. One of their functions is to take care of annual reviews of wages and salaries in the Public Service.

This means that the salary structures are subject to change from time to time, depending on some factors. Let take a look at the full list of various salary structures in Nigeria today.


This stands for Consolidated Top Federal Public Office Holders Salary Structure (CONTOPSAL). This salary structure is for top government officials from either the federal level or the state level are placed. This was developed in 2007 and it is still used up to this day.


This stands for Consolidated Judicial Salary Structure. It is the salary structure where all judicial employees under the Federal Government are placed.


Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS) was designed to cater for all medical staffs directly under the employment of the Federal Government of Nigeria. This means that all medical staffs in Federal Government owned medical facilities are placed under this structure.


CONHESS (Consolidated Health Salary Structure) was adopted for use as salary structure for various health workers like nurses, medical laboratories workers, pharmacists and the likes, who are working under the employment of the federal government in any federal government owned health institutions.


CONRAISS is an acronym for Consolidated Research and Allied Institutions Salary Structure. This was formally adopted in 2010. This salary structure in Nigeria is the one staff of all training, research and allied institutions by the federal government are placed. These institutions include all federal government training and research institutions.


While CONTISS II is meant for non-academic staff members in Federal Government owned universities, CONUASS is meant for the academic staff members. CONUASS is an acronym for Consolidated University Academic Structure and it was adopted in 2010.


CONTISS II is the acronym for Consolidated Tertiary Institutions Salary Structure II. This is the salary structure that all non-academic staff members of Federal universities are placed. The first one (CONTISS I) was formulated in 2007. However, it was abandoned and CONTISS II was adapted in 2009. This one is the one in use today.


CONPASS is the short form of Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure. As the name implies, this salary scale determines how much money is made as payments for officers of Nigeria’s Paramilitary security agencies. The Nigerian Police, Civil Defence Corps, Immigrations etc, are all under this salary scale.


CONAFSS full meaning is Consolidated Armed Forces Salary Structure. Adopted in 2007, this type of salary structure in Nigeria confirms how much Nigeria’s military personnel are paid on a month basis. This applies to officers of the Nigerian Army, Navy and Air force.

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