FG’s N25k Monthly Cash Transfer 2024: Eligibility Criteria & How To Get It

15 million vulnerable households in Nigeria will now receive financial support as the government of Nigeria has announced the return of its conditional cash transfer programme.

The goal of this project is to lessen the financial hardship that many Nigerians are experiencing in the face of growing food and housing prices.

FG's N25k Monthly Cash Transfer 2024


To be eligible for the programme, you must be aware of the following:

  • Needs assessment: the country’s poorest and most vulnerable households are the program’s target population. To determine whether households are eligible, the government uses the National Social Register’s (NSR) current data.
  • Fundamental requirements: People need to have both a Biometric Verification Number (BVN) and a National Identity Number (NIN) in order to be eligible for the N25,000 monthly transfer. Access to a mobile phone is also required for possible transactions and communication.


Regretfully, this programme does not accept direct applicants.

The NSR’s pre-existing data is used to pick beneficiaries.

In order to identify vulnerable populations, this data is gathered through a variety of government surveys and community involvement initiatives.


Although direct applications are not feasible, you can still conduct the following actions:

  • Verify the registration for your NSR: To find out if you are registered in the NSR, go to the National Social Safety Nets Coordinating Office (NASSCO) website (https://nassp.gov.ng) or get in touch with the local government representatives.
  • Stay informed: Watch official government platforms for announcements and updates about the programme, such as the NASSCO website and its social media accounts.
  • Report inconsistencies: If you think you meet the requirements but are not registered in the NSR, use the channels set out by NASSCO or your local government to report the matter to the relevant authorities.


Programme modifications are possible depending on government decision-making and available funding.
The N25,000 transfer may be given out over a predetermined length of time in installments.

Accountability and transparency are essential components of the programme. Report any suspected financial mismanagement or irregularities to the appropriate authorities.

Of course! Building on the preceding article, here is more information about the FG’s N25k Monthly Cash Transfer:


Beneficiaries of this cash transfer programmes gain direct control over meeting their most pressing needs, such as food, healthcare, education, or launching small companies.

This financial infusion into underprivileged areas has a snowball effect, enhancing nearby companies and advancing general economic activity.

By focusing on the most vulnerable—those without safety nets or other support systems—it helps lessen extreme poverty and the negative societal effects that come with it.

These projects improve upon execution issues and incorporate lessons acquired from previous social investment programmes.

Previous iterations have yielded positive results, such as beneficiaries utilising the funding for small company startup, school enrollment, healthcare access, and improved nutrition.

Cash transfers lessen the likelihood that disadvantaged households would sink further into poverty by acting as a financial cushion to assist them with emergencies like crop failures or unforeseen bills.

But stopping fraud is essential.

To guarantee that funds reach the appropriate recipients, stringent verification processes utilising bank verification numbers and national identification are necessary.

Strong monitoring mechanisms must be in place inside the government. Innovative strategies are needed to reach isolated populations, such as mobile banking and collaborations with neighbourhood organisations.

For an influence to survive, continuous execution and long-term financing are necessary.

How thus can you promote this programme?

You may help non-governmental organisations that assist marginalised communities by amplifying their voices and advocating for successful implementation.

Speak with elected authorities about your support and the positive impact it could have on people’s lives. Increase awareness in your town to aid those who qualify in comprehending the procedure and advantages.

Recall that it is vital to remain updated on the program’s advancements. For reliable information, rely on credible news sources, civil society organisations, and official government channels.

Important Note: It’s critical to follow the program’s advancements via credible news sources, civil society organisations, and official government channels.


For financially needy Nigerians, the FG’s N25,000 monthly cash transfer programme provides a much-needed safety net.

Although direct applications are not accepted, you can make sure you are included in this important programme by being aware of the qualifying requirements and taking proactive measures to confirm your NSR registration.

Remember that for a programme to be implemented smoothly and successfully, you must remain informed and report any inconsistencies.

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