How To Call Ghana From Nigeria (Area Code For Dialing)

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Calling Ghana from Nigeria is not a big deal, so far as you have the right dialing/area code for this country. If you really want to put a call to someone anywhere in this west African country, then this article will be very helpful. As we all know, putting a call to a foreign country irrespective of the distance, differs from local calling formats. This infers that on the international call, you should enter the prefix dialing codes accurately before the call will go through to the destination. Just as different countries has their respective dialing code format, Ghana isn’t an exception. In this article, let’s look at how to call the Ghana from Nigeria.

calling ghana from Nigeria

Moreover, note that the dialing code format is dependent upon the area code of the objective locale. This article will provide what country code to add when calling a number in Ghana from Nigeria. But first, how about we take a peek at this West African country? Here we will know some information about the country.

Ghana is a country situated in West Africa. The country is quite close to Nigeria and they are both in the same region. Ghana is the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence, and since then they have been the first rated in terms of democracy in the continent. The name Ghana means ‘warrior king’ and the country was formerly known as ‘Gold Coast’. There are commercial quantities of gold and other mineral resources in the West African country.


If probably you want to connect a call with someone in Ghana, that should be very simple. All you need is to have the right dialing format for the international call to the West African country. Nigerian Infopedia will highlight these dialing format to enable you call a Ghana number from Nigeria. You will also discover information on the best approach to make an international call from Nigeria to Ghana’s fixed line number or mobile number.


In case you want to put a straight call to a number in Ghana, then, at that point you should first know about the destination area code and dialing format. This implies that if you would want to put an international call to Ghana from Nigeria, you will required to follow the international dialing format.

Try not to get freaky as we will list out all those info below. Note that the dialing format is same for calling Ghana mobile or land line from Nigeria. So all you should remember is getting the figures right and put your call right away.

Here is how to get it done:

  • To call a Ghana land phone number from Nigeria, dial: 009 – 233 – Area Code – Land Phone Number
  • Likewise, to call a Ghanaian mobile number from Nigeria, dial: 009 – 233 – 9 Digit Mobile Number

That is the setting you should utilize when putting a call to Ghana land phone number or mobile number. Simply follow the dialing format as we have shown above at whatever point you need to call Ghana from Nigeria.

Note: When using those dialing formats, ensure not to miss any number in light of the fact that a single digit signifies a specific function. Here is the thing that those formats mean:

  • 009 – That’s the exit code for Nigeria, and is required for making any international call from Nigeria
  • 233 – This is the ISD Code or Country Code of Ghana
  • Area code – Ghana has around 57 area codes which are special with various digits. In case there is a region code you need to call, just dial the area code of the place in Ghana you are calling subsequent to dialing ISD Code. However, if there is no area code simply dial the Recipient’s Telephone Number after ISD Code.


In the event that you would need to call a Ghana portable number from Nigeria, here is the pattern by which you call a foreign number in Ghana:

  • 009 + 233 + 6? ??? ????
  • 009 + 233 + 7? ??? ????
  • 009 + 233 + 8? ??? ????

Those arrangements ought to be followed when calling a specific area in Ghana from Nigeria. Those spaces with question mark will be replaced with the mobile number you intend on calling.


The International Standard Dialing code or Country code of Ghana is 233.


Area Codes are very important in international calls due to the fact that they direct the call depending on the region of the receiver. Ghana has around 57 area codes which are distinguishing from others. You need to know their Area Codes for the specific call you need to make from Nigeria.

To keep you refreshed with which one to use, here are Ghana area codes to use:

  1. Kumasi – 033 30
  2. Swedru – 033 20
  3. Winneba – 033 23
  4. Akuapim Mampong – 034 27
  5. Aburi – 034 28
  6. Accra – 030 2
  7. Ada – 030 35
  8. Buipe – 037 22
  9. Yendi – 037 24
  10. Enchi – 031 26

These prefixes should be put before adding the destination mobile phone number. While calling inside Ghana, the number should be dialed alongside area code as it is.


To keep away from inconvenient calls at the wrong moment, know about the time distinction between Ghana and Nigeria. This will overall aid you with putting your calls to the West African country.

The current time in Ghana will be 06:11 PM 00:00, when the current time in Nigeria is 07:11 PM +01:00. Nigeria time is one hour behind the Ghana time. The West African country is situated in the Greenwich meridian and they uses the British Standard Time, 00 GMT.


According to Nigerian Infopedia findings, the cheapest network to call any Ghana number from Nigeria is MTN, followed by GLO network. They both have the cheapest call rate to call Ghana numbers.


That is the size of this article on how to call Ghana from Nigeria by Nigerian Infopedia. We believe you now have the idea of Ghana dialing format and their area codes. All of these are used to make an international call from Nigeria to the West African country.

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