Federal Fire Service Ranks and Salaries (2024)

A lot of people have always been asking ‘what are the ranks and salary structures in the Federal Fire Service of Nigeria currently?’

Are you one of those aspiring to apply for jobs with the Federal Fire Service?

If that’s the case, I think you will have a widespread interest in knowing the ranks within the Service and the corresponding salary scales.

Federal fire service salary

In 2024, the Federal Fire Service operates a well-defined rank and pay structure to reward and compensate firefighters based on seniority, qualifications, and work hazards.

The lowest rank is General Recruits which is an entry-level operational role. The highest rank is Controller-General who leads and manages the whole Service.

This article provides the current details on all the designated ranks in Nigeria’s Federal Fire Service along with the monthly and annual remuneration approved for 2024 fiscal year.

Knowing these ranks and compensation categories will help you to know what to expect from the Service.


This section of the article will provide an overview of the various ranks in the Federal Fire Service and the corresponding salary scales as of this current year.

Rank Salary
Chief Inspectors ₦1,405,497
Deputy Chief Inspectors ₦1,225,237
Assistant Chief Inspectors ₦1,152,037
Principal Marshal Inspectors ₦943,537
Senior Marshal Inspectors ₦758,417
Marshal Inspectors Grade I ₦350,847
Marshal Inspectors Grade II ₦280,387
Marshal Inspectors Grade III ₦230,447
Chief Fire Marshal Assistants ₦200,767
Deputy Fire Marshal Assistants ₦180,047
Senior Fire Marshal Assistants ₦120,427
Fire Marshal Assistants Grade I ₦100,587
Fire Marshal Assistants Grade II ₦85,747
Fire Marshal Assistants Grade III ₦70,577


The highest rank in the Federal Fire Service is Chief Inspector. These are the top tier executive leaders that head various divisions and departments at national headquarters and zonal commands. To reach this rank, an officer would typically have served for over 25 years rising through the successive grades.

With such a high level of responsibility, Chief Inspectors receive attractive remuneration packages. As of 2024, the basic monthly salary scale for Federal Fire Service Chief Inspectors is ₦1,405,497. This value represents one of the highest pay orders among paramilitary services in Nigeria. In addition to this, there are regular bonus payments, allowances and other fringe benefits attached to this premier rank.


Next in the senior officer cadre are the Deputy Chief Inspectors of the Federal Fire Service. Officers here serve as second-in-command to Chief Inspectors overseeing large zones, divisions or specialised departments.

To become a Deputy Chief Inspector, an officer would have gradually progressed in rank usually over a 20-year period on the job.

The salary scale of Fire Service Deputy Chief Inspectors as of 2024 fiscal year is ₦1,225,237 monthly. This pay package goes with additional allowances and bonuses similar to what the higher Chief Inspectors enjoy.


This rank denotes those occupying third-in-command posts as heads of departments, zonal formations or critical fire-fighting infrastructure. Assistant Chief Inspectors coordinate a range of specialised duties including training, research, national operations among others.

Based on the approved wages structure, Assistant Chief Inspectors of the Federal Fire Service earn ₦1,152,037 monthly in 2024.


Principal Marshal Inspectors hold vital lower-cadre leadership positions supervising a departmental section, unit, zonal branch or contingent of fire-fighting personnel.

With effect from 2024 fiscal year, the basic salary for Principal Marshal Inspectors of the Federal Fire Service currently stands at ₦943,537 per month. There is provision for regular bonuses and special duty allowances.


The next lower rank is Senior Marshal Inspector – a vital mid-level officer grade.

To be commissioned as a Senior Marshal Inspector, an officer would typically have served for at least 12 years rising through the successive junior officer ranks.

As of current fiscal year 2024, Federal Fire Service pays Senior Marshal Inspectors a monthly salary of ₦758,417.


Marshal Inspectors Grade I represent the most senior role in the lower officer corps tasked mainly with supervising small units and fire-fighting crews.

In the approved wage bill for 2024 fiscal year, the Federal Fire Service pays monthly basic salary of ₦350,847 to officers ranked as Marshal Inspectors Grade I.


The next step is Marshal Inspectors Grade II – also categorised as lower officer corps tasked with supervising small fire stations and emergency response crews.

To attain this rank, officers would serve successfully for about 5 years in the Service.

According to current wages structure, the Federal Fire Service pays ₦280,387 monthly basic salary for its Marshal Inspectors Grade II.


The entry level rank for commissioning lower officer grades is Marshal Inspector III. Direct secondary school leavers and tertiary institution graduates are eligible for consideration to this basic officer grade after completing mandatory disciplinary training.

Based on current public sector salary scales, Federal Fire Service pays new Marshal Inspectors Grade III a monthly wage of ₦230,447 effective from 2024 fiscal year.


This principal superintendent rank represents the apex of Federal Fire Service junior officer grades.

The current salary scale approves a monthly wage bill of ₦200,767 for Federal Fire Service Chief Fire Marshal Assistants effective from 2024 fiscal year.


Next in the junior officer ladder is the rank of Deputy Fire Marshal Assistant – responsible mainly for assisting senior colleagues manage personnel and resources.

Federal Fire Service pays Deputy Fire Marshal Assistants a monthly salary of ₦180,047 effective from current 2024 fiscal year.


According to public sector salary benchmarks from 2024 fiscal year, the Federal Fire Service pays monthly wages of ₦120,427 to its Senior Fire Marshal Assistants. Additional benefits provided for include overtime bonuses, risk allowances and special duty tour benefits.


The entry-level commissioned officer grade in Federal Fire Service is Fire Marshal Assistant I.

Candidates qualifying for this basic officer role would have finished NYSC or a related affiliate programme alongside passing entry job exams.

In accordance to current national wages structure, Federal Fire Service pays new Fire Marshal Assistants Grade I a monthly salary of ₦100,587 effective 2024 fiscal year.


Direct secondary school certificate (SSCE) holders can qualify for enlistment into the entry-level rank of Fire Marshal Assistants Grade II.

As per the national salary structure effective 2024 fiscal year, the Federal Fire Service pays new Fire Marshal Assistants Grade II a monthly wage of ₦85,747.


At the base of the junior officer grades is Fire Marshal Assistant III – the key recruitment entry point for personnel with minimal qualifications.

The basic monthly salary for Fire Marshal Assistants Grade III across Federal Fire Service formations currently stands at ₦70,577 based on national wage benchmarks from 2024 fiscal year.


When candidates applying to the Federal Fire Service pass initial screening and entrance examinations, they undergo a 6-week basic recruit training.  Successful candidates get enlisted into the service as General Recruits.

Based on 2024 national salary scales, newly enlisted General Recruits earn an entry monthly wage bill of ₦49,189 in the Federal Fire Service.


In summary, Nigeria’s Federal Fire Service has a robust rank and salary structure for its staff similar to other federal government agencies.

The FRSC, NPF, DSS and most paramilitary agencies have an almost identical ranking system as the Fire Service.

FFS salaries range from about ₦50,000 for fresh recruits to over ₦1,500,000 monthly for senior officers.

I believe you now understand how the Federal Fire Service ranks and salary structure looks like. This will give you an idea if you intend to work with them.

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