10 Most Expensive Cities in Nigeria to Live in (Cost of Living 2024)

Last updated on January 24th, 2024 at 06:32 pm

There are beautiful states in Nigeria that contains developed cities and this developed cities in Nigeria houses expensive hotels, tourists attractions e.t.c. One advantage of such places is that businesses thrive in such areas. A disadvantage of these developed Nigerian cities is that the standard and cost of living is high, making these cities in Nigeria expensive to live in.

most expensive states to live in

Nigeria as we know is a federation with 36 states and capital. Not all these Nigerian states are equal in terms of size, wealth and resources. In this article, we shall list these rich states in Nigeria that has the most expensive Nigerian cities to live in



Abuja tops the list of expensive cities to live in Nigeria because it is the official capital of Nigeria. Most of head offices of government establishments, Hotels, e.t.c are found in Abuja. The standard of living in Abuja is so high that it is rated as the second most expensive city in Africa. No wonder Abuja is the most expensive city in the country.


Lagos was once the capital of Nigeria in the past. Lagos is the largest commercial hub in Nigeria, with an ever growing population of 20 million people. Lagos is seen as the largest metropolitan area in Africa, and the second fastest growing city in Africa. Although, Lagos is the second most expensive city in Nigeria, with time it might topple Abuja because of its rapid development.


Port Harcourt is located in the southern part of Nigeria and it is the capital of Rivers State. Port Harcourt is the richest Nigerian state with the highest GDP and the Oil base of the country. ALSO READ: TOP 10 NIGERIAN CITIES WITH HIGH COST OF LIVING (2024)


You might be asking yourself whether Warri is one of the most expensive places to live in Nigeria? Well, I would say yes because our research showed that Warri was one of the first cities of civilization in Nigeria and also an oil producing state in Nigeria. Majority of international and local oil companies operating in Nigeria have their head-offices in Warri.


Kaduna has a large market and the industrial centre of Northern Nigeria. Popularly known for the manufacturing of textiles, steel and petroleum products e.t.c. It is located in the North western part of Nigeria. It is the fifth most expensive city in Nigeria to live in.


Asaba is the capital of Delta state and the 6th most expensive city to live in Nigeria. With an airport and being an oil state among other industrial layouts, the cost of living in Asaba is high


Owerri is the capital of Imo state. Owerri is known to have many hotels and also is a place where business thrives in the south eastern part of Nigeria. Oil was recently discovered in Imo state. The cost of living in Owerri city is very expensive but not compared to that of Lagos or Abuja.


Calabar is ranked the 8th most expensive city in Nigeria and is the capital of Cross River state with a lot of tourist attractions. It is also among the list of beautiful cities in Nigeria one can live in.

9. ABA

Aba ranked 9th in the list of most expensive cities in Nigeria. Although, according to recent reports, Aba was blacklisted as one of the dirtiest cities in Nigeria, It is the main centre for trading in the south eastern part of Nigeria alongside Onitsha. Aba is the capital of Abia state


Enugu is the tenth most expensive city in Nigeria to live in and it is located in South Eastern Nigeria

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    Saying that Asaba, Aba, and Owerri, are more expensive to live, then Enugu shows you don’t really know much about Enugu. I’ve not stayed in Asaba, but you see Owerri, Aba,… They are not even close to being as expensive as Enugu .. all thanks to Enugu Yahoo boys. Please recheck and correct.

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