Courses at Kano State Polytechnic School of Management Studies (2024)

Kano state has over the years enriched itself academically with universities, polytechnics and colleges of education, making it one of the best northern state in the country to study and an interesting place to be in Nigeria.


Kano is regarded as the industrial zone of Northern Nigeria and third in the country. Aside this, it is also one of the most populous states in the country, ranking first according to the 2006 census.

Aside it commercial and industrial nature, one of things that draw people attention is the educational institution in the state. Kano state is home to 5 universities. These are the Bayero University Kano (BUK), Kano University of Science and Technology (KUST), Yusuf Maitama Sule University Kano (YUSMUK), formerly known as North West University, Kano and the Skyline University Nigeria (SUN).

Aside universities, Kano is also a home to some polytechnics and colleges. Out of the numerous universities, polytechnics and colleges, the one of interest to us in this article is Kano State Polytechnic.

Kano state polytechnic was established in 1975 and it currently has 5 schools controlled by the Central Administrative Unit of the Polytechnic. These include:

  • School of Technology (SOT)
  • School of Management Studies (SMS)
  • School of Environmental Studies (SES)
  • School of Rural Technology and Entrepreneurship Development (SORTED)
  • School of General Studies (SGS)

This post centers on all courses offered in the School of Management Studies, school fees and admission requirements.

Requirements To Gain Admission Into The School Of Management Studies

Just like any other school, the Kano State Polytechnic School of Management Studies has its own requirements that must be met. While this may vary depending on departments, the sharp differences exist depending on the nature of the programmes offered by the school.

The programmes include – Diploma, Advance Diploma, National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND).


The major requirements into the Diploma program include four (4) O’ level Credit Passes in relevant subjects including English and Mathematics.

The courses available for Diploma session at the school include:

  • Diploma Marketing
  • Diploma Purchasing and Supply
  • Diploma Cooperative Studies
  • Diploma Accounting and Auditing
  • Diploma Tax Administration
  • Diploma Library Science

Advance Diploma

Entry requirements are; Diploma or ND in the same discipline with a minimum of lower Credit Or Pass with 1-year experience.

Courses available for Advance Diploma include:

  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Auditing
  • Advanced Diploma in Business Administration and Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Banking And Finance
  • Advanced Diploma in Public Administration
  • Advanced Diploma in Cooperative Studies

National Diploma (ND)

Students are expected to pass JAMB (UTME) to gain entry for National Diploma admissions.

The following courses are available for ND programme

  • ND Accountancy
  • ND Business Administration and Management
  • ND Banking And Finance
  • ND Public Administration
  • ND Office Technology Management

Higher National Diploma (HND)

Student trying to get admission into this program must have five O’ level Credit passes in important subjects including English and Mathematics.

HND Courses offered at the school include:

  • HND Accountancy
  • HND Banking and Finance
  • HND Business Administration and Management
  • HND Purchasing and Supply
  • HND Public Administration
  • HND Marketing
  • HND Office Technology Management
  • HND Cooperative and Economics Management Studies

Courses Offered at School Of Management Studies, Kano State Polytechnic

The school is divided into units known as departments. Each of the programs mentioned above is in existence in each of the departments. The departments are listed below together with their programs.

The Department of Accountancy

  • Diploma Accounting and Auditing
  • Advanced Diploma Accounting and Auditing
  • ND Accountancy
  • HND Accountancy

The Department of Banking and Finance

  • Diploma Insurance
  • Advanced Diploma Banking and Finance
  • ND Banking and Finance
  • HND Banking and Finance

The Department of Business Administration and Management

  • Advanced Diploma Business Administration and Management
  • ND Business Administration and Management (SMS)
  • HND Business Administration and Management

The Department of Cooperative and Economics Management

  • Advanced Diploma Cooperative Economics and Management
  • ND Cooperative Economics and Management
  • HND Cooperative Economics and Management

The Department of Marketing

  • Diploma Marketing
  • HND Marketing

The Department of Office and Technology Management

  • ND Office Technology and Management
  • HND Office Technology and Management
  • Pre-ND OTM

The Department of Public Administration

  • Advanced Diploma Public Administration
  • ND Public Administration
  • HND Public Administration

Department of Purchasing and Supply

  • Diploma Purchasing and Supply
  • HND Purchasing and Supply
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