Top 10 Best Countries To Easily Migrate To From Nigeria (2024)

Sometimes you need to travel out of Nigeria in order to find new opportunities abroad. Even if migrating is one of the best options to get a new living, there are some important things involved in making this a reality. This involves traveling to countries that are easier to migrate to from Nigeria. A couple of countries like the United States and other top European countries have a complex migration process which will give you though time in getting your dream move out of the country. To keep you in line, we will highlight the top ten best countries to migrate from Nigeria.

countries that you can migrate to from Nigeria

Countries That You Can Easily Migrate To From Nigeria

The thought of migrating from Nigeria will always arise when things get tensed in the country, which will prompt you to contemplate on changing the location in order to go and live a life of an adventurous ex-patriot. There are many considerations in making your move possible. This is usually significant when the complexities and expenses associated with migration hit you, and it always result from wanting a move to a country with complex migration process. In order not to become discouraged and put the dream away, this write-up will be of help on this.


Here is a list of top ten best countries you can migrate to from Nigeria this 2024:


With a lot of Nigerians looking for migration to the United States, then the neighboring Canada is always the preferred alternative for the hitchy migration process of the former. Aside from some kind of economic difference, there is not much variation between Canada and the much attributed USA. This makes Canada one of the friendliest countries in the world.

In a related development, the authorities in Canada has compassionately opened its borders to refugees from war-torn nations. This has greatly help the migration process into the country. From this and many other variables, Canada is by far one of the easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria.


Actually, Ghana is the best option if you’re considering the cost of your intended migration. Oftentimes, when seeing Nigerians overlook this West African country when taking a decision in relocating to another country, it beat my imagination. Ghana is an English-speaking country with a stable energy supply which is very vital in all industrial survivals and has created way for industries and business activities in the country.

No wonder a good number of big and well-known brands or industries are in the country, due to the stable and reliable electricity supply. With respect to the cost of the journey, travelling between Lagos and Accra is under a day journey by road and well affordable. Even if you intend on air transport, then there’s no bid deal. On the business opportunities in Ghana, setting up a small-scale business in the country and meeting their requirements will be easy and also rewarding.


Another North American country to get easy visa for Nigerians is Mexico. This is a beautiful country with many places to visit or stay. To complement this, the country is full of clean beaches, mountain views, cute historic towns, and upscale urban delights. On affordability, Mexico can be relied on. Get started to the country with an FMM visa, available at any airport or border location for just $21.

On your visa expiration in next six months of collection, you can renew it again, more often times. There’s no limit! Unfortunately, residents with FMM visa are not allowed to work, and you should think of upgrading to a temporary residency visa that does allow work for only a few bucks more.


If you’re interested in a fascinating country with lots of natural attraction, then Austria should be your option. This will also make you have a good chance of leaving Nigeria. The lifestyle in Austria is sometimes described as a “perpetual resort”.

This is a beautiful and rather little country that offers plenty of mountain fun in the form of the snow-capped Alps, which actually cover 62% of the country. Located in Europe, you can take advantage of your visit here to explore many other European countries, as well.


Belgium is a European Country with gorgeous architecture and breathtaking natural beauty. The country is also a very progressive one; the second in the world to legalize gay marriage (after the Netherlands). Aside from these facts about the country, going to Belgium from Nigeria is not that tough as in some European countries.

You will need a job to be granted a permanent residency visa in the country.  Once you land a job, the next thing is that you only need to hold onto it for two weeks before becoming eligible for a residency permit. This is only for staying in the country for some years, which you can renew upon expiration.


If you are a tourist who likes natural beauty in the form of mountain peaks, volcanoes, beaches, and islands, then Ecuador has virtually unmatched attractions like these ones. The name of the country is given after the equator, which runs through it, and that’s the only country in the world to be named after a geographical feature.

Most times, the cost of living is what intrigue people to a country, and in Ecuador it’s a bit favourable which is very low. Moreso, the easiest way to get permanent residence in Ecuador is called a pensioner’s visa. Though this type of visa is designed for retirees, there aren’t actually any age requirements to get one. To get the facts right, you just need to prove that you will receive $800 per month for the duration of your stay in the country, no matter how long it will be.


Nicaragua is another South American country that is preferred for Nigerians to migrate to. Naturally, the country is beautiful with alluring coastlines and passionate, caring people. The country is also great for stargazers – 86 out of 88 constellations in the night sky can be seen clearly here.

On the good possibility of getting to Nicaragua, the government of the country has a lot of flexibility in what it calls work. For instance, you could own a small business and still be classified as being eligible for permanent visa. You can also continue to freelance for an overseas company and legitimately get the retirement visa which is the initial best visa for visitors to the country.


Belize is located between Mexico and Guatemala, and it’s a small country with a population that harmoniously represents no less than eight different cultures. This is a country to look for, if you really want to spend your days on the beach. The country has a good weather conditions with an average temperature of 84F (29C), so you can have as many beach days as you want.

Interestingly, the country is an English-speaking country with a very low cost of living which intrigue a lot of visitors especially from Nigeria. If you’re set for a visit to the country, then you can simply enter on a 30-day visitor visa and simply keep renewing it every month until you’ve lived there for 50 weeks. At that point, a $1,000 fee and a few bureaucratic hurdles will get you permanent residency. That’s it! You’re now a citizen of one of the most destined country in the American continent.


This is very attractive country to go to, due to its peaceful and easy-going residents. One of the most attraction to this country is the low cost of living. The cost of living in Costa Rica is not too high, as married partners will need about $2,500 per month to live comfortably.

If you’re looking to retire, Costa Rica has a retiree program that works perfectly well. To get enrolled into the program, you should show $1,000 per month in income. A lot of people will need a job in order to achieve permanent residency.


This South American country couldn’t miss out in the list of the top and best easiest countries to migrate from Nigeria. If you have a dream of disappearing off your local country, then Paraguay might be the place for you. There are many good things about the country which not many people know about it. Paraguay has a literacy rate higher than the United States.

Additionally, it’s also a beautiful place with friendly people, vast scenic vistas, and low cost of living. Despite being bordered by Argentina and Brazil, the country has still grown up to make a name among the American elites. The demand for immigration into Paraguay is low since it is so obscure, and this has made the country to be considered as one of the easiest to migrate to.


For whatever reason you may wish to travel out of the country, this article was more explicit on this issue. We specifically highlighted the top ten easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria. This will give you a guide on making a decision on which country to visit outside the country’s border.

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