Top 10 Best Ministries To Work For in Nigeria (2024)

With about thirty federal ministries in Nigeria to work in, there is surely a lot of job opportunities in these parastatals to kick start your career. From the administrative to field work, there are job options available in ministries in the country. Inasmuch as it’s not all the ministries that offers the same work condition and pay, the nature of these jobs differ with respect to the functions of the ministry.

federal ministries in Nigeria

If you are interested to work in any of these Nigerian ministries, then it’s a good idea. The most ideal thing here will be to go for the best place. This article will highlight the top ten ministries to work for in Nigeria. Additionally, this will give you a guide on the best options to go for in settling for a remunerative job in the ministry.

The federal ministries of Nigeria are civil service departments whose responsibility is to deliver various types of government service in the field where they represent. In terms of leadership, each ministry is headed by a Permanent Secretary who reports to a Minister in the Federal Cabinet. The Minister oversees the ministry and is the head of the government body, representing the president. There are also commissions or parastatals (government-owned corporations) that may be independent or associated with a ministry.

There are lot of people working in the various ministries. This includes secretaries, officers, and a lot of professionals in the field. With this job options, there has been some opportunities in these ministries. In this write-up, we will take a gander at the top 10 best ministries to work for in the country today.

List Of Top 10 Ministries To Work For In Nigeria (2024)

Top ministries includes ones that has the best job specification, i.e salary, job security, employment opportunities and other variables. Below is the rundown of the most elavated ministries where you can work in the country;

Ministry of Petroleum Resources

It’s crystal clear that the petroleum industry contributes the highest income to the Nigerian economy. With this trend still going on for many years now, the ministry of petroleum will still be a lucrative place to work for in the country. This ministry as a result of their moneyed activities, has created tons of wealthy individuals.

The Ministry of Petroleum Resources is a Federal government agency that directs petroleum resources and its activities in the country. The administrative headquarter of the ministry is located at Block D, NNPC Towers, Herbert Macaulay way, CBD, in the federal capital territory, Abuja. The work of the ministry is to: keep records on exploration matters, and importation of petroleum products; enforcing safety and other regulations on matters of the petroleum sector.

Ministry of Power, Works and Housing

The Ministry of Power, Works and Housing is another remunerative ministry in the country.  The ministry is very significant because it provides the basic amenities that are needed for infrastructure and development. This means that all the power and works are what facilitate a developing economy and country. Also, the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing is an arm of the Federal government that is responsible for the provision of social amenities such as Power. The ministry is also answerable to works and housing in the country

Ministry of Finance

The finance sector is obviously the moneyed area of the country. The money factor is enough to describe how powerful this ministry is, and as such a good place to work for. Managing the finance of the country’s economy is vital to growth and development and this impacts all citizens. More explicitly, the Federal Ministry of Finance manages the finances of the Federal Government, including managing, controlling and monitoring federal revenues and expenditures. Some of the significant roles of finance ministry include: collecting and disbursing government revenue, formulating policies on taxation, tariffs, fiscal management, among others.

Ministry of Education

Education is a vital sector of the country, and as such, a lot of professionals on this are employed into the Federal Ministry of Education. The functions of the ministry includes: formulation of national policy on education; collection and collation of data for purposes of educational planning and financing; maintaining uniform standards of education throughout the country; as well as controlling the quality of education in the country.

The Federal Ministry of Education is located at Block 5A (8th Floor), Federal Secretariat Complex, Shehu Shagari Way, Central Area, P.M.B. 146, Garki, Abuja.

Ministry of Health

This is a federal ministry that is answerable to all the health issues in the country. This concerns health of millions of Nigerians and policies taken will be made by the ministry. The Federal Ministry of Health is one of the

Federal Ministries of Nigeria, and the body is concerned with the formulation and implementation of policies related to health. There are many agencies and parastatals under the ministry; the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) is a federal agency under the Ministry. There are many job opportunities in the Health Ministry for health professionals and workers.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Agriculture in Nigeria isn’t underrated, and this makes the Federal Government to design a ministry to look specifically at the sector.  Agriculture is a major contributor to the country’s economy; which exportation of both raw and processed agricultural produce has been vital to the Nigerian economy. The ministry of Agriculture – with the partnership of the Bank of Agriculture is striving to create the avenue for growth and augmentation of the abysmal agricultural sector in the country.

Ministry of Defense

Since the Ministry of Defense controls all the security apparatus in the country, there is a lot of job options here. The Ministry of Defence is a Federal Ministry that is responsible for the overseeing and supervising the Nigerian Armed Forces. The subordinate military components under the Ministry are: the Nigerian Defence Headquarters, the Nigerian Army, the Nigerian Navy and the Nigerian Air Force.

Ministry of Transportation

Transportation is a thriving business sector of the country. Subsequent to this, the ministry of transportation is a good place to work in the moneyed industry. The Ministry of Transportation is a branch of the federal government that is responsible for watching the movement of people and goods across the country. The major role of the ministry is to oversee the road vehicles, aviation, and rail transport in Nigeria.

Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs

The Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs was established by then President Umaru Musa Yar’adua on March 10, 2008. The reason for the creation of the ministry was to promote and coordinate policies for the development, peace and security of the Niger Delta Region. In line with this philosophy, the mandate of the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs is to formulate and execute plans, programmes and other initiatives aimed at fast-tracking the development of the Niger Delta Region. The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) is a parastatal under the ministry, with other subordinate commissions and parastatals. There are many opportunities available in the ministry which is headquartered at 11th Floor Federal Secretariat, Central Business District, FCT Abuja, Nigeria.

Ministry of Science and Technology

The Federal Ministry of Science & Technology is a Nigerian ministry that is responsible for the research in Science and Technology in the country. The mission of the organization is to facilitate the development and deployment of science and technology apparatus to enhance the pace of socio-economic development of the country. This is attained through appropriate technological inputs into productive activities in all areas relating to the ministry.


That’s the size of this article, as we have been able to enumerate the top ten ministries to work for in Nigeria. This incorporated top Federal Ministries which are the most preferred with respect to job opportunities and salaries in the country.

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