Cost of Police Clearance in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Before a person leaves Nigeria by immigrating to another country, there are some important clearance documents he or she will present before given a pass. One of such is the “Police Clearance Report”. This document certifies a person of any security related issues, and further ascertain whether he or she is eligible or cleared to leave the country’s border.

police clearance certificate in Nigeria

The Police Clearance is one of the essential prerequisites for travelers from the country, and as such a lot of people query on how much it cost to go about the process. This article explain the cost of obtaining a police clearance certificate in Nigeria, and also highlight the steps to get it.

The Cost of Police Clearance in Nigeria

The amount paid for police clearance logically connotes the price that is charged for the certificate or report. Determining and stating the exact cost of getting the clearance report in the country may be erroneous. This is due to the fact that the Nigerian Police Force has not or is yet to disclose a fee in respect to police clearance certificate. Going by this, It is nearly an impossible task to state the precise amount that is required for police clearance in Nigeria.

Nonetheless, as there is no fixed price for the process nor the document, what we have here is based on what people have been charged. The cost of obtaining a police clearance certificate in Nigeria goes between ₦3,500 – ₦10,000 to finish the whole process. This price may be differing in some cases depending on the circumstances. An internet report has it that, there is a case where an individual was charged about ₦30,000 for the police clearance report. The price is not static and may change in another police station. So, when intending on something like this, always ensure to get it done in an authorized police department.

Moreover, the location and place you processed the application is independent of sum or fee you will pay for the procedure and the certificate.  For example, you can hope to pay more than numerous others on the off chance that you are getting the clearance report and document from the CID Registry Office in Lagos state.  Some odd reports additionally guarantee individuals can be charged dependent on their money related status. This implies you could be required to pay more on the off chance that you show up entirely stable monetarily. Despite the fact that there are no proof to back this case up, but this could be avoided so as not to be charged more than what is obtained.

That’s it on the cost of obtaining a police clearance certificate. We can’t only stress on this without letting you know what’s Police Clearance and what’s involved in getting the certificate or report.

Meaning of Police Clearance

What is Police Clearance? This has been the question people ask when hearing it for the first time. In response to  such query, we can’t emphasize only on the cost of Police Clearance without letting you know what it is. Here we’ll define what’s police clearance, it usefulness, and how it can be obtained.

Basically, a Police Clearance Certificate or Report is an official record or statement that acts as proof of fulfillment of background verifications on the individual who intend to move to another country. The certificate is normally given by the Nigerian Police Force upon request by the applicant and after proper checks. This clearance is very important is such a way that it helps to block illegal movements from the country. As such, it is one of the center prerequisites by many countries for those hoping to move to the nation.

However, it’s not all countries that mandates the police clearance report. A good number of countries which include Nigeria and some European nations have made this a basic necessity and travellers are relied upon to present the authentication during the last phases of their migration procedure.

The use of police clearance is very important, as it aims to give an assurance to the host nation that you are not needed by law in the country you are originating from. This goes to certify that the expecting foreigner is of a decent character, and do not have an security issue with the former country.

How To Get Police Clearance Certificate in Nigeria Today

Here, we will elaborate a guide on getting a police clearance report in the country. Applications for a police clearance should be in person and sent to the force CID, Police Criminal Registry Alagbon, Lagos State ( if you are applying from Nigeria). You can also apply from your state through the Nigerian Police Force website.

International applications from outside Nigeria should be through a third party service, or sent to the Nigerian embassy.


The following are the requirements you will need to present before being issued a police clearance certificate. These documents should be submitted at application and collection locations in the country. Here is the list of the important documents to make handy;

  • A valid international passport
  • Two passport-size photographs taken not more than 6 months from application
  • Application fees: it varies between N3,500 – N8,000.
  • All other important documents that will be requested on registration.

Steps To Obtain a Police Clearance in Nigeria Easily

Below are the steps to get a police clearance certificate in Nigeria today;

Step1: Go to the Police criminal registry office, Alagbon, Lagos, or other state command headquarters.

Step 2: You will be required to pay the fee charge, and after which an application form will be given.

Step 3: Fill the form accurately and ensure to attach your passport photograph with other required documents.

Step 4: Next, you will have to wait for processing, and after all is certain, you will be issued a Police Clearance certificate. That’s all!

Duration of Time to Get a Police Clearance Certificate in Nigeria

How long it will take to get a police clearance report in the country to some extent depends on where you did the application. If you are applying at the Criminal registry office in Lagos, your clearance report can be ready within a day. This depends on the number of application they have to work on, and the ‘first come, first serve’ may also determines the duration of getting the certificate.

Moreso, applying from your state police command, may be more prolong to get your police clearance report. It’s estimated between 5-7days (say a week) for you to have it. The reason for this long duration of time is due to the fact that it will still be passed to the Criminal registry office in Lagos.


That’s it on the cost of obtaining a police clearance certificate in Nigeria. We have been more explicit on this as we have detailed what is Police Clearance, its application, and subsequently how to get it in the country.

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