Latest Prices of Umbrellas in Nigeria (June, 2024)

Umbrellas might not be the most valuable things in your house, but you will always see it value whenever it’s rainy or there’s a hot sun. Though, umbrella prices are often negligible, it is one of the most common things in Nigerian homes and inside cars. The only reason for it indistinct popularity is because a lot of folks use it only on rainy and sunny days.

umbrella prices in Nigeria

In the Nigerian market, there are various types and sizes of umbrellas available. With this broad specification, it is imperative to know how much umbrellas cost in the country. In this write-up, we will take a gander at the prices of umbrellas in Nigeria currently.

Latest Umbrella Prices in Nigeria (2024)

There are various prices of umbrellas in the country. They are also available in different types, classes, sizes and prices. All of these are in different brands and companies which produces them. They also vary in packaging which depicts their respective producers. Here in Nigeria, and the rest of the world, the increase in the prices of umbrellas is due to the demand which has made a lot of companies to see it profitable in producing these products.

Resultantly, it is obvious as many brands have dived into the umbrella industry, by giving lots of scintillating designs and types. A good number of popular brands of umbrellas have ruled this part of the industry for a lot of years. However, some new modern companies are starting to delve into the market with more featured and efficient umbrellas that are alluring to buyers.

When considering the prices of umbrellas, it should be noted that the classification and size of it largely determines the cost of it. Generally, in a simple sense, the bigger the umbrella, the more expensive it price would be. Without much ado, let’s now go to the main thing here. Below, we will highlight the average prices various sizes of umbrellas that are available in Nigeria costs currently;

  • Baby Umbrella (Small) = ₦1, 000 – ₦1, 700
  • Medium Size Umbrella (Non-Foldable) = ₦1, 300 – ₦2, 000
  • Medium Size Umbrella (Foldable) = ₦1, 500 – ₦2, 500
  • Family Size (Large) Umbrella (Non – foldable) = ₦2, 500 – ₦4, 000
  • Family Size (Large) Umbrella (foldable) = ₦2, 800 – ₦5, 000

The price list above represents generally what is obtainable in the market, hence it doesn’t illuminate the different brands. The list below is the highlight of some common umbrella brands in the country and how much they cost. This will be more specific in outlining the popular brands in the country’s market.

Universal Chef Umbrellas Price List

This category of umbrellas is very common in the country. It is that popular due to its wide usage and durability. The prices of Universal Chef umbrellas is considerably better, and it depends on the type you want. Here is the rundown of their umbrellas;

  • Universal Chef Kids Umbrella = ₦1, 300 – ₦1, 500
  • Universal Chef Umbrella = ₦1, 500 – ₦2, 000
  • Universal Chef Foldable Umbrella = ₦2, 500 – ₦3, 000
  • Universal Chef Beach Umbrella (48 inches) = ₦13, 000 – ₦15, 000

Excel Umbrellas Price List

Excel is another top brand of umbrellas that are available in the country. Below is the respective price of each of their umbrellas in the market;

  • Excel Beach Umbrella 42 inches = ₦9, 000 – ₦10, 000
  • Excel Beach Umbrella 54 inches = ₦12, 000 – ₦12, 800

Other Brands

Below is the list of other popular brands of umbrellas in the Nigerian market;

  • A & J Family Size Umbrella = ₦2, 800 – ₦3, 500
  • A & J Baby Umbrella = ₦1, 700 – ₦2, 000
  • Rose Umbrella (Foldable – Big) = ₦2, 500 – ₦3, 000
  • Casa creative Reverse Umbrella = ₦5, 000 – ₦6, 000
  • Lucky Deco Umbrella = ₦2, 300 – ₦3, 000

That’s it on the prices of umbrellas in the country, and we further outline the cost of some popular brand of umbrellas in the market. The rundown list above illumines the expense of common umbrella brands in Nigeria. Nonetheless, in spite of the fact that this list shows a gauge of costs as accumulated in the current market, it is prudent to go to the market to affirm the costs before you purchase or buy one. This is because of the inconsistency in costs of umbrellas lately. This write-up only depict the prices what is obtainable in the Nigerian market, but may vary in terms of location.

Furthermore, the variation in costs is a direct result of different variables and factors which influences the prices of these products. This incorporate money exchange rate, location, time of procurement, and other related components that contribute in altering the cost of umbrellas. A few brands are moderately costly while some are most certainly not. So when choosing an umbrella to buy, it’s preferred to go for the one which suits your pocket.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Umbrella

There is one thing that is certain in the consumer market, and it’s that a buyer is not intrigued to a product he/she isn’t interested. Taking it here, you most probably won’t buy an umbrella that that meet you choice for one.

The factors that influences your umbrella buy include:

  1. Your spending plan, which is your budget.
  2. The classification: size, brand, color and design of the umbrella.
  3. The durability of the umbrella you want to have.
  4. The accessibility/ functionality of the umbrella and how easy it can be used.

With all these in mind, you will be able to choose a good brand of umbrella that has qualities, and is effective for use.


This is the size of this write-up, after we have been able to enumerate the prices of umbrellas in Nigeria. But before making a buy a one of those ‘rain protectors’, there are some critical things to consider. This is the umbrella’s durability, size, brand and color. All these factors help you to settle for the best product that is your preferred choice.

We will wrap it up here, as this article was provided umbrella prices in the country, and through this, we believe you will have the clue on what to budget for a new umbrella.

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