Top 10 Best Sanitary Pad Brands & Prices in Nigeria (2024)

Sanitary napkin or pads is a very significant soft material that can’t be far-off from ladies at the once in a month period. These pads are permeable and absorbent materials that is worn by all women who are still seeing their menstrual fluid/period. The material is an important covering while discharging, recuperating from vaginal surgery, for lochia (post-birth bleeding), after an early termination, or in whatever other circumstance where it is important to stop the flow of blood from the vagina. This article will look at the best brand of sanitary pads that gives the best comfort in Nigeria and their prices this 2024.

Best Sanitary Pad Brands


In no particular order, here are top 10 best sanitary pad brands in Nigeria to buy and their respective prices:


This sanitary pad brand is the best and most popular sanitary pad brand among women in Nieria today. Always is a brand owned by the FMCG organization, Procter and Gamble. This international brand is one of the leading producers of sanitary pads and it has become the default name for all sanitary napkins in the country. Always sanitary pads come in various shapes and sizes to suit the requirements of various ladies. The sterile cushions retain vaginal menstrual fluid and forestalls stains for as long as eight hours or more relying upon the type. Always sanitary pads is over the top expensive for some people. The product is available from ₦1,000 to as high as ₦15,000 in the country’s market. So you should check your spending plan prior to choosing to buy them.


Made under the best norms, LadyCare sanitary pads ensure comfort and can serve proficiently while being used. This sanitary pad brand is a brand of value clean items made by Sankin Nigeria Ltd. They come up in 2001, and they are gaining the market with their quality sanitary pads that is used by a lot of people. Moreover, Ladycare brand of sanitary pads in Nigeria has assortment quality and features to make it fare well in the market. While guaranteeing that numerous teens and young women who regularly couldn’t manage the cost of sanitary brands on the lookout, could similarly be given incredible consideration. Ladycare products cost between ₦1500 to ₦5,500, depending on size of pad you want.


This is another good brand of sanitary pads available in Nigeria today. They are also driving the market of the product in the country for some time now. Their sanitary napkins are generally utilized by numerous ladies and young ladies everywhere in the country. The feminine sanitary products from this brand are intended to easily adjust to various types of clothing in order to be comfortable regardless of where a woman is at. Moreover, with the use of Virony sanitary pads, it gives women incredible solace when they are seeing their menses without the dread of any feminine breaks. These sanitary pads are sold from ₦500 to as high as ₦13,000.


Molped sanitary pads is a top brand of the feminine sanitary products in Nigeria. It is produced by Hayat Kimya Limited, creators of Molfix child diapers. This brand of sanitary pads is skin-accommodating, super delicate, and is intended to make the wearers to feel as secure and comfortable as they feel good on it. Additionally, Molped sterile cushions have extraordinarily planned permeable channel system that are produced using Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP) which keeps the fluid secured along these lines offering 100% break assurance. Also with the sans nylon features, you aren’t need to bother. Molped sanitary napkins are available from ₦500 to the most expensive rate.


This brand includes creative sanitary napkins that help ladies and young ladies retain feminine stream for longer periods and mitigates the accompanied pain. This specific sanitary pad brand is against bacterial and other infections. Also, it assists with disposing and winding off unpleasant smells in women private parts. You can buy this brand of sanitary pads from ₦500 in the country.


Lady Sept sanitary napkin is one of the best sanitary pads brands in the country. Their sanitary pads are extremely common, cool and exceptionally soften to give the ultimate comfort. It guarantees a more secure, agreeable and secure material for the wearers, and it is really sterile and suggested by experts. Lady Sept sanitary napkins is likewise sold from ₦200 to as high as ₦15,000.


Angels secret is a brand of sanitary pads by JMOA. This brand utilizes the contrarily charged particle strip and is quite possibly the most energizing disclosures as of now. Moreover, this brand of sanitary pads help increment the sensation of newness and essentialness, giving the users more certainty and solace. The pad is sold from ₦500 to the higher prices.


Tampax tampons is a brand of sanitary pads in the country.  This brand is also owned by Procter and Gamble, just as Always Sanitary Pad. This brand of clean napkins are intended to help women be fresh and good-looking during the time of their menstrual flow. Thus, it keeps them secured as they approach their every day exercises with no concerns of menstrual stains or spillage. Get Tampax sanitary pads from ₦500 to the most elevated price.


Sofy brand of sanitary pads in Nigeria is all around tried and have been affirmed by National administrative bodies including NAFDAC. This is a novel sanitary pad that was made for comfort, with an ideal mix of non-abrasiveness, slimness and solace while filling in as insurance for ladies. Sofy is made to promote the most hygenic condition making it one of the most secure sanitary products to use. Sofy sanitary napkin is sold in the country from ₦500 to a higher price rate. On the whole, this brand is 100% viable for all women and causes no medical problems or disturbance by its usage.


As the name implies, Stayfree is that brand that assures comfort for it users during their menstrual fluid period. The brand is a notable name that has stand out in the market of the products in the country. Since their start in 1974, the brand has been producing products that furnish better. Today, Stayfree sanitary pads include ThermoControl technology to rapidly eradicate dampness and flexible layers. You can buy Stayfree sanitary pads for as low as ₦200 to a high price like ₦14,000.


That’s the view of the top ten best sanitary pad brands in the country. We additionally highlighted their respective prices, so as to give you a view of what’s needed to purchase them.

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