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It’s always attractive and pleasurable having full hairs on the head. This nature’s gift present awesome impact on one’s actual appearance. As time and age sets in, hair loss sets in, and full hairs will be lacking and won’t cover the head as usual. At this point, people feel sincerely pushed and would want to find a solution to their hair loss, which is hair transplant. But how much does hair transplant cost in Nigeria? Read on.

hair transplant in Nigeria

The loss can either happen from scalp or the whole body. There are many reasons for going bald, and the etiology of this can be a result of heredity, age, changes in hormone levels, ailments or meds. Either which one is the cause of your hair loss, this article will give you the cost of the solution – hair transplant.


The expanded pattern of balding has happened due to number of factors which will be discussed about below:

  • Family History (Heredity): This is most common cause for going bald. It is otherwise known as male pattern baldness of female-pattern baldness. An hair loss of this nature happens in an anticipated pattern beginning with retreating hairline and uncovered zones in boys and diminishing hairs in females. By and large, this type of baldness is due to heredity and family history.
  • Hormonal Changes: This changes occurs during pregnancy, labor, thyroid issues or menopause. All these conditions can pave way for hair loss and can result transitory or perpetual baldness.
  • Ailments: Different health conditions which cause loss of hairs, include alopecia areata, scalp diseases and a hair-pulling problem called trichotillomania. If you have this kind of symptoms, it’s pertinent to go for treatment before it develops to sweep off your hairs.
  • Side Effects From Medications: Just as all medicines have side effects, same result applies as it may make you go bald. Certain medications taken for medical issues can cause balding as a result. Drugs and medications for disease, joint pain, gloom, hypertension, and so on can be a cause of hair loss.
  • Stress Related Hair Fall: It’s also important to note that stress from hair fall can be a risk of you getting bald. Few people can encounter hair loss after scene of physical pressure. Be that as it may, this balding is impermanent as it were.
  • A few Hairstyles And Treatments: The occurrence of hair loss is more in those people who unnecessarily does hairstyling and pull their hair firmly.  Traction alopecia is the term used to describe this kind of hair loss. Certain going bald medicines can cause aggravation of hair follicles and at last hair fall.  If scarring happens, the hair fall could be perpetual.


You may have been wondering whether there is a permanent solution to hair loss aside taking inactive medications. Definitely, hair transplant is the treatment which offers lasting and natural looking solution for going bald. This is a surgery wherein hairs from one space of the body are relocated to different regions.

Most ordinarily, hair transplant is accomplished for scalp hairs. In this methodology, hairs are taken from benefactor site by a particular procedure and embedded on the space of sparseness. Following not many long stretches of implantation of hair unites, the hairs begin developing on a normal.


There are two usually practiced procedures for hair transplant: the Follicular Unit transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).


This method of hair transplant involves the process where a segment of hairs is eliminated from the donor area. This place from where a strip is extracted is stitched utilizing absorbable lines. The hairs are taken apart from the piece of skin under amplification and are embedded at the donor area by making minute cuts in the scalp and embedding the hair joins in these cuts. At the end, a straight scar at the donor area is left which can be made to be undetectable.


In the Follicular Unit Extraction method, hair follicles are removed independently using a FUE punch having breadth not exactly a millimeter. In this way, there is no leftover straight scar at the donor area, hence, little moment scars is framed at the area which isn’t noticeable. By this system, just a predetermined number of hair follicles  which can be up to 2000-2500 hair grafts can be separated at one sitting.


Hair transplant might not be that costly as many always think. Typically, the cost of a hair transplant differs impressively from one country to another and even from one place to another inside a particular country. Cosmetic procedure is what’s used to classify hair hair transplant process.

This implies that health care insurance organizations won’t take care of the expense of such a process. This goes to show that you are probably going to need to pay out of your own pocket regardless of whether you do have a private medical insurance organization. The same also applies in nations which have a national government health system.

Normally, hair transplant isn’t considered medically-necessary or significant, you can hope to need to pay everything yourself. The National Health Service, NHS doesn’t take care of the cost of hair transplant medical process. The cost shifts relying upon the number of grafts are included among different other variables.

For instance, one can hope to pay anywhere from ₦1.5m to ₦3.5m for between 500 to 1,200 grafts and as much as ₦3m to ₦5m for in excess of 1200 grafts. This works out to be expensive if you’re doing the operation here in Nigeria. This has been the explanation why a lot of men decide to go to different countries in Europe, to have the process done.

On the whole, the normal cost for hair transplant medical procedure in Nigeria is ₦1m to ₦2m. The price isn’t static and can change depending on factors like location and the type of the service centre. Some place charge as low as ₦350,000 for hair transplant here.


After we’ve given you a view of how much it cost to do a hair transplant in the country, it’s high time we draw the curtain here. This write-up extensively explain what’s is hair loss, the causes and how to get rid of it. We specifically majored on how to permanently solve hair loss and baldness conditions.

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