Cost Of Hiring An Event Security/Bouncers in Nigeria (2024)

Do you want to hire a security agent for your events? Definitely, security personnels like bouncers are vital in giving the much needed protection and security to establishment, keeping everything under control during enormous occasions, crowd control, and also protecting your properties during the span. However, it isn’t unusual on the off chance that you consider employing one in the event that you own a business or that you are going to hold a large get-together or occasion. Be that as it may, you may waver since you have no clue about the amount it cost to have the services of these security personnels. Figuring this out will fit in your financial plan for your event security, hence we will highlight the cost of hiring an event security/bouncers in Nigeria.

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This write-up provides the necessary information needed in getting to know how much to spend on an event security in the country. Nonetheless, we may have assumptions of the amount you could spend on security, yet realizing the exact cost can in any event assist us with concluding if to employ. All things considered, having a feeling of security merits your budget. We should perceive how much security costs, and the factors you need to consider while employing one these bouncers.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire An Event Security/Bouncers in Nigeria?

By and large, the cost would rely upon the sort of occasion and the degree of security that you will need. Both need training to be prepared to give security, and in any case, armed bouncers generally cost more since they have gone through broad training and have acquired a permit to convey a weapon in the event of criminal assaults.

Precisely looking at the cost of hiring an event security/bouncers in Nigeria, basic unarmed bouncers can cost from ₦10,000 upwards, and the rate can be higher for those with experience and advanced expertise. Then again, the basic armed event security or bouncers cost goes from ₦50,000 depending on the type of sophistication and the advancement of expertise. Hence, it can cost more if the armed bouncer is very much trained and has advanced abilities. In any case, the costs all depends on the type of the security company.

Factors That March Affect the Cost of Event Security/Bouncers

Various variables may impact the rate of how much it cost to hire a bouncer – and one of it is experience. The following are them:

  • Experience: On the off chance that an event security personnel is very skilled, and has gained a lot of abilities that are important in giving security, the expense is a lot higher, yet we know it’s justified, despite all the trouble.
  • Risk: Another is the nature of risk the security personnel will take. Is the place of your event inclined to criminal activities? This being the case, the cost of hiring them will increase, so as to incorporate sophistication and skilled manpower. Also, working in a more hazardous area could be a purpose behind an expanded rate.
  • Working Hours: Likewise, late working hours can mean greater expense. Employing an event security or bouncers who is off the time is additionally a purpose behind a higher cost since they will be staying at work more than their slated time.

Having a review of the amount it will cost to hire an event security is useful where you employ them. Also, you can choose either to enlist equipped or unarmed bouncers for your event. In the event that you would hire the event security/bouncers through a company, ensure that the organization is authorized, licensed and has kept a decent standing.

All You Should Know About Event Security/Bouncers

Bouncers or event security personnel are notable for having the option to oversee occasions cautiously. Bouncers sole duty is to keep a great atmosphere at any occasion be it weddings, birthdays, burials, meetings, thus on. Bouncers are expertly prepared to oversee or manage circumstances that may turn out to pose a security threat to the event.

Bouncers is primarily overwhelmed by the energetic young men, yet couple of females are associated with this business. The work doesn’t need a Bachelor’s certificate to practice; yet a least of SSCE and great correspondence ability is the thing that is required to become a bouncer. The average tallness of a bouncer goes from 5’8 above with a bulged biceps and rear arm muscles.

On the whole, bouncers are striking, cordial, mindful and furthermore devoted people yet they really show no mercy to bouncing gate crashers!

Duties and Responsibilities of Bouncers

The role of bouncers incorporates:

  1. Welcome Customers: Bouncers should be presenting and welcoming to visitors who enter and leave the event place. Also, communications with bouncers are important for the entertainment experience of the people.
  2. Control the Crowd: This starts with controlling the progression of foot activity into a event location. Extensively, their work incorporates eliminating patrons who get excessively rambunctious, utilizing critical thinking abilities to settle questions in a deferential manner, and reaching the specialists when a circumstance gets past the bouncer’s control.
  3. Check Identification: Since bouncers are frequently utilized in places that odd people are often present, they should leave behind visitor IDs and ensure everyone in the place is at any rate 21 years of age. Bouncers are additionally responsible for spotting counterfeit IDs or any means of identification.
  4. Screen Guest Lists and Dress Codes: A few occasions have a significant and one pattern for the event. In this case, it’s dependent upon the bouncer to ensure that individuals who are not on the list of guests to attend, are not allowed to enter the occasion. Bouncers should likewise guarantee that clients stick to the event’s particular clothing standard and dressing code.
  5. Gathering Cover Charges: Numerous dance club and bars require a fee at the door for passage. It is regularly the bouncer’s responsibility to gather and handle with this cash.
  6. Guarantee Security: In the event that the occasion does not have a good security atmosphere, it’s dependent upon the bouncer to ensure that everybody is secured. This may incorporate searching people to guarantee they don’t have any weapons, drugs, or other illegal items.


So far in this article, we emphasized much on the cost of hiring an event security/bouncers in Nigeria. Furtherly, we delineated on what these security personnels are all about, and their roles in events and occasions like wedding, birthday party, burials, et al.

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