Full List of Courses to Study Without Math in Nigeria (2024)

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Naturally, not everyone is gifted in the subject of mathematics. Unfortunately, this set of people who dislike mathematics may wish to pursue a profession in a mathematically inclined science subject. Is it possible to get into any of Nigeria’s institutions without taking Mathematics?


Absolutely, because it can be waived if you take a course that isn’t connected to it. The purpose of this article is to look into the admission requirements for various programs in Nigerian universities, and then to highlight the courses that can be studied without Math.


People are most likely to mention STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related employment when discussing the most in-demand jobs on the market. Because they are in high demand, their salary is also rather high. But what if you despise mathematics and science? There are undoubtedly millions of ways to achieve success, and taking a mathematics-related course is absolutely not one of them.

Fortunately, there are numerous high-paying careers that require little or no math. This is especially for those of you who can’t take the thought of spending your days studying math or remembering biological phrases.

Check out the five courses below:


Law degrees have traditionally been one of the most sought-after and well-respected academic courses. No, mathematics is not a prerequisite for law school. Only basic mathematics will suffice. Mathematical computations are required in some disciplines, such as tax law.


This is a field of study that deals with the study of Biology, often known as Biological Sciences, is a science-based discipline that studies living organisms. Biology, Zoology, Botany, and other courses are included. On entrance, students with a low credit in mathematics might enroll in these courses.


If you want to improve your English knowledge and skills, a degree in English is the way to go! This field does not necessitate the use of mathematics in any way.


Music is one of the performing arts branches from which you can pick. A music degree can lead to a range of musical careers in addition to being a musician.


The delivery of information to as many people as possible at roughly the same moment is referred to as mass communication. People with this degree can work in a variety of fields.

There are many degrees available at university that do not require you to be a math or scientific expert. You’ll undoubtedly discover that best meets your desires, interests, and requirements. So, if you want to avoid dealing with math or science in the future, those are the top 5 university degrees that fulfill your needs.


Is it feasible to bypass Math and take a course at any of Nigeria’s universities? So, how can this be? If you must earn a minimal pass in mathematics in your O’level, the equation will undoubtedly be in equilibrium. Then, by taking classes in non-mathematical disciplines, you won’t have to deal with the much more flaming Maths. To get rid of mathematics, consider agriculture, arts, communication, education and arts, history, and a few medical courses.

The following is a list of non-mathematics courses you can take. We’ve developed a list based on your interests, whether it’s science, the arts, or business.


Many people believe that becoming a science student means understanding a lot of ‘unaccepted’ arithmetic. However, many are unaware that some courses do not necessitate extensive mathematical computations. Check out our list of science-related courses with fewer math requirements and pick the one that best suits your needs;

  • Botany
  • Plant science
  • Genetics and Biotechnology
  • Plant Biology
  • Plant science and forestry
  • Plant Science and microbiology
  • Genetics
  • Ecology
  • Zoology
  • Biological science
  • Biochemistry
  • Applied biochemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Geography
  • Marine science and technology
  • Applied Zoology
  • Microbiology
  • Optometry
  • Biology
  • Anthropology
  • Marine Biology
  • Oceanography

Others are some medical, agricultural courses and the rest to complete our list;

  • Medical Sciences
  • Physiology
  • Anatomy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical Laboratory science
  • Medical biochemistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Medicine and Surgery
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Agricultural Science
  • Crop Science
  • Soil science
  • Forestry
  • Nutrition and dietetics
  • Hotel Management
  • Home Economics and Food Management


The majority of courses in the arts are non-mathematical, which is one of the main reasons why many secondary school students who struggle with arithmetic end up in these classes. Mathematics is a very varied and diverse discipline that spans the arts, law, and religious studies disciplines.

If you aren’t excellent with numbers, the arts courses to choose in your JAMB registration are:

  • Archaeology
  • Arabic Studies
  • Classical Studies
  • Creative Arts
  • Christian Religious Knowledge
  • Criminology and Security studies
  • Fine and Applied Arts
  • Dramatic/Performing/Theater Arts/Films Studies
  • English Language & Literature
  • Hausa
  • History
  • History and International Studies
  • International Studies and Diplomacy
  • Igbo
  • Islamic Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Criminology & Security Studies
  • psychology
  • Law
  • Religious Studies
  • Theology
  • Comparative Religious Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Communication Arts

Others are the educational, law courses, and the remaining to complete the list;

  • Elementary Education
  • Education & Yoruba
  • Special Education
  • Adult Education
  • Education & Social Studies
  • Civil Law
  • Physical & Health Education
  • Education & English Language
  • Education with Fine & Applied Arts
  • Education & Hausa
  • Education & Religious Studies
  • Education & Arabic
  • Educational Foundations
  • Curriculum & Instruction with Arts options
  • Primary Education Studies
  • Guidance & Counselling
  • Islamic/Sharia Law
  • Common Law

To summarize, the courses listed above are not entirely devoid of mathematics. This implies that you should have a credit pass in math at O’level. This is a general criterion for admission to any university study. Passing Math in O’level is tab delimited, therefore having an F9 in mathematics in your WAEC, NECO, GCE, or NAPTEP scores won’t ensure you entrance. Some courses can be completed without the use of mathematics. As a result, you will not be required to write Mathematics in your UTME topics in JAMB or other preparatory exams.


Mathematics is unquestionably the core of Science courses, and thus, none of them are complete without it. Though mathematics may appear to be an unavoidable part of many science-based curriculum, is there any way to avoid it? Because not all science courses require the same level of mathematics, there are likely to be some of these courses that can be used to achieve admission without mathematics.

In this regard, we believe it is vital to write on this subject. And, if you’re not very strong at arithmetic, we’ve explained how to go with the process and courses that don’t require a lot of math in the article.

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