Top 5 Best Online Banking Apps in Nigeria (2024)

The banking industry in Nigeria is introducing significant changes to conventional banking by developing digital methods of accessing financial and non-financial services. Instant payment technologies and other innovations have greatly accelerated the expansion of online and mobile banking. Leading banks in Nigeria have released very engaging and cutting-edge mobile banking apps with functionalities centered on user satisfaction.

best mobile banking apps in Nigeria

We have an easier life thanks to mobile banking apps. With the click of a button, everything from paying bills to transferring money happens instantly over mobile. With the use of a mobile app, you may check your account balance, settle credit card debt, and make financial investments. Let’s learn more about some well-known mobile banking applications that have made banking services somewhat more convenient.


We provide an in-depth analysis of the top five reliable online banking apps in Nigeria in this post.


The Guaranty Trust Bank is one of the leading commercial bank in Nigeria. The top bank has their internet banking application called GT World. Today, this is one of the best online banking applications to do online transactions in the country. This is due to its capabilities, which enable GTBank users to easily and securely conduct banking transactions while on the road. You can get this software from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store depending on whether you have an iPhone or an Android device.

GT World differentiates itself from other banking apps with a number of features. The app’s features include the ability to log in with your face, fingerprint, or any four-digit password of your choice. All of these methods are safe and simple to use. Using simply their mobile number, you can send money to a friend, relative, or business partner using the GT World app. You can quickly pay utility bills and view all of your transactions with with one search.

Besides that, you can complete various operations without even logging into your GT World account. This online banking program also includes options for banning your ATM card in the event of theft or loss and getting a new one. The GT World app also allows you to do a lot of other things, like send your account statement to an embassy of your choice or your email.


Enjoy the flexibility that the UBA Mobile Banking App offers you with its time-saving features. Make easy use of your mobile device to complete all of your transactions.

The official online banking app of United Bank for Africa is this UBA Mobile app. This software is built with improved features including self-service banking, ATM/Branch locator, automatic recurring payment and transfer reminders, and automatic SMS OTP insertion on the transaction screen. The UBA Mobile app also boasts live chat customer assistance that is available around-the-clock. Moreover, they offer a sliding menu for quicker navigation and a rapid login into the app utilizing your biometric features (facial and fingerprint). Users of Android and iPhone devices can both download and install this app from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, respectively.


Using the Access Mobile app for internet banking is a convenient and simple way to conduct transactions. The app works with both Android and iPhone smartphones. The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store are where you may download and set it up, accordingly.

The Access Mobile App makes it simpler to do routine financial operations. Your family and friends can receive money transfers from you with ease. You may effortlessly purchase airtime for your phone or for anyone else without even logging into the app. This online banking tool also allows you to withdraw money from an ATM even if you don’t have your debit card with you.

Moreover, the Access Mobile App allows you to purchase movie tickets at a discounted price. The software offers more possibilities for convenient online banking services.


FirstMobile is on our list due to how simple it is to access your account’s funds. This software makes it easy to do transactions from anywhere in Nigeria. This enables you to keep track of your monthly earnings and outgoings. With FirstMobile, you can easily carry out all financial activities. While you’re on the road, you can effortlessly and securely check in with your fingerprint using the app’s Touch ID function, which also protects your money.

First Bank mobile banking transfer platform is among the best, quickest and also most safe mobile banking platforms in Nigeria. Customers can even access the Mobile Banking Platform without ATM Debit Cards, which is not the case with other banks.

In general, FirstMobile is excellent, and the millions of people who use the app are evidence that it’s among the best in Nigeria.


Alat by Wema is yet another online banking app that features on this rundown. Wema Bank’s official bank app is this internet banking platform. The Alat banking app is one of the top 5 online banks in Nigeria thanks to a number of essential features. Opening a Wema Bank account via the Alat by Wema bank app is one of the highlight benefits.

You can also use the Alat by Wema online banking app to plan transfers and payment services. The automated goal saving feature of this online banking software allows you to increase your savings as well. Moreover, you may manage your debit card from the app and make online purchases using a virtual dollar card that is unique to Alat by Wema. If you have an Android or iPhone smartphone, you can download and install this app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


Nigerians may now do their daily banking from the convenience of their smartphones thanks to the introduction of internet banking apps. The top online banking apps enable you to comfortably complete transactions and have quick access to your bank account cash.

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