All Spanish Speaking African Countries (2024)

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Spanish is a widely spoken language in the world and is the official language in 21 countries, including Spain, Mexico, and most countries in Central and South America. However, not many people know that there are several African countries where Spanish language is spoken.


As the world becomes more globalized, the need to learn new languages has become increasingly important. Spanish, in particular, is a popular language spoken all around the world. Did you know that there are actually two African countries that speak Spanish? In this article, we will explore those countries in details.


Here are the only two African countries that speaks Spanish today:


Equatorial Guinea is one of the only countries in Africa that has Spanish as its official language. Located on the western coast of Africa, Equatorial Guinea has a population of around 1.4 million people. Spanish was declared the official language in 1844 when the country was a Spanish colony. Today, Spanish is spoken by a large percentage of the population, and it is taught in schools across the country. The country has a unique blend of Spanish with African cultures mixed together.


While Morocco is not an African country with Spanish as its official language, Spanish is still spoken in the country. The language is spoken by many Moroccans, especially those who have had contact with Spain. Spanish is also taught in some Moroccan schools and universities. ALSO READ: ALL FRENCH SPEAKING AFRICAN COUNTRIES.


Ceuta and Melilla are two autonomous cities in North Africa that are governed by Spain. Both cities are on Morocco’s coast and have a large Spanish-speaking population. They belong to the African continent and have a sizable Spanish-speaking population, despite the fact that they are not formally African countries. Apart from the Spanish language, these two cities are also known for their unique blend of Spanish, Moroccan, and Jewish cultures. The cities have a rich history and are known for their beautiful architecture and historical landmarks.


The Canary Islands, located off the coast of Morocco, are a Spanish territory with a population of over two million people. The islands have a unique culture that is a blend of Spanish, African, and Latin American influences. Spanish is the official language, and it is spoken by almost the entire population. However, there are also several local dialects and languages spoken on the islands, including Guanche, a pre-Hispanic language that is now extinct.


Many people have attempted to learn Spanish as a second language. Portuguese and Italian are two languages that Spanish has some similarities to. As a result, learning Spanish may be simpler for those who already speak one of these languages. There are also other Romanized languages that are not all that unlike from Spanish, such French and English. On the other hand, because it is so much harder than any other language they know, persons who speak a language like Chinese or Japanese could find it more challenging to learn Spanish. Whatever the case, a lot of people invest the time and energy necessary to study Spanish.


Spanish is spoken in only two African countries, including Equatorial Guinea and Morocco. Other such as Spanish Sahara, Ceuta and Melilla, and the Canary Islands are Spanish controlled islands within Africa. While Equatorial Guinea is the only African country where Spanish is the official language, Spanish is still widely spoken in Morocco, due to their colonial history and cultural ties with Spain.

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