How to Start Car Wash Business in Nigeria (2024)

This post on how to start a car wash business in Nigeria will serve as a guide, offering step to step car wash business setup and tips for success if you choose to start a car wash in Nigeria today.


Car washing business is a very lucrative business to start in Nigeria that can fetch good money but has been overlooked by many. This is one good business idea, I would even love to start because starting a car wash business is a good way to invest in Nigeria and does not require a large amount of money/capital to start with.

One thing I love about this business idea is that even though one starts it on a small scale level, it has the capacity to grow and expand in time as your customers starts increasing. So if you are looking for a small scale business idea to start in Nigeria, I’d suggest you start a car wash business.

As it is with every business, car washing business needs every seriousness, determination and careful management to run a successful car wash centre. Now let me give you reasons why you should start car wash business in Nigeria today.

Advantages of Starting Car Wash Business in Nigeria

1. People now own Vehicles

Although, the economy of Nigeria is declining gradually, this has not stopped people from purchasing their own cars or vehicles. Nigerians who can’t afford brand new cars prefer to buy fairly used vehicles which are a bit cheaper. Therefore, the more car owners in the country, the better for a car wash business owner in Nigeria.

2. Statistics show that car owners are getting busier

Now a days, a lot of car owners do not have the time or leisure to wash and take care of their cars. This is because of the daily hustle and bustle that these car owners find themselves. They prefer to take their vehicles to the car wash to get their cars washed, which makes it a good business to start.

3. Nigeria’s Environment Encourages this Business to thrive

Whether dry or rainy season, the Nigerian environment supports and encourages this business to thrive. Cars getting dusty and dirty at dry seasons will need regular washing. Also during the wet season, the roads become wet and muddy which allows cars to get stained and dirty with mud, hence the need to wash such vehicles.

As you can see from the above reasons that establishing a car wash business is a very lucrative business to start in Nigeria as car owners would want to keep their cars neat and would have to patronize car wash centers.

Requirements, Tools & Equipment Needed To Start Car Wash Business in Nigeria

Every business has its own tools and equipment needed to start off. Below are the necessary requirement, equipment and tools you would need to start a car wash business in Nigeria.

1. Good Location

A good location is very essential requirement if you must succeed in your car wash business. Choose an area that is densely populated with a lot of traffic and a place where many cars pass. Also make sure you site your car wash business in an open area where you can be easily seen and reached.

If you can’t afford a location due to finance as the cost of getting a conducive place to start a car wash business might be expensive, you can start on a low scale by going house to house in your neighborhood to wash people’s vehicle for a fee.

2. Car Wash Machine

3. Water (Borehole or Well)

4. Storage Tanks

5. Generator Set

6. Buckets, Towels, Brushes for tyres, soaps and detergents.

Car Wash Business Setup and Tips to Succeed Anywhere in Nigeria

  • Carry out a good feasibility study to know the needed items and cost involved.
  • With different associations of businesses in Nigeria springing up, its better you register your business legally so you won’t be caught wanting by the law from the relevant regulatory authorities.
  • Publicize your services through adverts like pasting posters, distributing flyers e.t.c
  • Try to be customer friendly so as to get the necessary patronage from your customers
  • Be unique
  • Good luck!!!
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