Best Free Novel Download Sites: Top 10 (2024)

Best Free Novel Download Sites: Top 10

Reading novels for some is a hobby while for others, a great work load. Some prefer to browse sites where to download free novels online while others would pay for such novels. What ever the reason, this post will provide list of sites where you can download ebooks for free without needing to go to a bookshop to buy your favorite novels to read.


Cost of Publishing A Book In Nigeria

One thing about these ebook download sites is that they contain all kinds of books, magazine, tutorials, genres and novels that you can download on your mobile phone and read it whenever you like. Below are the different websites where you can download free novels online in Nigeria.


This is one of the best sources of free novels that you can visit to download your favorite books, magazine, audio books, podcasts e.t.c. Use the fresh links on the site as they are updated at intervals.

E-Books Space

Novels here are from top best selling authors. They provide books on computing tutorials, computer software development, programming, business books, magazines that you can download that are free of charge.

Ebook Download Free

Books on business, Novels, management ebooks for download, technical books, recipe books and lots more are available on this site for free and easy download.

Free Book Center

This is another best free novel site where you can download virtually books online. Literature books, free fictional and non-fictional novels for download are available on this site. They equally provide books on Linux, system programming books, programming languages, networking, core computer sciences.  The books here are in their thousands and they are completely free.

Download Free PDF

As the website name implies, novels in this site are in PDF format and are categorized according to the various genres. You can download fictional and non-fictional western novels, horror novels, romance novels, historical novels, and gothic novels also.

Ebook 3000

This is a popular site for downloading novels. With thousands of books on programming, sciences, web development, personality, magazine,  graphic designing, business and internet and a host of others, you would find Ebook 3000 a good source to read your favourite novels.

E-Books Directory

This directory has novels that are also interesting. With books classified into different categories of fiction, romance, adventure, epic, e.t.c, you are sure to get real interesting novels that are downloadable and also free of charge.

Free Book Spot

This site has a lot of categories of free online fictional novels that are interesting to read. Apart from novels, there are also magazines, books that teach you how to cook and prepare different delicacies in pdf format, e.t.c.

Free Ebooks

If you are looking for romance novels, fiction and non-fiction ebook to download, then this virtual bookstore should be one of the best sources for downloading free novels online.

Get Free Books

Downloading free novels here is also free of charge. They have in their directory articles, journals, white papers, magazines apart from novels and ebooks that are free. You would have to register on the link of the book you want to download.

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